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Mental health stigma needs changed

Editor, In today’s America, we worry about so many things that sometimes large, societal-level problems get pushed aside by the crisis of the day. The status of our mental healthcare system has been marginalized and ignored for far too long. As a society, we are stigmatizing people who suffer from mental health issues to a point that many never seek services. We are also critically underfunding agencies and programs that provide care to the people who need it most. You can log onto the Internet any day of the week and see examples, often tragic ones, of our mental healthcare system failing to address the needs of the mentally unwell. This is unacceptable and it has to change. ...

Reflecting on worldviews

Editor, Scott Kerr’s letter (2-6-19) spoke of “worldviews.” At least four themes deserve comment. First, Kerr comments regarding “man first” or “God first.” The implication is that in secular humanism “man wants to be God.” This is like saying that ant...

Time to get along

Editor, Among religious fanatics, it’s a common ploy to misquote and misrepresent non-believers and create fabrications to be disputed. When I was young, science-deniers of the day insisted man wasn’t descended from apes, when no scientist had made that claim. Scott Kerr’s recent letter ...

Worried water will get turned off

Editor, I wish, as a Jocko District irrigator, that I had responsible, forward-looking commissioners like the Flathead Irrigation District. Working ranchers and farmers in the Mission and Jocko Districts are in danger of not getting any irrigation water this growing season. The Flathead Indian Irrigati...

Different worldviews considered

Editor, Thanks to Gene Johnson for taking the time to respond to my letter. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss our contrasting worldviews. I understand the concept of “worldview” as any ideology, philosophy, theology (including atheism), movement or religion, which provides a way of vi...

Healthcare action needs to be taken

Editor, Montana’s Medicaid Expansion provides health insurance to nearly 100,000 Montanans and helps local economies across the board. It also keeps enough money in the system to support rural healthcare. This is of such clear benefit to all Montanans that it is not a partisan issue. In fact, Republ...

Irrigation commissioner doesn’t agree with fee increase

Editor, I don’t normally respond to editorial letters, but today I will. I send letters to educate and update Flathead Irrigation Project irrigators. Everything I write is based on fact and local history. This valley was settled by courageous men and women not bowing to threats and standing firm on ...

Election predictions

Editor, Yes, the Trump “base” is still a solid one-third. Why? Why is it solid amid such changing attitudes, allegiances and political positioning? We must first look honestly at Donald Trump the man. Number one, his personality disorder (narcissism) causes him to always feel vulnerable and...

Basketball teams inspire hope

Editor, I have been without hope for a while now. My 18-year-old son Connor suffers from a swallowing disorder, multiple GI issues and severe PTSD. He has a feeding tube and is barely stable, rarely leaving the house except for doctor’s appointments. Despondency has set in and it is hard to get out ...

Food pantry supporters counted as heroes

Editor, Who’s a hero? Not me. I’m just a regular person; so was Sully Sullenberger until Jan. 15, 2009. Maybe a hero is a regular person who sees a need and does something. That would make a lot of people in our valley heroes because the Polson Loaves and Fish food pantry met the 2018 Town Pum...


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