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Library offers fun events, air conditioning

We hope you all had a fun and safe Fourth of July. Next week we’ll have another author visit us for readings and signings. At 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 18, join us as we celebrate Christmas in July with Bigfork author Leslie Budewitz. Leslie’s latest cozy mystery, set in fictional Jewel Bay, Montana is “As the Christmas Cookie Crumbles.” Leslie will talk a little about the cozy mystery genre and will be available to sign. Join us in our meeting room for this fun event. The second of our three-part series called “Adulting 101” is set for 1 p.m. Tuesday, July 17. This session will focus on etiquette as it relates to work, dating and social media. W...

We are not Pocahontas

As Indians growing up in our local communities, we know that Montanans have diverse political values. We understand and appreciate those differences. One of our state’s special attributes is that it is home to seven Indian reservations and 12 tribes. Our culture, traditions, and history are interwoven ...

Thank you for supporting rifle raffle

Editor, At the 4th of July Parade in Polson we held the drawing for the Marlin XL 30-06 hunting rifle, which was won by Kirk Murphy. I want to thank Mr. Ray Wooldridge and Mrs. Carolyn Hall for the generous donation of the gun, Brian and Dennis of Anderson Broadcasting for announcing the winner of the raf...

Un-sung hero appreciated

Editor, As an animal lover and a home for rescue cats, I want to acknowledge and express thanks to Karen Stewart. She has put her energy and funds into helping save feral cats. She has always responded to calls of need in trapping and placing feral cats in humane conditions. Karen helps cats and people wh...

Fix the compact before it’s law

Editor, Have you ever noticed that intimate lovers of the CSKT Compact, like Erb from Moiese, never quote any appendices, or even a page from their beloved compact, then, they ask in writing your proof. Well, here we go. Now and for a few years, some very talented people have been dissecting the CSKT comp...

Rates are assessed by Interior Department

Editor, In a letter to the editor this incorrect statement was made “…. Only the three irrigation districts have the ability from the state and county to assess irrigation water costs.” This question and the answer were posted as part of the Federal Register announcement of the increase...

Garden organic, sustainably with cover crops

Healthy, living soil is a vital component of an organic garden. Soil covered with growing things draws carbon out of the atmosphere and stores it in roots, stems, and leaves. In sustainable, earth-friendly gardening and farming, we do not allow land to fallow, but we do keep our soil covered with actively gr...

Thank you, we plan to pay it forward

Editor, To the person who paid for our late lunch at 4Bs in Polson on Wednesday, July 4, thank you. You were gone before we realized what you had done. We are greatly appreciative and plan to pay it forward. Tom and Sandra Wyatt Polson

Current political environment dangerous to democracy

Editor, Does history repeat itself? Take a look at this from the “History Learning Site.” Back in 1925, the issue of a movement called “Blood and Soil” (Brut und Boden) nearly split the German Nazi party. This was ultimately resolved at the Bamberg Conference held in 1926. Hitle...

The future is what we make it

Editor, Trump is not the problem. America is not ruled by a king who can do what he wants when he wants and hand pick or dispose of his henchmen according to his mood. Well, maybe I am wrong. The checks and balances system in our government was set up to prevent such an occurrence by one in power but o...


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