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God is true authority

Editor, What is the source of authority? Secularists maintain man is autonomous and therefore his own source of authority. Biblical Christianity recognizes “there is no authority but of God” (Romans 13:1). The conflict arising from these contrasting worldviews is inevitable and permeates all areas of life. Jesus boldly proclaimed “All authority is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” (Matt. 28:18) I understand why secularists would be offended by such a claim. Do they understand why Christians would be likewise offended by claims that man is his own source of authority? In “The Lords Prayer” (Matt. 6), Jesus prayed “Thy will be done in ea...

Coffman is more qualified candidate

Editor, My name is Chuck Lewis (U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and Lake County Resident). I am proudly serving as treasurer for the “David Coffman for Lake County Sheriff ” campaign. My support for David is based not only on my personal interactions with him but also on his extensive law enforcemen...

Vote Don Bell

Editor, Please vote for Don Bell for Sheriff. Lake County’s reputation is best ever. He runs a tight ship and just look at the job the Sheriff ’s Office people have been doing. Let’s continue to let him do the job. Vote Don Bell. Dick Wunderlich Big Arm

Two-party system, divisive Congress needs work

Editor, TNT, as we usually think of it, can be the cause of total destruction. TNT can also be a step toward healing a nation, as in “Trump Noose Tightens.” So, let’s use this “TNT step” to our advantage. This means that some serious and necessary work must take place within ...

Beliefs should be questioned, like all other issues

Editor, Occasionally there are letters-to-the-editor with supernatural claims about life-after-death and even that a god installed Trump as President. Such is the cherished American goal of freedom of individual thought. However, there are other viewpoints. To live effectively in this modern world it i...

Density map, regulations should be retained

Editor, After a lengthy meeting at the courthouse last Wednesday, April 11, the county planning board voted 6-4 in favor of retaining the Lake County Density Map and Regulations (DMR) – in opposition to the county commissioners’ stated intent to repeal both, and then add the map to the growth ...

Discussions should center around treatment for President

Editor, The facts surrounding our President’s disease bears repeating and further up-to-date consideration. The disease is “narcissism,” that mental condition of self-love, self-absorption, and self-preservation which can be so personally persistent that all one’s thoughts, words a...

I’d appreciate your vote

Editor, Polson Rural Fire District residents: the fire district board of trustees asked me to fill the fire chief’s position just over two years ago. The district had just separated from the city and needed some reorganization. I was instructed to move the fire district forward. We started with 1...

Attacks on Trump are attacks on God

Editor, I have read a lot of name calling, cursing and half lies about our President. Do you realize that you are not coming against President Trump but the God Almighty? You who brag about marching in New York; what did you march against? Pro-life, marriage, purity, the Bible and against our elected Pres...

Fagg has my vote

Editor, Before we know it, it will be time to choose a Republican candidate. While all the candidates are rock stars in their own way, if you are a Republican you have to ask who has the best chance of winning in November. This race comes down to two choices – Rosendale and Fagg. We worked har...


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