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Valley Views for Oct. 13, 2021

Pregnancies and human life are older than recorded time, and so, it follows, are abortions. The procedures by which abortions have been conducted, however, have only very recently in human history been recognized in law and made safe by regulations. In 1973, the Roe v Wade decision declared abortion a constitutional right within certain health related restrictions, and all states have been bound to safely implement that decision for nearly half a century. In Montana, however, the legalization of abortion became an issue two years before the Roe decision. The 1971 legislative session was the setting for the debate of a subject which had been taboo in most public forums until that time....

2017 tax law adds to deficit, doesn’t grow economy

Editor, Regarding Greg Hertz’s Oct. 6 editorial, Greg, I see you’re back to writing editorials about the “progressive left” and their tax proposals. You find a source to quote that supports your opinion and then tout the benefit of the 2017 Tax Law that President Trump signed and t...

Voting is a marvelous right

Editor, “We the People,” in our democracy have a wonderful power. We need not be swayed by the loud, raucous and relentless voices of discord and political pandering to which we are exposed. “We the People,” over the years, have demonstrated our power in this democracy. The next...

Nothing new under the sun

Editor, So sez the wisest man they say who ever lived. He continued, “The wind blows to the South and turns back to the North; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course. All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full. To the place the streams come from. There they return again....

A fair economic recovery is possible, affordable

In Washington, Congress is debating how to help families get back on their feet after a challenging 18 months. However, with so many Montanans still struggling, we cannot afford to return to the way things were. We need to move forward to something better.  While businesses are grappling with the fal...

Ben there, done that

Cheese – sometimes soft and creamy, sometimes hard and brittle, but no matter the form, always delicious. Growing up in Montana, I was well accustomed to all the classics: Cheddar, Colby Jack, Provolone, Mozzarella, and Swiss. When I relocated to Switzerland, I had the doors flung wide open to a whole ...

Food pantry thankful for neighbors helping neighbors

Editor, Thank you, St. Joseph’s Hospital for the grand idea of football tickets for canned goods.  Thank you Polson Pirate fans for donating the 691 pounds of food.  Loaves and Fish Pantry volunteers appreciate your help in stocking our shelves for winter. Town Pump’s annual...

Slices of Life

“If you don’t have time for things that matter, stop doing things that don’t.” Courtney Carver.   This column is dedicated to busy, and those of us who might describe ourselves as such.  We’ve all been there. Most of us are probably there right now.  ...

Valley Views for Sept. 29, 2021

I have always kept quiet about opinions I have read in the Journal, but the article published, “Slices of Life” by Jill Pertler, Syndicated Columnist, sent off a chilling nerve up my spine. Her views on forgiveness, are just that, her views. They are certainly not God’s views.   The...

Healing, harmony starts from ground up

Editor, Six years ago I wrote about serious concerns we all are having. I called it “The Birth and Growth of Terrorism.”   The following are some questions I posed only six years ago. How many hundreds of years ago could these same questions have been asked about terrorist type acti...

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