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Toilet paper shortage considered

Editor,  There is a silver lining to the toilet paper shortage. Sewer repairmen are now paying for their kids’ college educations by removing paper towels (which don’t dissolve) from clogged sewer lines. Emergency weekend calls might also pay for a new boat.      The average American uses 50 pounds of toilet paper per year. People panic with the fear of not having toilet paper. Anxieties increase when the brain senses no options. But there are options.       Neanderthals used rocks and moss. Ancient Chinese used writing paper. The Romans had friendly communal toilet benches with many side-by-side holes. A bucket filled with seawater or...

Please stop President Trump

Editor,  I cannot handle it anymore! I am losing all my belly fat from the constant laughter. It becomes challenging to endure all his winning. In all seriousness though, Mr. President, in my opinion your Montana Congressional leadership undermines your authority to Make America Great Again.   ...

Beg your pardon?

Editor, Beg your pardon? No, that won’t do. But you can buy your pardon. What an opportunity. If you have been sentenced in federal court for a crime, this is a unique time in American history to secure a pardon or clemency. In February, Nelson Petz raised over $10 million for Donald Trump’...

Protect democracy for future generations

Editor, The real danger to our nation and the world is not with Donald Trump and his opinions and actions due to his mental disability. It is with the number of otherwise sensible and well-meaning citizens in our nation who back him, support him, and put political party reverence ahead of what is right fo...

Come to meet, greet for Dr. Al Olszewski

Editor, A meet and greet for Dr. Al Olszewski, candidate for Montana governor, will be held at the Polson VFW upstairs on Friday, March 6 at 6 p.m. Come and join friends and well wishers to support Dr. Al in his bid to become the next Governor of Montana. This is our chance to elect someone who will...

Support should be given for the issue

Editor, President Trump’s mental disorder, narcissism, is a very insidious mental condition and danger to the world. Presidential leadership requires clear thinking and putting the good of the nation ahead of personal power, pride and self-image concerns. Trump’s narcissistic impulses cause...

Birds flock together: why?

Recently, the US Senate saw each political party flock separately. A few outliers eventually rejoined their feathered-tribes. By not doing so, Romney is meeting a fate sometimes found in nature where the group isolates and sometimes destroys one of their own. Humans are animals. We have similarities. What ca...

Valley Views

While no one can begrudge a local government for wanting to protect the interests of their residents, it is a different scenario entirely when they are criticizing the very legislation that will protect their constituents from years of costly litigation and uncertainty. Contrary to claims made by the Lake...

Thanks for the support

Editor, The volunteers of the Mission Valley Food Pantry wish to thank all of the kind people who have helped support us with food and cash donations, and their time and skills throughout the year. Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated. Without your support, we could not help as many people...

Let's move forward

Editor, When you have a president whose mental disorder overwhelms every good governing instinct, that nation has problems. I suppose it works in some forms of government, but in the United States, a democracy, no way.  What confounds me is how the media attempts to make news out of practically ev...

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