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Irrigation petition available

Editor, A petition is available for your signature. This petition is requesting a vote to form the two districts as a “Joint Operation.” The two districts would be the Jocko Irrigation District and the Mission Irrigation District. This petition is a simple request asking for a vote by all irrigators. With joint operations, the districts would save money on expenses. As usual, opposition rears its ugly head. To deny voters the right to sign the petition requesting a vote actually denies all irrigators the right to vote. For information, call me at 745-4250 or 745-4451. Sheila Vallejo St. Ignatius

McDonald best choice for commissioner

Editor, On Nov. 6, we (Caitlin Shelman and Seth Rigles) will be voting for Caroline McDonald for Lake County commissioner for two main reasons. First and foremost, Gale Decker worked to repeal the innovative density map developed by county commissioners in 2003. This common sense density map helped preser...

Decker plays victim, vote for McDonald

Editor, In looking at web page, I was kind of taken aback. I was shocked to see that Gale Decker was looking to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes for the shortcomings of Lake County. As citizens, we will not always see things eye-to-eye, and we will always have difference...

Vote for Susan Evans

Editor, To really know her is to more fully appreciate this fourth generation Montanan. A rich family background of military service, having lived twice in Germany plus eight US states, in her own words, “has given me a larger perspective of the world and the country we live in.” I am speak...

Water quality gets high marks

Editor It was a wonderfully clean summer for Flathead Lake swimming areas in Polson and on the Flathead Indian Reservation. Thanks to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe’s Natural Resource Department, Alpine Landscape Design, Glenn Malloy of UBS and the Greater Polson Community Foundation ...

Commissioner race is critical

Editor, This year’s Lake County Commissioner’s race is the most critical that voters have faced in decades as the Salish Kootenai Tribe is trying to take control of the Lake County Commissioner’s office. When the Tribe removed their hydroelectric dam from the tax rolls, the commissioners...

Bear Don't Walk best candidate for HD 93

Editor, I am writing this letter in support of Eldena Bear Don’t Walk, candidate for District 93. I have known this young lady her entire life, and I know how hard working, dependable and caring she is. She also supports the community and has always been there to support tribal people during cultura...

Vote person, not party

Editor, Like many of my friends, I was raised a Montana Republican. I believe that I still hold most of the values of my youth and of a Montanan. Unfortunately, the Republican party of today does not. The Republican party of my youth would never have condoned and celebrated the behavior of a President who...

Kathleen Williams is best choice

Editor, I have now attended three public events at which Kathleen Williams was the featured speaker. She enthusiastically and openly meets with Montanans to discuss problems that affect us all, while her opponent, Greg Gianforte, is seldom seen by the general public. Big money is what he pays attention to...

Support Judge Christopher

Editor, With the election coming up in a couple of weeks, I agree with Tiara Christopher Knowles that Kim Christopher is the best candidate for District Court judge for both Lake and Sanders Counties. The citizens of Lake and Sanders Counties need a judge who has the experience of working with the whole c...


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