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Vote goes to Graybill

Editor,  Raph Graybill is running to be our next attorney general and will fight to defend our healthcare and stop price gouging on prescription drugs.  Recently, 26 generic drug manufacturers were sued for conspiring to illegally raise the price on prescription drugs. These out-of-state corporations rigged the price on 80 different generic drugs that Montanans use everyday to live healthy lives. As a physician, I have had first hand experience with patients who have had difficulty obtaining the pharmaceuticals they need. This kind of excess is criminal. Graybill has a plan to hold pharmaceutical corporations accountable and enforce our laws–putting money back in ou...

Locals should wear masks

Editor,  Congratulations! We have kept COVID-19 Lake County cases down, so far, with no deaths. However, statewide, is another story. On June 1, there were 461 cases of the virus, and on June 14, there were 600 cases of the coronavirus in Montana. That was over a two-week time span. You can see how t...

Keep an eye on the ball

Editor,  It seems to be politically popular to throw an adolescent finger pointing tantrum over China’s truly deceitful role in the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, the fact of the matter is the demon is long out of the bottle.  So, what is all the current China bashing hone...

Acronyms influence the world

Editor,  Acronyms have become a universal language these days. Let’s take the latest one affecting millions-and-millions in the field of medicine, COVID. It stands for Corona Virus Disease.  Our MOA (Master Of Analyses) Donald Trump, knew all about the various COVIDs over the years, sta...

Events get canceled

Editor, Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation with its many restrictions and the serious economical impact that many of our sponsors in the business community have experienced, Polson Fairgrounds Inc. Board of Directors canceled our 30th annual fundraising event, “Cowboy Ball.” The ...

Police reform could include mental health services

Editor,        The term “police defunding” is a clever term to get the country’s attention. What it really means is the wisdom and necessity for looking squarely at “police reform.”  Take the issue of mental health for example. When a 911 call comes i...

An open challenge to Senator Steve Daines

Editor, As a resident of Montana and in particular, Lake County, I challenge you (Steve Daines) to come and visit with the residents and county commissioners prior to the upcoming election.  We’ve noticed your Congressional voting over the past three Congressional sessions has significantly ...

Election Office saluted for job well done

Editor, The Lake County Elections Office and their team of judges deserve our thanks for doing a difficult job. Here in Lake County, we can have full confidence in the integrity of our elections.     As has been my past experience, the Elections Office, under Katie Harding, once again did an ...

United States leader lost principles

Editor, Being inspired by Ted Koppel in his interview on “CBS Sunday Morning” on June 7, I took notes. I think these notes reflect things we should each reflect upon and be encouraged to publically share over and over.  President Donald Trump has changed the image of America. Over the ...

Sharing hope in the future

Editor, The upcoming election will be most interesting. Neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump is very popular with the younger people in the USA. But these young people are our hope for the future. Young people are not known as avid voters. Hopefully, a majority of these intelligent young people will vote th...

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