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Trash problems can be solved

Editor, In a perfect world people would not drink and drive and throw their empties out the window of their cars. In a perfect world, people would not go to a fast food restaurant 25 miles away and throw their garbage out the window of their car onto the side of the road. Obviously, we do not live in a perfect world. I live on a county road in Arlee. This road is not a road that tourists would take to get anywhere, so all I can imagine is that locals are throwing out their garbage. I walk on this road every day and during the spring, summer and fall try to pick up as much garbage as I can, but why am I having to do this? I often wonder how the people that are doing this would feel ...

Movement aims to abolish money speech

Editor, While talking with friends about our country’s political situation, one remarked that they felt almost powerless because of the onslaught and demolition of our shared democratic ideals and institutions. The Supreme Court’s ruling that corporations have, in many cases, the same right...

Food for Fines program offered at library

National Library Week is April 7-13. We are offering our annual “Food for Fines” program during this week. If you have a few nagging library fines, this is your chance to clear them up. For each item of food brought in, we will waive $1 of your fines (not applicable to lost or damaged materials)....

SB 52 would improve sexual assault response, make communities safer

Sexual assault knows no boundaries of age, race, or social class. It is a plague on our society, endangering people from all walks of life. For more than two decades, my professional career focused on helping survivors of sexual assault in various ways: hearing stories of violence as a YWCA domestic viole...

Dreams pondered Dreams pondered

My husband has the most exciting dreams. They are action adventures like something out of a James Bond or Tarzan movie – oftentimes both. They involve racecars and roller coasters and swinging on vines throughout a rainforest. He’ll often describe them in detail the next morning. Sometimes I c...

Dogs running without leashes

Editor, Polson does have a leash law; however, to my understanding, the follow up, pick up component was not funded. There are a few large breed dogs running the streets in Polson. I hope something can be done to eliminate this problem before some unfortunate incident occurs. It is also my understanding t...

Guiding documents shaped by diverse opinions

Editor, Today, people who identify themselves as conservatives (mostly they aren’t) like to believe that this country’s founding documents have a religious origin. They don’t. At least two recent letters to the editor have expressed this position for the Declaration of Independence. A...

Inconvenient truth shared

Editor, Recently the Lake County Pachyderms sponsored a meeting at the Boys and Girls Club in Ronan hosting Dr. Ed Berry from Bigfork, who professes that human-caused climate change is a hoax. Although I was not able the attend his recent presentation, I heard him talk on climate change at the Flathead Co...

Grizzly council exemplifies how Montanans solve problems

Gov. Steve Bullock’s order creating a grizzly bear advisory council exemplifies how Montanans work together to solve the difficult issues around wildlife. The council is needed, creates an opportunity to bring Montanans together, and can help shape the future of managing an expanding population of this...

Preschool about kids, state’s future, not political fight of the day

Last summer, I met a woman in Lewistown who told me she made too much money to qualify for Head Start but couldn’t afford to have her son in the kind of quality program that would give him a great start. I met parents in Wibaux who had to drive thirty miles away to take their kids to the closest childc...

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