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Election issues considered

Editor, Progressive Lamentations: I pledge allegiance to myself and to the Welfare States of America. And to the Liberals for which it stands, one nation, without God, with food stamps and health care for all! Vote for Socialist Liberals in November for free stuff. Don’t listen to Conservative Democrats or Republicans. They have lots of money to pay for it. Jim Sisler Polson

Brothers hold different opinions

Editor, “Pandering-to-Putin” is exactly what our nations legislative House and Senate are doing. This is crazy! But it is happening. My two brothers are dedicated Republicans. This is how we grew up on our family dairy farm in Wisconsin in the 30s and 40s. Here’s my recent conversatio...

Food pantry holds fundraiser

Editor, On behalf of the Mission Valley Food Pantry, I would like to thank all the people who gave their time and effort to make the fundraiser for the Pantry, in the St. Ignatius Park on Saturday, September 8, such a success. So many people gave their time. A special thank you to Louise Mitchell, Whitney...

Suicide poem shared

Editor, This is a poem I wrote a few days ago. We all know how suicide is taking over young natives in the states. I feel like this will help bring more awareness for young lost teens on our reservations. I hope this helps you understand. Suicidal minds Suicide is one pain we can hide. We divide fro...

Restore CSKT-Lake County Cooperation

Editor, Over the past few years, differences have bubbled up between Lake County commissioners and CSKT over such issues as taxation, density regulation, and judicial system expenditures. Experience shows that it is vitally important to prevent bubbles from bursting into full-blown conflicts. For example,...

But which?

Editor, A recent letter shows how education is being relegated to what one is told, not to truth. A bias or bigoted person chooses not to hear anything disagreeing with their entrenched beliefs. In today’s world, it is easy to check where the truth lays. Using selected language to demean an opponent...

Political opinion shared

Editor, In a recent (Sept. 12) letter, Lance Hames uses my prior letter to the editor (which mentioned the Trump administration one time) to vilify the President with hateful, inaccurate and unsubstantiated accusations characteristic of someone with the Trump Derangement Syndrome. I must respond. Hames...

Anyone relate? Didn’t think so Anyone relate? Didn’t think so

Humans are united by common bonds. We might be tempted or maybe better put inclined to focus on differences, but we are all united in the human condition and we share more common experiences than we might realize (or even want to admit). I’ve written about these scenarios in the past, but my list wa...

Build stronger community, vote for McDonald

Editor, We who live and work in Lake County are very fortunate that Caroline McDonald is running for County Commissioner. In her work as a community and economic consultant in Mission Valley, and as chair of the Polson School Board, she has taken a pragmatic, nonpartisan, community- building approach. She...

National political opinion shared

Editor, The Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well in the Mission Valley. This malady, if you haven’t heard, is a mental condition in which the afflicted has constant outbursts of vile and hatefilled rhetoric directed toward our duly elected President. These poor, mentally deranged individuals...

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