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Three uncles

They’d be the first to admit they are more adept at handing off a football versus a tiny human being, but during the last week they’ve certainly given the latter their best efforts. At exactly two minutes before midnight on a recent Sunday, soon-to-be Monday, my three sons became instant uncles. Their excitement and curiosity regarding the whole process has been interesting (to say the least). Early on Sunday morning, they were all aware that their very-pregnant sister had gone into the hospital and the possibility of a baby was imminent. As a group they were inquisitive, eager, concerned and excited. However, each of the boys took his own unique approach to the situation....

Rosendale has the experience we need

Editor, If we are going to beat Jon Tester this November, we need a strong conservative candidate fighting to preserve our values in the U.S. Senate. Matt Rosendale is the absolute right choice. He brings tremendous experience from serving in the Montana Legislature as well as in his current role as the S...

Caring community appreciated

Editor,  You know when you live in a small community there are very generous people who are caring and compassionate and we are so grateful to them. You cared and made a difference to help and we are blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for the generous checks and cash donations that were give...

Lake County needs Coffman

Editor, This letter is in support of Dave Coffman for Lake County Sheriff. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge and dealing with crime with him. Dave rightly pinpoints the crime issues that plague Lake County and that are afflicting so many of our youth. He defines the issues and offers solut...

Coffman most qualified

Dear Editor, Dave Coffman is the most qualified candidate for Lake County Sheriff. My name is Shad Anderson and I was born and raised in Lake County. I am writing this brief letter to inform the people that know me who I believe would be the best candidate for Lake County Sheriff. Dave Coffman may not be ...

Determination a shining tribute

Editor, On behalf of the Columbia Falls High School tennis team, I want to congratulate the Polson Pirates on their success at the recent Northwest “A” Divisional Tennis Tournament. Though you played with heavy hearts after the sudden tragic death of a friend and classmate, your determination,...

I’m voting for Coffman

Editor,  There’s no doubt politics are in full swing and the Lake County Sheriff’s election has especially received a lot of attention, rightfully so; the sheriff is the top law enforcement official in the county. I’ve decided who I’m voting for and this is how I came to my de...

County needs Bell's Leadership

Dear Editor, Don Bell runs a very clean campaign for Lake County Sheriff by not debating with or degrading his opponent. I think he is counting on the people here to have the common sense to recognize that our county has unique needs. Don worked many years as a tribal police officer. He is a Tribal member...

Coffman will combat drug problem

Editor,  I completely agree with Ken Scott. Ever since Don Bell became sheriff of Lake County, he has not done anything about the drug problem on the reservation or in Lake County for that matter. It’s sad how many kids we lose to the drugs in Lake County because our sheriff isn’t doing a...

Lady Pirate Paige Noyes gets a hit. Lady Pirate Paige Noyes gets a hit.

Fishermen:  As waters warm, the fishing opportunities are on the increase, but some of the best fishing is only temporary. For optimum results there are three area bodies of water that you should plan to fish in the near future.   Last Sunday, Roger Smart and I went to Lake Mary Ronan after h...


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