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Attack ads getting annoying

Editor,  Politics. Let me be clear: I don’t enjoy it. Fundraising calls disguised as opinion polls, one-liner character assassinations (did you know Candidate X collects dead body parts? Think about that!), endless repetitions of attack ads that don’t address competency or record, etc etc. I’ll be short with this. A candidate is running for House District 12. Her name is Gerry Browning. Having run businesses on Polson’s Main Street, she is now gearing up to run for the seat in District 12 and face the new challenges we will deal with as Montanans working in an unfamiliar and unsure world.  I know Browning. As a former nurse and successful businessw...

Please use intelligence when voting

Editor, To the undecided and independents: you will decide the next make up of our state’s political leaders and national representatives. You are the ones that determine our collective voice. Please be responsible and use your voice through your ballot.  A Montana impartial political histor...

Retired teacher supports Browning

Editor,  I am writing in support of Gerry Browning who is running for MT HD12. Browning’s experience in the medical field and as a business owner gives her a wide range of knowledge and experience to represent her constituents and the state of Montana. She believes in responsible government and...

Solomon deserves votes

Editor, My name is Tim Huls, and I am a recently retired dairy farmer in Ravalli County and past president of the Montana Dairy Association. I am writing to strongly encourage the voters in District 47 to send Daniel Solomon back to the Montana Senate.  I got to know Dan when we both served in lea...

Reksten gets vote for HD 12

Editor, Every election cycle, we ask ourselves what it is that we need as a community and what are the qualities and qualifications we are looking for in those vying to represent us in Helena. We believe that Linda Reksten is the person we are looking for as she runs for House District 12 State Representa...

Staudenmayer gets 10 years for bail jumping

Robert Earl Staudenmayer, 34, of Bigfork, was sentenced at District Court in Polson on Sept. 17 to ten years in the Montana State Prison with no parole eligibility for bail jumping. Staudenmayer was convicted by a Lake County jury on a bail jumping charge and is still awaiting trial on theft and money lau...

Nobility of America considered

Editor,  Our mission should always be to preserve the nobility of America’s character: One Nation Under God. A place where anybody’s dream can come true.   The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were the fulfillment of 1,000 plus years of western ...

In these days of ‘dark money,’ be a Judy

The work of the 2019 legislative session has come full circle on two bills vetted in the Senate State Administration Veterans’ Affairs Committee, which I chaired. One was SB 275 by Sen. Al Olszewski (R-Kalispell) and HB 524 by Rep. Marvin Weatherwax (D-Browning) that brought attention to needs for reco...

Freedom of expression shouldn’t be violated

Editor, Vandalism strikes in Charlo. The campaign sign that we posted on our own property was vandalized this last week. The Bullock sign was smashed and partially torn off by a trespasser who apparently objects to Bullock and has no respect for our right to freedom of expression or for personal property....

Browning has connection to community

Editor,  I’m writing to encourage members of House District 12 to vote for Gerry Browning for our representative to the Montana legislature. Browning has an incredibly diverse background, working as a nurse in several settings before trading her nurse’s uniform for the uncertainty and ind...

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