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Giving thanks for potatoes from Lake Farms

Editor,  The Polson Loaves and Fish Pantry has experienced an increase in the number of families served and a limited supply of some commodities to give out. Potatoes have been out-of-stock for a few weeks. In response, a request was made to Lake Farms for a pallet of potatoes at an agreed-on cost.  On Thursday, after the snowstorm had already interfered with their loading of trucks headed to Washington for spring planting, it was arranged that a pallet would be available in the afternoon. Amidst what seemed to be an extremely complicated and busy sorting and loading process, Dan Lake interrupted his supervision of these activities to fill a pallet and load it for a pantry p...

A welcomed initiative

Editor,  I was very pleased to read in the March 25 Valley Journal that the CSKT Council and Lake County Commissioners have established a Unified Command Center to fight COVID-19. Like many others, I have been concerned about growing tensions and litigation between the two governments in recent years...

Tips from teachers: remote learning

COVID-19 has upended lives across Montana, making many of us rethink the future of our world. One uncharted territory is education. Montana has closed schools to families physically while maintaining education and nutrition services. Many are tackling distance learning. Some Montana students do not have inte...

Slices of Life

Before we were married, my husband had a roommate from Africa – Sierra Leone to be exact. And this roommate introduced him to a dish called peanut butter stew. It’s made with an unlikely, but sumptuous culinary trio: chicken, peanut butter and a mix of hot spices called African spice. Stick with ...

Thankful for state leadership

Editor,  In these alarming and unprecedented times of the coronavirus, I appreciate the competent leadership of Governor Steve Bullock.   He gives us the straight scoop. He seeks and follows the advice of medical professionals, and he’s able to make the hard calls.  No one wants...

Focus on love instead of anger, fear

Editor,  In this time of great stress and confusion, it is so easy to fall into fear and a sort of emotional despair. I have listened to so many of our churches preaching the message of asking God for just about everything. It involves trust in God and almost begging Him to fix this or that in our li...

Valley Views

Mission and Jocko districts oppose Daines’ 3019 bill and have sent four letters to him in the last year with no response, with our concerns, asking for a meeting. Our opposition comes from the unconstitutional takings of property rights and the Unitary Management Board that take us out of Montana an...

Ben there, Done that

By now, the chances that you haven’t heard about the COVID-19 virus are nearly zero. This new strain of coronavirus emerged from Wuhan, China, and has now reached many of the countries around the world, including Europe. Being in Switzerland, not far from northern Italy where the virus entered the cont...

Toilet paper shortage considered

Editor,  There is a silver lining to the toilet paper shortage. Sewer repairmen are now paying for their kids’ college educations by removing paper towels (which don’t dissolve) from clogged sewer lines. Emergency weekend calls might also pay for a new boat.      The ave...

Irrigation districts grapple with fee increase

Last week, the Flathead Irrigation District paid $192,250 for their half of the payment for the 2019 Flathead Indian Irrigation Project operation and maintenance costs with a $4.50 increase or $33.50 per acre or $16.50 for half an acre.   The Mission and Jocko Districts paid their half of the fee at ...

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