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Turn off the television

Editor, I had the great pleasure of attending a production of “It’s A Wonderful Life,” which was put on by the Port Polson Players in association with the Mission Valley Friends of the Arts last weekend. What a joy to get see such wonderful talent here in our valley. Please friends, turn off your television and get out into our community and enjoy what there is to offer. You’ll be better for it, I promise. Elizabeth Reed Ronan  

Change mind, change life

Editor, “Change your mind, change your life” is something I have claimed to believe in for years. But there is quite a difference between believing in something and practicing it. The power of "changing my mind, changing my life" was recently brought home to me with my brother. A coupl...

Response to racist letter

Editor, I am writing in response to that tasteless, racist letter printed last week “A president for our time.” I have been wondering since I read that garbage if the author is one of those Americans who’s proud to be a part of a race who stole the land they now occupy, tried to kill off...

Character put on display

Editor, George W. Bush, in reaching out and warmly shaking the hand of each former President and First Lady in attendance at his father’s memorial service, prominently displayed his character traits of: grace, respect and maturity. Donald Trump, in refusing to even acknowledge the presence of 94-...

Considering the carrot

Editor, Thanks to Thomas A. Lozeau, Jr. for attending the Leon Hall presentation of the People’s Compact and for sharing important comments. Mr. Lozeau is correct that the tribes will be involved in any final resolution of this issue. While Mr. Lozeau believes that the per capita payment directly...

People’s Compact a bait and switch scheme

Editor, There has been much publicity about The People’s Compact, demonstrating the lobbying skills of authors. There is much more to the story that people need to understand. Increased fees. The People’s Compact does not cover the maintenance costs of the irrigation project. Under their pr...

Innovations bring broadband to Native American, rural populations

Nowhere is the lack of broadband internet more pervasive than on our nation’s Indian reservations. According to the latest statistics from the Federal Communications Commission, only 49 percent of Montanans who live on tribal land have access to a broadband connection. Compare that to the nation where ...

Commissioner concerned about property tax halt on land being put in trust

The Dec. 1 edition of the “Missoulian” included an article entitled, “Lake County Targets Tribal Tax Exemption.” This exemption, granted by the Montana Department of Revenue, halts collection of property taxes for a maximum of five years while properties purchased by the Confederated ...

When life isn’t a bummer – not really When life isn’t a bummer – not really

It’s such a bummer when on a normal day when you have nothing else planned you get a phone call from your daughter asking if you can babysit your granddaughter for an hour or two and you, of course, say yes then proceed to spend that babysitting time just cuddling and listening to her coo and giggle. M...

Agreeing with a new movement

Editor, There is a movement in America that both frightens and angers Donald Trump.   It has to do with climate change. This movement is called the “Sunrise Movement.” It’s a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. Here is a para...


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