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I was at peaceful, polite women’s march

Editor, To the two “gentle” men who took issue with my recent letter published Feb. 15 about the Women’s March, I wish to clarify some points of misunderstanding. First, I was there, writing about my experience. I would bet my last retirement dollar that you were not there. I was with three very cool men and one lovely woman, all highly educated, open-minded and with generous spirits. Collectively, our experience was the same: in contrast to the loud sirens and booming flash grenades on Inauguration Day (like a war zone), the day of the march was peaceful, positive and loving. We did not like Madonna’s rant either; it did not represent the voices of the majo...

Oppose cuts to senior care

Editor, I am the a registered nurse and the Administrator at Lake View Healthcare Community in Bigfork. Since 1973, we have provided quality healthcare services to the Bigfork area. Lake View was started in the 1970s to right a wrong. Back in the day, Bigfork’s elders were shipped off to other co...

Water rights need adjudication

Editor, Since its reconstitution in 2014, the Flathead Joint Board of Control (FJBC) has worked to defeat the water Compact that was approved by the Montana legislature in 2015 and is now before the US Congress. But incredibly the FJBC has failed to prepare for the main alternative to the Compact - - Mont...

No accountability: a nightmare

Editor, I dreamt that I received the following letter postmarked Helena, Montana. It read: “Forgive me Montanans for I have sinned. However, you will never know how or if I sinned. I have successfully eliminated the office of the Commissioner of Political Practices. It proved quite easy to get other...

New movement makes Congress listen

Editor, We’ve all known about movements, everything from bowel to politics. Well, there is a new one that is gaining great strength as we speak. It’s name is “Indivisible.” Indivisible, as reported by former congressional staffers, reveals best practices for making Congress list...

School choice important for right fit

Editor, I would like to thank Sen. Dan Salomon of Ronan and Rep. Greg Hertz of Polson for giving up their time to give the Mission Valley Christian Academy U.S. history class a tour of the state senate and representative chambers. Thank you for answering all of our questions on how the legislative branch ...

Collecting liberal tears

Editor, I think its time to call a whhhaaambulance filled with French Cries for all the folks who are sobbing so uncontrollably about our President and the election — stat. I was so proud of the profanity-laced tirades that went on at the Women’s March in Washington — not. Wanting to blo...

Church blessed to share

Editor, The Ronan Seventh-Day Adventist Church Soup-er Bowl No. 8 was as exciting as Tom Brady’s performance in the 51st NFL Super Bowl. The Jackson Jackies, for the second year in a row, defeated the Adam’s Anteaters. A total of 4,650 units of soup were collected for the Ronan Bread Basket...

Don’t choose abortion

Editor, I applaud the efforts of recent writers to voice their opinion that women’s healthcare is important. Everyone deserves healthcare, whether man, woman, child, young or old. Everyone should be able to get the care they need. But we must draw the line when what we do infringes upon another&r...

One tear left?

Editor, I wonder if the lady who wrote “Tears shed for different reasons” might have just one tear left to shed for one of the 60 million babies murdered by abortion in the past 44 years? Stan Kangas Dixon  


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