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Valley Views for June 30, 2021

In Montana private land elk hunting is moving toward 11 weeks for people who can pay thousands of dollars for trophy bulls, while others are left to hunt cows in deep snows and bitter cold when they’re struggling to survive the winter.  That’s the proposal of the Gianforte administration, one that extends “elk shoulder seasons” through Feb. 15 annually, and onto your National Forest in 19 hunting districts. This proposal is ill conceived, premature and not in the interest of elk hunters, landowners and all Montanans who enjoy this incredible creature. When Montana hunters agreed to the trial implementation of shoulder seasons six years ago, they did so on ...

Valley Views for June 30, 2021

To the Mission and Jocko irrigators: this spring, water users were sent a note about the history of homesteading the Mission, Jocko, Camas Valleys, which is also a historic record about the Mission, Jocko, and Flathead irrigation districts involvement in securing liens on land that formed the districts and g...

Child care problem needs solution

Editor,  Kudos to Gov. Gianforte for dedicating $31 million in ARPA funds to increasing availability of child care for working parents. These funds will be directed to grants to increase capacity and hours of service for existing day care businesses. The issue of child care is personal for us, as ...

News View News View

As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, there’s a sense of relief and optimism that things will return to normal.  Long-awaited family gatherings, birthday parties and graduation ceremonies are finally happening in person. Sporting events have fans in the stands, airports are busy, and we all ...

Vagabond dog embarks on final journey Vagabond dog embarks on final journey

How is it that a picture of our dog ended up on our neighbors’ Christmas trees? I smile every time I think about it. Her name was Holly. Holly Noel. Born on Halloween, she was a Christmas gift to my husband Boone. He’d wanted a hunting dog and I’d always wanted a golden retriever. I foun...

Real history is needed for a just society

Editor, The American Experiment has been a fascinating story and a study in contrasts. We have proven to the world that a democratic republic can work; it provided opportunity for immigrants who faced poverty and oppression at home; it fought a powerful fascist movement and won; and it made our country an...

Nation experienced workable democracy

Editor, Fear is a mighty powerful trait. It grips and motivates all wildlife, including humans. Fear motivates many actions from hiding to fighting. Add to this the human trait of greed and we have what we are presently experiencing in our nation. Greed has always played a role in politics. Today, however...

SKC guest to talk AIS at library

It’s not too late to sign up for our Annual Summer Reading Program. We have lots of great prizes and incentives from local businesses, and so many awesome programs coming up. On July 15 we have Georgia Smies from Salish Kootenai College to talk about aquatic invasive species and the impact they could h...

Help wanted, housing needed Help wanted, housing needed

“Short staffed. It’s the new pandemic,” reads a sign at an Ennis restaurant. “We can’t hire employees,” business owners said repeatedly during a recent listening session at the Shovel & Spoon Restaurant in Sheridan. Business folks from Ennis, Sheridan, and Twin Bridges...

Legislators need to stand for all citizens’ rights

Editor,  Democracy in Montana has been strong ever since the development of our new constitution in the 1970s. After the days when the Copper Barons were able to buy elections, Montanans were ready for a change. With careful reflection, people from across the state gathered to draw up a document that...

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