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Items left after hours at Country Store ransacked, ruined Items left after hours at Country Store ransacked, ruined

Editor, Are you sure the donations you bring to the Country Store are being put to good use? The above picture, taken by one of the store workers shows what happens when donations are left at the back door overnight and especially on weekends. This picture was taken Sept. 29. This is not an isolated instance. It happens almost every time that merchandise is dropped off after hours. The boxes and bags are gone through by vandals or thieves, the better articles taken, the rest strewn about and trampled on, and if the weather is bad, rained or snowed on. The result is that the merchandise you have meant for good is now ruined and must be picked up and thrown in the trash. The store gets ...

Montana has spending problem Montana has spending problem

Montana has a spending problem. During the last month we have seen headlines like “Montana, broke and burning” and “Governor: Budget cuts will ‘Hurt’ Montana residents.” Montana is not broke, although we are having some financial challenges, and thankfully the fires are...

Festival of Trees event continues

This letter is to inform our faithful supporters of the upcoming changes to our mission and plans for the future. First, there will be a Festival of Trees auction this December. Some people have asked if the Festival of Trees event will cease due to the closure of the Cantlon Family Youth Home. Absolutely no...

‘Life After Hate’ a powerful movement

Editor, Recently I was feeling very low. Hurricanes and politics were dragging me down. All of sudden I perked up, saw real hope, and it changed my day and still has me feeling more free and hopeful. Here’s what happened: While surfing the channels, I hit on “Democracy Now” with Amy G...

Thank you pilots, participants

Editor, Mission Valley Model Aviators #5220 would like to give a huge thank you to all the pilots and participants for the fly-in on Sept. 23, and thank you to everyone who contributed in the Bison Hunt Drawing. Congratulations to our winner, Mr. Paul Keyser. Erich Spidel St. Ignatius

Thanks for great care

Editor, I want to thank the doctors and staff at St. Joseph Medical Center for the care I received during my recent admission. Jack Allen Polson

Vote your heart on Oct. 21

Editor, What does good leadership require and how do you want it to look in the next four years? Public consensus says the former election didn’t result in the vision voters had hoped for four years ago. It’s time to vote your heart and regain hope for a better set of leaders and a manifestati...

Library to host ‘Observe the Moon Night’ Oct. 28

Autumn always brings about a change in our neck of the woods as leaves begin to turn beautiful colors and fall from the trees that were green and full only a month before. Animals begin their ritual of preparing for winter hibernation and pumpkin spice, sweaters and scarves are everywhere. With this changing...

Americans shouldn’t have to endure current administration

Editor, To respond to Mr. Wunderlich’s Oct. 11 letter, I am writing my first letter to this paper or any paper on political issues. I, like you, began my educational trek in Kalispell at Russell Grade School in the autumn of 1948. My parents were both democrats. Unlike you, I am more progressi...

Divided country, republican party makes problem-solving unlikely

Editor, Self-imposed ignorance is alive and well, particularly here in Montana politics. We have a history of a proud rural heritage but with that came entrenched prejudices handed down from generation to generation. We prefer to ignore facts which go against our bias yet willingly believe as real, statem...

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