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McDonald will serve us well as commissioner

Editor, Lake County needs strong leaders who will carefully act to maintain safe and sanitary living conditions for all its residents. From what I have learned about Caroline McDonald, I am confident that she has the right background and experience to be the perfect choice to serve Lake County as a commissioner. Caroline McDonald has been involved with local economic and community development as well as serving as chairman of the Polson School Board. She knows the value of collaboration and has been able to bring representatives from various entities in the county together to find solutions for mutual concerns. We are living at a time when many changes are on the horizon. I strongl...

Rosendale is best choice

Editor, I’m writing to tell you why I support Matt Rosendale to be the next United States senator from Montana. Our current senator, Jon Tester, supports socialized, government-run health care. Montanans see every day how bad Obamacare is: higher premiums and deductibles. Plans have been canceled an...

Tester has earned a third term

Editor, East coast developer Matt Rosendale would be a disaster for Montana as senator. His negative attack ads against Senator Jon Tester are simply ridiculous – he might be more accurately describing himself with his “gone Washington” verbiage. When Rosendale was running to be Monta...

Working together essential to progress

Editor, Logic? “Future economic stability of Lake County depends on the election of those whose loyalty is not divided between two governments.” I think not. Both governments mentioned in the readers letter are part of Lake County. Both are sovereign nations. We need in fact to eliminate co...

Enough is enough Enough is enough

We’ve been complacent. We thought everybody knew how important a free press was to our world and that all this talk about us being the enemy of the people would be dismissed for the silliness that it is. But the reckless attacks have continued, instigated and encouraged by our president. When ...

Promises to keep

Promises are important, at least that’s what we tell our kids. In Montana and around the country, there are groups advocating that we break the promises made to our American Indian friends and neighbors. These groups, which form the anti-Indian movement, represent a systematic effort to deny legally-es...

Friday last day to submit summer reading logs

The Family Summer Reading Program is nearly over. The last day to turn in your reading logs is Friday, Aug. 10. If you complete all 8 levels and want to go for a wet ride, Happy Hippo Day is Tuesday, Aug. 14. Make sure to get your reading log turned in on time to collect your boarding pass. On Wednesday, Aug...

Decker is logical choice

Editor, The future economic stability of Lake County depends on the election of those whose loyalty is not divided between two governments. The only governmental entity that is responsible for Lake County is the County Commission, a political subdivision of the State of Montana. The government of the C...

Injustice everywhere

Dear Editor, Martin Luther King wrote from his jail cell, “Injustice anywhere leads to injustice everywhere.” In America today, injustice can be defined in how much money you have to spend on lawyers and lobbyists. Injustice can be defined on America’s court system’s judges refusin...

Returning home Returning home

My husband and I recently indulged in a couple days away as a couple to celebrate our anniversary. When we partake on such expeditions (which isn’t often) we both understand the significance of the outcome. That is, the outcome upon returning home – to a house inhabited by our three sons, some of...

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