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Ben there, done that

The effects of increased carbon dioxide in our air are cause for growing concern. No matter your stance or beliefs on the topic, irrefutable evidence reveals there is more CO2 in the air now than at any other point in modern history.  In 2016, there was roughly a 33 percent increase of CO2 in the air from 1900. Any change this drastic will have an impact on the environment. In response, countless initiatives were developed to reduce CO2 emissions; however, we must ask if these initiatives are timely enough to prevent major changes to the environment? Do they address the CO2 already in the atmosphere? As well, many green initiatives are costly and harmful to business. What can be don...

Sharing my retirement

Editor, I’d like to share my retirement. My name is Charleen Crenshaw. I received my final orders for retirement on Sept. 11th. I first entered military service in 1980 as an intelligence analyst, spending my first nine years on active duty in the Army. I transferred to active reserves for two years...

Slices of Life

When my kids were very young, each of them had a favorite movie that we viewed over and over (and over). As I watched replay-after-replay, I noted the shows had a few things in common. They were animated productions made by Disney and embedded in their storylines were life lessons that served as a benefit no...

Ben there, done that

The electronic cigarette or vape industry has recently come under fire with the United States Food and Drug Administration, and many states are passing sweeping bans and other sanctions. A study of 11,000 people conducted by the National Cancer Institute’s Health Information survey found that positive ...

Take mind off cold, head to warm library

Okay, what happened to fall? We are not ready for winter so we have fun things going on at the library to take your mind off of the cold.   On Thursday, Nov. 7, Angela is hosting a Downton Abbey themed tea and coloring party. Refreshments will be served and supplies will be provided to make place car...

Practical ways of counteracting obsession

Practical ways of  counteracting obsession   Editor, Humans easily create mental models which do not match reality. We collect partial, inaccurate “facts” – and then over-react with imaginary (positive or negative) interpretive predictions. Obsession can be destructive...

Life is a classroom

Editor,  It occurs to me, with all the things going on in America right now, that we need to practice what my spiritually based social teachings advocate. It is covered in one word. The word is “forgiveness.” This word can mean different things to different people. This is what it means t...

Bahá’í invite others to celebration

By Deborah Sogge-Kermani for the local Bahá’í community Dear Friends! We stand at the edge of a precipice. In our community and in localities around the world, vulnerable children and disheartened youth are falling over the cliff. Driven by hopelessness and misery, abandonment and abus...

Confessions of a previously type-A Halloween personality

As a kid, I took Halloween seriously. I mean, heck, there was only one day out of the whole year where candy was free and Halloween was it.  Making the most of the night was paramount to sugar success. We had a limited amount of time before our neighbors shut off their porch lights and went to bed, s...

Emotions define human behaviors

Editor, “Hate” is a word often in the news. Emotions (hate is one) are driving forces of human behavior. People often act (vote) upon emotions rather than reason. Here is an abbreviated interpretation of how emotions form and what they represent – the brain in a nutshell. Early few-ce...

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