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Heroes amongst us Heroes amongst us

You might find them wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. They can be dressed in Sunday’s best. Others are outfitted in a baseball cap and sports jersey. They may be in pajamas or in shorts and a wide-brimmed hat to ward off the sun. Some wear yesterday’s t-shirt paired with barely combed hair and weary eyes. Not all heroes wear capes. Some are too tired to put on their capes. Some may not remember where they put their capes. Some perhaps never even had a cape. Probably most never did, because not all heroes set out to be heroes. That hardly ever happens. The dictionary defines hero as someone who is daring, epic, noble, valiant, dauntless, a demi-god and a whole bunch of oth...

Tough love

Editor, What is tough love? The definition per is “affectionate concern expressed in a stern or unsentimental manner especially to promote responsible behavior.” Responsible behavior, isn’t that an admirable quality to promote? Tough love has been the cornerstone of m...

Food pantry grateful for support

Editor, On behalf of the Polson area Loaves and Fish food pantry, I’m thrilled to thank both the Greater Polson Community Foundation and the Lower Flathead Community Foundation for their generous support of our school backpack program. Their donations will cover about a third of our costs to provide...

Late Night TV Guy pays no heed to bedtimes Late Night TV Guy pays no heed to bedtimes

For the most part, my husband is a rational and logical human being. There is an orderly and predictable pattern to his days. He showers in the morning; brushes his teeth after meals. He rises early and goes to bed at a reasonable hour. He is a reasonable man – for the most part. On occasion, howeve...

Character matters

Editor, Does character count? Looking at our present legislative and executive branches of government, does character trump selfishness? Do members of our Republican House and Senate act out of high morality, unselfishness, and good character? Does our White House and various executive branch appointees a...

Dance support appreciated

Editor, Thank you for all your support of Cowboy Country and the Gold Dust Girls dance at the Elks. I want to express my appreciation to many of my friends (nine) for helping before, during and after the dance; to the Elks; Anderson Broadcasting Music Minute; for all who advertised for this event, eith...

Call for ‘special’ Flathead Irrigation District meeting

Editor, Over a year ago BIA announced that it would increase required irrigator O&M fee payments next year by $4.50 to $33.50 per acre. Although there are good reasons to have actively challenged the magnitude of that increase, the now defunct FJBC and its three continuing irrigation districts did lit...

Facts about the numbers

Editor, Mission and Jocko Irrigation Districts passed a resolution for operation and maintenance costs for the 2019 irrigation season to remain at $29 per acre. We refused the $4.50 increase. The Flathead District has not made a final decision. Here’s reasons for this decision. 1. In 2017, a $3 i...

Get to know candidate, positions

Editor, Sometimes something just “hits one the wrong way.” Catherine Vandemoer’s letter in the Aug. 8 issue of the Valley Journal hit me the wrong way. By Ms. Vandermoer’s reasoning, no one is able to represent all the people of Lake County if he – or she – happens to b...

Razzle-dazzle berries Razzle-dazzle berries

You never know the lessons you might learn from something as small and unassuming as a raspberry. The plants were a gift from a friend. A few clumps of leafy twigs, roots and the attached soil. You could hardly tell if they were alive, but I had faith in those little brown and green clumps. I plopped them...


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