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Dayton Daze Dayton Daze

Parade winners  Judge's Favorite: Chief Cliff's Newly Outfitted Tender Vehicle: 1964 Lincoln, owned by Bob Lemon Float: Dockmaster's Gold Digger Sailboat by Rande and Barb Walton Children: Boys On Quad, Ryder Judd Organization: Dayton School Best Female Costume: Christine Cook Best Male Costume: Benjamin Tressel Best Children's (16 and under): Rachel and Ruleecia Robock

Reaching people in nowhere land Reaching people in nowhere land

When Mary Hutton first moved from Kansas to Eastern Montana over 10 years ago, she was at a loss. Living in Baker, a town of 2,000 about 12 miles from the North Dakota border, she had almost no access to mental health resources, not for her own post-traumatic stress disorder and not for her son’s autis...

Veteran Spotlight Veteran         Spotlight

As is true for many veterans, Tom Camel is proud to have served in the military, but he hates war. In 1968 he was pretty sure he was going to be drafted so he enlisted in the Army. He didn’t want to go to Vietnam and there was quite an anti-war movement going on in the U.S. at that time.  Tom r...

Gun shops could be difference maker for suicide prevention

By now, it’s a story Ralph Demicco has told a thousand times: Over a period of six days in 2009, three people bought firearms from his gun shop in New Hampshire and shot and killed themselves in a matter of hours. When he heard the news, there was only one emotion. “I was shocked,” he...

Local group brings art, live theater to the valley Local group brings art, live theater to the valley

CHARLO – Focused on supporting art and culture in the Mission Valley, volunteers with the Ninepipe Arts Group held fundraisers and baked treats to bring art camps, scholarships and theater to the area. Last weekend, the group’s fundraising efforts came together to pay for a theatrical presenta...

A family grapples with the ripple effects of son’s mental illness A family grapples with the ripple effects of son’s mental illness

By Briana Wipf                   Cut Bank Pioneer Press Bobbing his head to the music, swinging his brown jaw-length hair from side to side, Jack Pierre sings dramatically along with the music, the Killers’ “Somebody Told Me,” sometimes lettin...

Connecting colors and community: Seeley Lake addresses student resilience Connecting colors and community: Seeley Lake addresses student resilience

SEELEY LAKE — Strings, anchors, balloons, the colors of the rainbow: To hear students and teachers talk about the Kaleidoscope Connect program’s lessons sounds like listening to attendees of a New Age carnival. But to the seventh and eighth graders at Seeley Lake Elementary, each color and code w...

Veteran Spotlight Veteran Spotlight

When Don Lilley was 16, he figured he didn’t need school, and quit.  When he turned 17, his dad figured it was time Don learned a thing or two and took him to the local draft board.  Shortly thereafter in 1964, Don was in Butte volunteering for three years as a paratrooper and was assigned to...

A note on Montana Gap series

In late 2017, Montana legislators voted to substantially cut funding for mental health care, in response to a budget shortfall. In the wake of the budget cuts, a group of Montana newsrooms, in collaboration with High Country News and the Solutions Journalism Network, explored how communities are preventing t...

Where the old folks go Where the old folks go

After graduating from Harvard Medical School in 1986, Bill Thomas started working as the medical director of a small nursing home in central New York. It was a run-of-the-mill institution, “depressing and dispiriting,” he says. He was attending to an elderly resident’s rash one day when she...


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