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Cool spring weather makes May primary planting month

It looks like this year May is going to be our primary planting month, due to the cold spring. Some general duties to perform: mulch berries, hill leeks, watch for pests such as cutworms, pea weevils, root maggot flies, aphids, powdery mildew. Watch for frosts before putting out tender plants or have row covers and/or tunnels ready. Harden off plants for a week to ten days before planting in the open garden. Plant successive crops of cool-loving crops until the end of the month. Hoe and weed beds. Weeding is very important in May. Vegetables Sow indoors first week of the month for transplanting out late in May or early in June: cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, cantaloupes, watermelons, go...

Quist falling victim to fake news Quist falling victim to fake news

I am the Missoula County Clerk and Treasurer, so I know a little bit about taxes. In a world where the President Trump constantly attacks journalists and news organizations as “fake news”, one reporter, Tom Lutey, is doing little to lend credibility to his profession when he wrote: “Quist h...

Proud to call Lake County home

POLSON — The Lake County leg of the Law Enforcement Torch Run went off without a hitch this past week. For those of you unaware of the purpose of the run, it is to raise awareness and funds for the Special Olympic athletes and the main event held annually. This year it is being held in Missoula. Law...

Summer reading program starts June 12

POLSON – Can you believe our 70 and 80 degree days? It seems like we went from winter straight to summer (with a little spring thrown in too). Well, these summer temperatures have got us thinking about our Family Summer Reading Program that begins June 12 at 10 a.m. Kendra has some really great program...

Wise choices

Editor, We do not get to choose where we are born. We do get to choose to get an education and to use that education to choose where we live, work and raise our families. Greg Gianforte chose to spend over 20 years living, working and raising his family in Montana. His wise decisions made him a successful...

Please help Ronan couple rebuild home

Editor, On May 7, Arlo and Marilyn Baltz of Ronan had a terrible house fire and lost their entire house, including everything in the home. Daughter Karen Baltz Gibbs stated on her Go Fund Me account that her dad, Arlo Baltz, built this home the year she was born. “My parents lived a simple life but ...

Thank you for supporting clubhouse

Editor, The Valley View Women’s Club would like to thank everyone who donated to our rummage sale. Thank you very, very much to everyone who attended the sale and purchased items you are the people that keep our clubhouse going. The sale was a huge success because of donations and attendance. Thank ...

Clean up efforts appreciated

Editor, On behalf of the Beautification Committee of Envision Polson!, a committee under the Greater Polson Community Foundation, I would like to thank everyone who participated this year in our countywide CleanUp/GreenUp! With the help of our community, our success was stupendous. We would also like t...

Women must stand together, vote for Quist

Editor, As I listen to Rob Quist, I appreciate the dignity and respect for facts shown in his campaign. The dark and deceitful ads from Gianforte and party are offensive. Quist respects the women of Montana, pledging to fight for our healthcare issues and continued health insurance coverage, essential for...

President doesn’t run country

Editor, American politics and our elected leader is unique in this world. This is why Russia, right now, is so thoroughly disappointed with Donald Trump. They thought he’d follow through on his campaign pledges. Our presidents do not run our country. In other words, they cannot swing things their...


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