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Event supports community

Editor, The Ronan Woman’s Club would like to invite you (everyone) to participate in our yearly craft fair to be held Saturday, March 9, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Anyone interested in having a booth, please contact Connie or Caitlin Romero at 406- 676-0588. We look forward to another successful event. Event proceeds will support college scholarships, Girls’ State, Ronan Bread Basket, SAFE Harbor, as well as other organizations that support women, children and families. Bring friends, your wallets and your appetite for a delightful meal of Indian tacos and soup fit for royalty. Items to be found include hand crafted quilts, crocheted items, afghans, jewelry, jams, paintings...

English discrepancies English discrepancies

The English language is a formidable beast, even for those of us who learned it as our first language. Language is all about meaning – communication. And sometimes context and inflection can completely change the meaning of a word or phrase. Add to this the overall goofiness of English. Why is it that ...

Winter Fiesta helps fund soup kitchen

Editor, Here’s an evening to put on your calendar: Saturday, Feb. 23, starting at 5 p.m. at the Polson Elks Club the annual Winter Fiesta celebrating JourneyBe’s Soup’s On & Family Table. This benefit acknowledges the 89,000 meals already served and its continuation. Every year wh...

Considering origins of moral law

Editor, The discussion regarding the concept of “worldviews” in recent letters is interesting; an important one for sure in this age of moral relativism where historically understood “self-evident truths” are rejected and even mocked. Ideas have consequences and worldview presuppos...

When life gives you fabric softener When life gives you fabric softener

It was a go-to-the-store for laundry detergent and come home with fabric softener kind of day. But hey, everyone has bad days. Not one of us has a corner on that market. And bad days are in the eye of the beholder. I think about this when I’m having a bad day, but sometimes I don’t want to lis...

Mental health stigma needs changed

Editor, In today’s America, we worry about so many things that sometimes large, societal-level problems get pushed aside by the crisis of the day. The status of our mental healthcare system has been marginalized and ignored for far too long. As a society, we are stigmatizing people who suffer from m...

Reflecting on worldviews

Editor, Scott Kerr’s letter (2-6-19) spoke of “worldviews.” At least four themes deserve comment. First, Kerr comments regarding “man first” or “God first.” The implication is that in secular humanism “man wants to be God.” This is like saying that ant...

Time to get along

Editor, Among religious fanatics, it’s a common ploy to misquote and misrepresent non-believers and create fabrications to be disputed. When I was young, science-deniers of the day insisted man wasn’t descended from apes, when no scientist had made that claim. Scott Kerr’s recent letter ...

Worried water will get turned off

Editor, I wish, as a Jocko District irrigator, that I had responsible, forward-looking commissioners like the Flathead Irrigation District. Working ranchers and farmers in the Mission and Jocko Districts are in danger of not getting any irrigation water this growing season. The Flathead Indian Irrigati...

'I love to read month' celebrated at library

Just when we thought winter was over … oh well, what a great excuse to stay indoors with a book or movie that you checked out from the library. We are adding new books and movies every week, so there is always something great to pick up. Don’t see what you are looking for on the shelves? Place s...

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