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Meetings help decide vote

Editor, I found it hard to understand why Lake County commissioners held several meetings where the public was invited to discuss land development reform in the county. I attended these meetings and discovered that public comment was really not appreciated. It was very obvious that one or more commissioners had already decided what the outcome was to be regardless of the fact that most attendees did not approve of the proposed changes. That is why I am voting for and encouraging others to vote for Caroline McDonald. I want a commissioner who listens and acts in a manner that reflects the concerns of the citizens of Lake County. Peter Daniels Polson  

Tobacco killed family members

Editor, Please vote “yes” on I-185. It will no doubt cause many smokers to quit smoking; protecting their life and health. Two of the members of my family died of cancer, both smoked. Look how much the tobacco companies are spending to defeat it. Let the users pay their medical bills in the...

Vote for a senator that supports Trump

Editor, Apparently, critics of President Trump and their media sycophants are opposed to: 1) the lowest unemployment in 50 years (record low for blacks and Hispanics); 2) tax cuts for most Americans, resulting in hundreds of dollars/year in additional income; 3) record high for stock market, greatly incre...

I-185 is personal

Editor, I am typically a fairly non-political individual, but I feel very strongly that it is time to speak out in support of Initiative 185. For me and for many others in Montana, tobacco and tobacco-related products have taken a staggering toll on the ones we love. I recently lost my husband of 45 years...

Surprised by kindness

Editor, Our grandson, Simon, begins college soon. He has just completed a very busy summer with a well-paying job, plus he had a summer study program in preparation for college. He also purchased his first vehicle this summer, a small vintage pickup. He and another guy heading for college had made plans t...

Life without A/a Life without A/a

All was admirable and acceptable – advantageous even – that a.m. I arrived at my work area early, adhered to my agenda and had accomplished an abundance of article assembly by afternoon. And then I had lunch – avocado salad with apples and almonds (apricot dressing). Upon finishing my fo...

October library programs offer something for everyone

October came barreling in this year at the library. We have had a lot going on and even more to come this fall. This month we are celebrating the National Endowment for the Arts Big Read in partnership with Missoula Public Library. On Thursday, Oct. 18, at 6 p.m., join us in our meeting room as we welcome...

Wants signs returned

Editor,  Will the person or persons who availed themselves of the Jon Tester and Kathleen Williams campaign signs located (until they were removed) on North Finley Point Road, please return them? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jackie Ladner Polson  

Hold your nose

Editor, The election is a few weeks away, and we have decisions to make. President Trump is not a nice person and cares nothing for our nice little laws and “norms.” He is rapidly breaking them or using them for his own power and purposes, to the detriment of the country. He will undermine our...

Family support for judge

Editor,  Kim Christopher is the best candidate for District Court Judge of Lake and Sanders counties. She has excelled in this position for 18 years. She is steadfast, honest, fair and professional. How do I know? I’ve watched her in action, and I’ve seen her behind the scenes. You see, K...

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