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Browning brings background in healthcare

Editor, Times are tough right now in so many ways, and that’s why it’s important that we elect the best people to represent us. I’m supporting Gerry Browning for the Montana House District 12 because she’s one of those leaders who will make the best decisions for Montanans. I was born and raised in Polson, and I want what’s best for my family and the whole community. Browning was a small business owner on Polson’s Main Street, so she knows how important it is to grow our local economy and how to support the businesses that are at the heart of our small towns. Even more, Browning also brings the background of a former nurse. She supported Medicaid expan...

Rosendale will keep our communities safe

Editor, It is the responsibility of our elected leaders to ensure the safety of the citizens they represent; however, in Democrat-led cities and states, misguided officials have ignored the safety of a majority of their constituents to follow a political agenda. We’ve all seen the results. Matt Rose...

Legislative Notes Legislative Notes

Governor Bullock has issued another edict. This time, it’s taking away your right to choose how you vote in the November general election.  While I didn’t publicly oppose an all-mail ballot for the June primary election, it was a different time – we were still evaluating the coronav...

Bullock is good for farmers, ranchers

Editor, Montana’s small farmers and ranchers need trade agreements that open up markets to their products while making sure that we’re competing on a level playing field. Ensuring fair wages, good working conditions, and environmentally safe and sustainable practices will benefit everyone, eve...

Voting is important to democracy

Editor,   The upcoming election will be most interesting. Neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump is very popular with the younger people in the USA, but these young people are our hope for the future. Young people are not known as avid voters. Hopefully a majority of these intelligent young people wil...

Experience helps Montanans

Editor,   Montana is a blend of urban and rural communities. Supporting business successes will be especially important as our state heals post-pandemic. Mike Cooney has extensive experience talking with business owners, ranchers and farmers and using the resources of the state government to help the...

Bennett will protect public lands

Editor, The Montana Secretary of State has several critical duties and functions in service to the people of Montana. Chief among those duties is interpreting state election laws, overseeing elections and serving on the Montana Board of Land Commissioners.  I am supporting Bryce Bennett for Montana S...

Rosendale is a fantastic choice for Montana

Editor,  Even during unprecedented times, may we never lose sight of the incredible privilege it is to live in the greatest country on earth. Where else are we so free to live, think, speak, learn, work, dream and worship as we see fit? Yet, in the words of former President Ronald Reagan, “free...

Support given to Pavlock for HD 93

Editor,  I support Lisa Pavlock for House District 93. She and her family are rooted in Montana. I have been acquainted with her for several years and trust she will be a strong advocate for families, schools and businesses. Her values are the reason she and her family are productive and creative.&nb...

Food pantry thanks community for support

Editor,  Uncertainty is floating through our lives these days like wisps of wildfire smoke. Work, school, church, sports and gatherings are all veiled with doubt or even suspicion. Many good constants fill our lives as well. Kindness and helpfulness abound if you know where to look. The Polson Loa...

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