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Thankful for returned wallet

Editor, I am writing in to acknowledge Phil and Jackie (not sure of “Jackie” spelling) Schlamp of Polson. I briefly stopped by the Cherry Festival this last Sunday and managed to lose my wallet. Of course I frantically searched everywhere for two days and even posted to social media for help to find it but I accepted the fact that I would probably never see it again. Then on Wednesday I checked my mailbox and it had a little card in it that read, “Jamie, I have an item of interest for you. Please call, Phil Schlamp.” A number was left so I called right away in hopes that he had found my wallet. A very pleasant woman answered the phone and knew exactly what I wa...

Swan Forest Initiative a win-win

Editor, The Swan Forest Initiative (SFI) would turn management of a small parcel of National Forest lands over to Montana Department of Natural Resources (DNRC). Any revenues would go to the Lake County Conservation District, which, since 1945 has improved agricultural land use practices, minimized soil e...

Support those with disabilities; comment on SB 261

Editor, At the end of the recent legislative session, Montana disability service providers celebrated a small victory, a much needed wage increase for our Direct Support Professionals or DSPs. These staff are critical to the lives of Montana citizens with developmental and intellectual disabilities. For c...

Polson should support small business

Editor, Along with many other citizens of Polson and the surrounding area, I have been eagerly awaiting the opening of a new eatery in Polson, Dude’s Place. Bill and Cynthia Barrett have poured heart and soul into this project, but now it has been effectively put to rest by the lack of support from ...


Editor, Attention Hap Chef III - congrats on your wrestling win Thursday, July 20. Sorry I missed it - I blinked. Betty Wharton Charlo  

The wheels are coming off

Editor, Since the election, I have tried to keep calm about the state of affairs in our country, particularly the conduct of the man elected to represent the country that I love. I have distanced myself from extreme feelings and headline catching blah blah blah, from what I need to read to stay informed. ...

Support senate health care bill

Editor, Senator Tester, other liberal Democrats and the media are misrepresenting the impact on Medicaid of the proposed Republican Senate Healthcare Bill (SHC) to replace the ACA (Obamacare). According to ABC News Fact Check, for fiscal year 2018, the SHC would reduce Medicaid spending a paltry 2.9 perce...

Vandalism hurts the community

Editor, Here at Lake County Council on Aging, our public transportation program provides transportation to people of all ages in Lake County. Most of our clients are elderly or disabled and use the transportation program to go to health care appointments as far as Missoula and Kalispell. These include cru...

Mistrust of media cyclic

Editor, Not since the erudite then later feloniously challenged Vice President Spiro Agnew opined that our national press establishment was largely “an effete corp of impudent snobs” has our fourth estate been held in such generally low regard. Mr. Agnew was talking about, at that time, such p...

Political questions asked

Editor, America seems to be at a most unique and critical juncture. And the Trump administration is highlighting elements which we definitely need to address. As average citizens, we are concerned about our personal relationships, money, our health and our kids. We have an elected government to handle ...

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