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Thanks for the memories

Editor, What a tribute to a “Life Well Lived” with our family, friends and neighbors attending the memorial for Larry Gleason. Thanks to Faith Lutheran church, Mission Valley Back Country Horsemen and Ronan Woman’s Club for all the help and food. God bless. The Gleasons (Alice, Gena, Ron, Don and Kristi) Ronan  

No magic needed for ethics, caring

Editor, Mr. Onsager’s accounting (5/15/19) of the number of Christians in Colonial days is reminiscent of counting the number of angels who can dance on the head of a pin – lots. One omission is that this leaves out who else was dancing. A second is that having a religious title does not guara...

Beautification Committee asks for suggestions

Editor, Two years ago, the Polson Beautification Committee was discussing potential new projects. It was decided that more flowers on the island at the intersection of Highways 35 and 93 would be a colorful welcome for visitors and community members driving by. Last year, with community donations and l...

Nature connection made at River Honoring Nature connection made at River Honoring

I remember how exciting it was to go on a field trip as a kid at school: the getting out of the classroom, the bus ride to a new place and the endless chatter between seats, the excitement in the air that something magical might take place on this adventure. Those days are long gone for me, or so I thought. ...

Faith of the founders considered

Editor, Several letters recently have stated that we can’t know what our country’s founding fathers believed yet on the other hand are certain that none of them were Christians. One might as well claim the sun rises in the West. Let me illustrate. Robert Paine, Lyman Hall and John Witherspo...

Sharing appreciation for law enforcement

Editor, Here is my letter to Lake County Sheriff Don Bell. I had two recent encounters with your deputies that I decided to tell you about because on both occasions the men not only did their job quite professionally but confidently and competently. The first circumstance occurred when I was driving...

Unity fostered as legislative session closes

The 66th legislative session has come to an end. As Speaker of the House, it was my goal to uphold the integrity of the House. As a leader in my caucus it was my goal to foster unity not conformity. We can be united behind the primary ideals of our party without losing individuality. It has been an honor to ...

Bigfoot, small foot: family members come in different sizes Bigfoot, small foot: family members come in different sizes

The legend of Bigfoot lives on in American folklore, and although I don’t know for sure if the big and hairy creature actually exists in the wild, I do believe in big foot, or at least big feet. I live with a bunch of them. (Big and hairy big-footed creatures, that is.) My husband and sons tower ove...

Going on a new adventure

Editor, Me, myself and I, (three peas in a pod) have made a life-changing decision. In June, this ‘pod’ is moving to the Grizzly Peak independent senior living facility in Missoula. This caps 27 years in Polson. As the years have rolled by in my lifetime, 88 years now, about every 25 years ...

What’s your priority: God, country or state rights?

Editor, In discussions with friends we can communicate ideas without hating each other. We know their character and moral fiber. Our nation allows citizens to have different backgrounds, religious philosophies and life styles. Disagreeing does not require demeaning or hating someone. My friends and I l...

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