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Support live theater, attend ‘Miracle Worker’

Editor, I just attended the Port Polson Players’ performance of “The Miracle Worker” directed by Karen Lewing. Kaycee Norman, as Helen Keller and Veronica Marquardt as Annie Sullivan, were superb in their roles. The cast and set design were perfect. Don’t miss out on attending this moving production as it will only be performed again next weekend, on Friday, March 23, Saturday, March 24 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, March 25 at 2 p.m. at Polson’s John Dowdall Theatre. If we want to continue enjoying live theater, we need to support it with our attendance. Suz Rittenhouse Polson

Talent show a breath of fresh air

Editor, Kudos to Mission Valley Has Talent and all involved in organizing and putting on an outstanding show recently at Polson High School. The talent was amazing. The purity of a ten year old singing “Amazing Grace,” the intricate choreography of “Sync’d,” the stunning Nati...

Encourage representatives to support health protective laws

Editor, My daughter, Crystal Kain, went to Washington D.C. last week to speak to our representatives about health protective laws related to personal care products. The last time a major federal law was passed in this industry was 1938. She was one of two Montana advocates and one of 100 advocates in all ...

‘Romans 13’ book recommended

Editor, For those believers of scripture who struggle with the obvious trend of a secularized and humanistic civil government imposing itself on our life, liberty, and property and the words of Romans 13 about the duty and function of the civil magistrate and to what extent we are to be submissive to that...

Thankful for help

Editor, Thanks to all the wonderful people and county entities that helped us during a trying time. Thanks to Sunburst and volunteers of Search and Rescue. Joe Butterhof Perma  

Poor service from phone, cable TV provider

Editor, I was not alone in losing phone service for nearly a week this past month. There was very little help or comfort coming from the provider when and if I was able to contact them. There was even less when I decided I no longer needed their cable TV service since watching television is not a priority...

Hiss … you knew darn well

Editor, At Donald Trump’s revival rallies, he inspires his cultish disciples with a wee bit of blarney by reading his favorite poem to them. He insists it’s about immigrants but, as with all his tall tales, he is the central character. All you need know is the title and one line: “The...

Published letters tasteless

Editor, According to your letter policy guidelines, certain content of the letter writer can be considered unfit to publish. (Libelous, poor taste, spiteful, self-promotional, limited interest, etc.) Perhaps the editor is falling down on the job for I have noticed many letters full of hatred, anger and...

Grateful for talent show support, fundraising

Editor, Long lines to buy tickets formed early. The 750-seat Polson High School Auditorium filled to nearly 500 by 7 p.m. when the curtain opened on the Mission Valley Has Talent competition. Many pieces came together to create a raging success to enable us to raise more than $6,000 to support the Helping...

A moment of silence

It’s my job to come up with words each week. It’s become almost a habit, but I’ve wondered what I’ll do when the words don’t come, as I suspect will happen at some point. So far, though, I’ve been able to find something to say. Or maybe nothing to say, but the words have b...


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