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Sheriff candidate should run on own merits

Editor, Having been in law enforcement in California for 26 years and after retirement moving by choice to Polson for the last 17 years, I recognize and appreciate the difference between the two. In our political arena I have seen leaders from both sides work to improve Montana life. Unfortunately, like nationally, I have seen this difference change and now it seems to serve the party first, Montana second. Running for sheriff this year is a recent California transplant. I wish him no ill will but would like him to be more honest with us about what he reports. In recent letters to the editor he has submitted what I view as attempts to denounce the work of our current sheriff so he can...

Article was disservice

Editor, The Valley Journal did a real disservice in the article entitled “Gianforte touts tax bill in visit to Polson.” Nowhere in the article does it say this was a private meeting, not open to the public. Gianforte has never held an open town hall type meeting. Neither has Daines. Why are yo...

Flathead irrigation district should be broken into smaller districts

Editor, Two local papers carried articles on the FJBC dissolving. The articles stated $1 million was spent on legals and lawsuits. Approximately $350,000 of that was spent on the FERC appeal, which incidentally the Flathead District Board (FDB) voted with a majority to support. Since approximately 1984 th...

Judge’s decision validates prior resignation

Editor, Judge James Manley’s Jan. 18 decision to dissolve the Flathead Joint Board of Control (FJBC) validated my view when I resigned one year ago that I could not remain on an illegal board that was operating illegally. Shortly before I resigned, Judge Manley ruled that the FJBC’s attempt to...

Current situation is powerful wake-up call for voters

Editor, In my opinion, along with many others, if the average American “voter lethargy” is corrected through Trump’s thinking, character, comments and behavior, the next election results will overwhelmingly prove the true character of our nation and our democracy. The GOP’s stran...

Criminal justice system must move out of crisis mode

Editor, A recent editorial provided by Sheriff Bell is inaccurate in two critical areas and illustrates how the lack of leadership, community involvement and planning are contributing to the “crisis” in Lake County’s criminal justice system. While Sheriff Bell is not solely responsible f...

Service record, accomplishments demonstrate commitment to duty

Editor, It has been an honor to serve this county since 2015 as your elected Sheriff and Coroner. I have enjoyed your support for these past few years, and will ask for your continued support in re-electing me for this important office in the 2018 election. I believe my accomplishments thus far demonstrat...

Life, liberty reserved for living

Editor, The United States Constitution is a trust, so named the United States, into which party A., “we the people” pledge a property for the beneficial use of party, B. “ourselves and our posterity,” forever and ever. The property pledged into this trust is the property of life...

Forgotten women?

Editor, When this comes out in the paper, there will have taken place many women’s marches all over this country. I sincerely hope that they will have embraced all women, truly. Last year, at the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, several women’s groups were not welcomed. At least...

FJBC ruling allows boards to regroup as desired

Editor, Just an update of the latest activities within the irrigation community. Many may be concerned with the recent ruling by Judge Manley ordering the Flathead Joint Board of Control cease and desist as they did not follow state law when then reorganized in 2013. The law requires participation from ir...


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