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Medicaid expansion critical for Montana healthcare

Editor, The Medicaid expansion program that our legislature adopted in 2015 was the result of a fair and balanced bipartisan compromise between legislators and resulted in over 96,000 Montanans obtaining affordable healthcare benefits. It is not hard to imagine what a relief this program meant to previously uninsured families where the difference between having and not having affordable health insurance could easily mean life or death. Beyond just helping Montana families, Medicaid expansion has been a savior for our struggling state healthcare system. When an uninsured individual lands in the emergency room, the hospital is legally required to treat that individual and must foot the ...

Collective thought impacts a country

Editor, An email from a friend ended with this sentence: “I hope this country learned a lesson.” This was in reference to a PBS report about the terrible treatment of dissenters in Montana who opposed America entering WWI. How does a country learn a lesson? What is involved in a full countr...

Responding to thought processes

Editor, Recent letters have demonstrated a number of textbook examples of errors in thinking such as circular reasoning and polarized “either-or” choices. The human mind often adopts these since they offer shortcuts for making quick decisions. But by doing so, the mind ignores other important ...

New elk management plan needed

There’s an old saying in Montana that elk make people do stupid things. There’s a lot of truth to that saying. Whether you’re a dedicated elk hunter, a landowner with 400 head of elk on a haystack or a wildlife manager seeking to balance the needs of both interests, elk have a way of making...

Medicaid work requirement will lead to fewer insured Montanans

It’s helpful to be at the same line of work long enough to be able to be proven wrong. I’ve been working with NAMI Montana to improve Montana’s mental illness treatment system for the past ten years. We’ve been really active on the local, state and national levels. That amount of work...

Losing each other at the home improvement store Losing each other at the home improvement store

My husband and I had to make a trip to the home improvement store last weekend for one item, just one. We started out together, but after a cursory period, we found ourselves involuntarily separated. We were looking for lye. I make soap, and you can’t make soap without lye. Usually, I order my lye o...

Deciding to think positive thoughts

Editor, I was reading a fascinating and very appropriate article about our personal responses to the present political and social challenges in America. The author was recalling a TV show back in the '80s in which a very clever guy, named MacGyver, could figure his way out of anything. He had three rel...

Preborn sisters matter too

Editor, The 2019 Women’s March on Washington has forgotten me again. Though you can’t see me (except by ultrasound), like other born sisters, at two and a half weeks old my heart began beating. At three weeks old, my nervous system, spinal cord, and brain foundation are being established. At a...

Expressing support for a God-based worldview

Editor, The fallacy of multiple legitimate belief systems was adroitly addressed by Al Onsager. Yes, while there are innumerable worldviews, they quickly reduce to just two – one with a transcendent first cause (God) and the other without such. This is the great divide with dramatically differing ou...

'Friday Night at the Library' is March 22

Is it spring yet? We are all wishing for better weather and to help you look forward to what has to eventually come, (it won’t still be snowing in June, will it?), check out the great magazine titles that you can read for free using your library card and Flipster. The cover on “Birds and Blooms&r...

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