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Sharing the rest of the story

Editor, In a recent obituary column for Tom Needham, there is a paragraph about Tom doing a memorial service for his brother Robert at the Ronan Cemetery 72 years after his brother’s death. Unfortunately a key part of the story was omitted and the “closure” mentioned would not have been possible without what I am about to share. Paul Harvey might say, “Here is the rest of the story.” Actually, it is the beginning of the story. In Tom’s involvement over 20 years with the Miracle of America Museum, he donated items, which we put on immediate public display. His sister, Rachel, would always include a visit to the MOAM when she made her annual trek back...

Giving thanks for the concert

Editor, The Big Arm community was treated to a wonderful Christmas concert by the Polson High School Choir under the direction of Kaylee Schubert on Friday evening, Dec. 14. The “older generation” very much appreciated the “younger generation” giving up a Friday night to share thei...

Carpet stains Carpet stains

It was a simple spot on the carpet. Well, if we are being honest it was three spots on the carpet, but who’s counting? They weren’t the only spots you’d spot on my carpet – if you were looking – but they were in a public spot. Obvious to any visitor entering the living room. ...

A gift for all to celebrate

Editor, A gift has been presented to all the people of Montana. The gift is a simple solution. A solution that may, should it be the will of our heavenly Creator, lift the dark cloud of uncertainty that Montana has endured ever since the partial, one-of-three-party passage, of the Confederated Salish and ...

United community is powerful

Editor, “We the People, exercising our God-given unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; to form a more perfect union and come together as a united community, set forth this new, fair, equitable, and final resolution of the federal reserved water rights claims of the Unite...

DNRC support for Water Compact not appreciated

Editor, Predictably, the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation’s John Tubbs is in full mutual defense mode of the government’s non-negotiable, “negotiated” settlement (for the Montana-Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe’s Water Compact). We get it. The deep pock...

Evolution of the telephone Evolution of the telephone

When I was a kid, the telephone was important stuff. Like most families, we had one phone number. Can you imagine an entire family sharing one phone number? Yet we lived through it. When the phone rang, it was a mystery. No one had caller ID. You had to answer every call. It was usually a race because we ...

By Mike Murphy, John Youngberg and Jay Bodner

MONTANA – The success of Montana’s agriculture industry is dependent upon water and water right certainty. It is easily the single most important resource for people across Montana, which is why ratification of the negotiated Montana CSKT Water Compact is critical. Contrary to what compact opp...

Remembering human values

Editor, A wave of nostalgia swept over the nation as citizens observed the pomp and ceremony during funeral activities honoring our 41st President, George H. W. Bush. The motorcades, the honor guard, the arrival of Air Force One (4141), the music, the distinguished guests, the cabal of past presidents, th...

Respect shared for 41st President

Editor, I participated by TV in the memorial service at the Washington National Cathedral this past week. As I watched, listened and responded with a few tears of my own, I prayed the Lord would touch the heart of every person attending and everyone across this great country who was watching with a renewe...


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