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Immigration policy needed

Editor, This country desperately needs an immigration policy that is comprehensive, compassionate and fair. We must make clear to the rest of the world what this policy is and police our borders appropriately – hopefully without seriously impacting the lives of our own citizens on the border and preserving the unique and delicate habitat along the Rio Grande. We also need to address the factors that led to such widespread migration because many are related to our country’s policies in Central America. None of this requires a wall. The wall, like sending our troops to the border just before the election, is a transparent political gimmick. The use of such gimmicks is dam...

Habitat Montana builds public lands legacy

All Montanans benefit from public lands. We all know it, whether we’re a hunter, hiker or rancher who depends on those lands for grazing. Public lands – both our federal National Forest, Bureau of Land Management and other agency lands, and our state lands – are essential to Montana. They s...

Vote rule should end Vote rule should end

One of us is a Democrat; the other is a Republican. We each served more than a quarter of a century in the Montana Legislature, mostly at the same time. We also held positions of top leadership in both the Senate and House of Representatives. We have been serious rivals, but always friends; now we are seriou...

Hanging new calendars

Editor, An email from a friend ended with this sentence: “I hope this country learned a lesson.” This was in reference to a PBS report about the terrible treatment of dissenters in Montana who opposed America entering WWI. How does a country learn a lesson? What is involved in a full countr...

'Friday Night at the Library' starts in January

What a year! It is hard to believe that my first year as library director has already flown by. I am very proud of the accomplishments the library staff achieved in 2018 and am very excited about what we have planned for 2019. I am lucky to work with such amazing, enthusiastic people. December was a very ...

Research is necessary

Editor, I have read the People’s Compact, available online. It is mostly an easy read and certainly very thorough. Most people would agree that having a compact is better than no compact. I support a good compact. Support is necessary, and like any good idea, it must be shared. The action necessary ...

The upside of snoring The upside of snoring

In our culture we don’t usually brag about snoring. It isn’t a skill we covet. It isn’t seen as a skill at all, but an embarrassing behavior beyond our control. Sort of like stinky feet or public flatulence. I’m here today to suggest we come out from under the covers and embrace th...

Source of authority questioned

Editor, For those of us who believe the Bible is the Word of God and the Source of Truth, it is significant that it says all legitimate authority is from God. (Romans 13:1, Matt. 28:18) This is logical. For God to be God, He must be Sovereign, having no authority over Himself. Any claim of authority as au...

Compact violates Constitution

Editor, The proposed Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes’ Water Compact (S. 262 bloated up in Tester’s Senate Bill 3013) violates the U.S. Constitution, Montana State Constitution and CSKT Tribal Constitution. Citizens should just shut up. The state donates $55 million and its state-own...

Healthcare problem has a solution

Editor, Dr. Michael Boharski recently wrote about the exorbitant cost of healthcare here in our valley and our country. A “Medicare for All” plan would alleviate this problem by guaranteeing that all Montanans receive the high-quality healthcare they need regardless of their economic and socia...

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