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Circuses cruel, inhumane

  Editor, It is spring in Montana and that means circuses will be coming to our areas. Though difficult I would like to reveal the dark and brutal reality behind this imprisonment and cruelty of wild and domestic animals. No animal chooses to be ripped away from its parents, its freedom to roam and live its life with its own family. Culpepper & Merriweather Circus that is coming to our area has failed to meet minimum federal standards for care of animals used in exhibitions as established in the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). This circus has been cited dozens of times going back to 1991 for failure to provide animals with shelter from the elements, enough space to make normal p...

Three boys on the beach

They were splashing in the waist-high water of the lake. Boisterous and loud. Three boys on either side of about 10 years old – if my estimate was accurate. I sat on the dock, observing from a distance.  The sun shone from behind a splattering of light cloud cover in the otherwise blue sky. The...

The epidemic that’s hurting us all: meth

On my most recent telephone town hall with 28,000 Montanans, nearly 95 percent agreed that meth is a problem in Montana. Certainly, Barbara from Billings knows this to be true – she shared with me that her son is currently recovering from meth.  One third of the record 3,400 children in Montana...

Growing carrots Growing carrots

Carrots, botanically classified Daucus carota, have been grown in gardens for centuries. The Romans grew them, but they were not very popular until the Middle Ages. The earliest carrots had white, purple, red, or yellow roots. Orange colored carrots appeared as a mutation of yellow carrots during the sevente...

Legislature must address statewide infrastructure needs Legislature must address statewide infrastructure needs

At the end of the legislative session we wish to say thank you for times legislators worked across the aisle to pass sound legislation for all Montanans. Like minds came together and agreed upon many issues, from public lands to suicide prevention. Also, legislation was passed that addresses some of our c...

Mission Valley Shooting Club awards scholarships Mission Valley Shooting Club awards scholarships

It has been a busy year for the shooting range. New board members Allen Cornelison and Mike Webster were voted in at the first of the year to join Fred Webster, Rob Olson and Ray Aylsworth. Mike and Allen are replacing long time board members Cory Badgley who moved and Monty Lucht who passed away after watch...

Citizen involvement in city government increasing Citizen involvement in city government increasing

I want to take a minute to say thank you to all who participated in our Town Hall meetings last month – the Ward Commissioners who hosted the meetings, City staff who helped plan the meetings, and the citizens who attended. Ideas were shared, issues were brought up, and relationships were made. The ...

Single payer healthcare can work

Editor, Yogi Berra said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Well, in one serious matter, America has come to a fork in the road. This serious matter is our healthcare system. We can either choose to travel the road of “Single Payer System” (Medicare for all) or...

Clean up help appreciated

Editor, The Garden of the Rockies Museum would like to thank Heather Holmlund and the Honor Society Kids for the great clean up job they did at the museum. All their work was greatly appreciated. Velma Kuntz Ronan

Montecahto Club not political

Editor, It has come to our attention that people believe the Montecahto Club has been posting political signs near the clubhouse. The Montecahto Club is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization with no political or religious affiliation. The property on which the political signs have been posted, just north o...

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