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On the job 24/7 On the job 24/7

My husband and I did it. Many of us did. We jumped into the deep end and never looked back, just keep swimming, lap after lap, from low tide to high. Now we find ourselves not in the water but poolside, beachside. Watching. And this time around it’s different. Because it isn’t us swimming upstream. This time we serve as witnesses to the action. Sometimes, this new role feels even more intense than living it out personally. Of course, it isn’t. But we are reliving the past and wondering just how the heck we did it. We aren’t super heroes or superhuman, but somehow we eked it out. Now our daughter and her husband are doing the same. Doing what so many of us ha...

Different worldviews considered

Editor, Thanks to Gene Johnson for taking the time to respond to my letter. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss our contrasting worldviews. I understand the concept of “worldview” as any ideology, philosophy, theology (including atheism), movement or religion, which provides a way of vi...

Healthcare action needs to be taken

Editor, Montana’s Medicaid Expansion provides health insurance to nearly 100,000 Montanans and helps local economies across the board. It also keeps enough money in the system to support rural healthcare. This is of such clear benefit to all Montanans that it is not a partisan issue. In fact, Republ...

Irrigation commissioner doesn’t agree with fee increase

Editor, I don’t normally respond to editorial letters, but today I will. I send letters to educate and update Flathead Irrigation Project irrigators. Everything I write is based on fact and local history. This valley was settled by courageous men and women not bowing to threats and standing firm on ...

Election predictions

Editor, Yes, the Trump “base” is still a solid one-third. Why? Why is it solid amid such changing attitudes, allegiances and political positioning? We must first look honestly at Donald Trump the man. Number one, his personality disorder (narcissism) causes him to always feel vulnerable and...

Basketball teams inspire hope

Editor, I have been without hope for a while now. My 18-year-old son Connor suffers from a swallowing disorder, multiple GI issues and severe PTSD. He has a feeding tube and is barely stable, rarely leaving the house except for doctor’s appointments. Despondency has set in and it is hard to get out ...

Water craziness not helping

The Bullock administration and Montana legislators have one more chance to protect the waters of the Flathead Basin and ensure their availability for future generations. In regard to both Aquatic Invasive Species and the water compact with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, wise and workable soluti...

Legislature needs to pass Hanna’s Act Legislature needs to pass Hanna’s Act

It’s not safe to be an Indian woman in Montana. These words come as no surprise to many of us. It is our lived experience that Native American women are more likely to go missing, more likely to be murdered and less likely to have justice in our state. It is our lived experience that when we seek ju...

Tidying up Tidying up

We all wake up in the morning – unless we work the night shift. Then we go to bed in the morning and wake in the evening. But despite differing schedules, we all have some sort of beginning to our waking hours each day/night. We all have to wake up. The alternative isn’t pretty. Further, the v...

Public invited to hearing Public invited to hearing

Week three in the legislature, we are officially ahead in the number of bills introduced from this time last session. It is imperative that we move forward with essential funding bills so we can quickly fund the programs that rely on us. The school funding bill we were able to pass out of committee last week...

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