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Freedom of expression shouldn’t be violated

Editor, Vandalism strikes in Charlo. The campaign sign that we posted on our own property was vandalized this last week. The Bullock sign was smashed and partially torn off by a trespasser who apparently objects to Bullock and has no respect for our right to freedom of expression or for personal property.  Mary Hodges Amanda Hodges Charlo  

Browning has connection to community

Editor,  I’m writing to encourage members of House District 12 to vote for Gerry Browning for our representative to the Montana legislature. Browning has an incredibly diverse background, working as a nurse in several settings before trading her nurse’s uniform for the uncertainty and ind...

Democracy could fall apart

Editor, When what’s left of our democracy falls completely apart, we can fault Steve Daines, along with many of his fellow Republicans in the U.S. Senate. They have been enablers, helping Donald Trump disparage the rule of law, stoking our country with hate and division, and spilling the blood of ou...

Check the box for Pavlock

Editor, Lisa Pavlock will be effective as a legislator, not only because she has good ideas and values but she also has the intelligence and experience to carry out her policy without offending people. She will think things through so that she does her work right and doesn’t create problems for M...

Republican party needs to rebuild

Editor, I recently tuned into “The Foreign Desk,” a podcast entitled “How did the GOP become the party of Trump” with Tom Nichols, Linda Chavez and Bill Kristol. It was an hour of interesting analyses addressing this question on Trump and the GOP. The initial agreement by all wa...

Support former school board member as next representative

Editor, Having spent four sessions immersed in the Montana State Legislature, I assure you Gerry Browning is a perfect fit as representative for House District 12.  Browning’s professional and personal experience makes her a versatile candidate for the 90-day, biennial legislative session. ...

Silence says a lot

Editor, I wrote to Senator Daines. I wrote to Congressman Greg Gianforte. I asked both to make a public statement rebuking President Trump for disparaging the US Armed Forces, calling soldiers losers, calling prisoners of war dummies. I did not hear back from Senator Daines. Neither did Governor Bulloc...

Keep politics out of business

Editor, I retired a few years ago following a 45-year career in retail and moved to Polson, Montana, from the Chicago area. I have noticed how folks here tend to keep their politics to themselves, for the most part, which is understandable with the intense divide we find ourselves in today. While companie...

Grant award appreciation shared

Editor, On behalf of the teachers and families of special needs preschoolers here in Polson, a big “thank you” to the Greater Polson Community Foundation for their recent grant. This foundation continues to annually assist so many local organizations and non-profits in the community. Specifica...

Pavlock will serve all citizens

Editor, We are fortunate to have Lisa Pavlock running for House District 93 in Montana’s House of Representatives. Pavlock brings many skills to the position including that of an educator, soccer coach, small business owner and mother of a teenage girl. Her mother was a life-long nurse who instilled...

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