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Positive influence stronger than political division

Editor, A couple of weeks ago, I composed a letter on my thoughts about how the majority of “We the People” are not swayed nor held hostage to so many of the political rants, raves and divisive decisions being made in America today. I believe that regardless of all the grand talk and all the negativity affecting our politics, infrastructure, economy and our world order that for each of us everything comes down to being personal. Human nature is a complicated thing. Each of us is a complicated being. How we think, speak and act is dependent upon how we each choose to respond to the many outer influences in our lives. My sincere belief is that each of us poss...

Explore space with summer reading program Explore space with summer reading program

It’s June and it’s time for the annual Summer Reading Program to begin. Registration begins at 10 a.m. on Monday, June 17, in the library and on our website, and runs through August. The program is open to all ages, and you are not required to have a library card to participate. We have tons of a...

Views on political states of mind

Editor, “We the People” are not to be swayed nor influenced by the loud and relentless voices from both the Executive and Legislative branches of government. These folks are being covered by the media 24/7. “We the People” have already demonstrated not being swayed nor influence...

Kindness is stronger than hate

Editor, Kindness creates connections. Connections build community. Kudos to Lake County Connect for sponsoring a gathering recently for people seeking both. It was held in the lovely Bickford Building in downtown Polson. The hosts were warm and welcoming, the atmosphere congenial and the unexpected meal a...

Protect our forests

I signed an executive order forming the Montana Forest Action Advisory Council, a statewide collaborative group charged with updating the Montana Forest Action Plan. We can and we must work together for the well being of our forests and to reduce wildland fire risk. I’m confident that through this c...

Subscriptions, encouragement appreciated Subscriptions, encouragement appreciated

After sending our newspaper to press last week, we anxiously awaited community response to the news of the shift in our business model. Though continuing to be a free newspaper was no longer an option for us, we understood that moving from free to paid isn’t an especially popular idea. We spoke with...

Expressing concern for local government

Editor, I attended Polson’s city commissioners meeting to hear of their progress toward finding a new city manager: the form of government the public voted for, instead of mayor-council leadership. Since that election, the city commissioners have found it necessary to hire and fire two city managers...

Thanks for the memories

Editor, What a tribute to a “Life Well Lived” with our family, friends and neighbors attending the memorial for Larry Gleason. Thanks to Faith Lutheran church, Mission Valley Back Country Horsemen and Ronan Woman’s Club for all the help and food. God bless. The Gleasons (Alice, Gen...

No magic needed for ethics, caring

Editor, Mr. Onsager’s accounting (5/15/19) of the number of Christians in Colonial days is reminiscent of counting the number of angels who can dance on the head of a pin – lots. One omission is that this leaves out who else was dancing. A second is that having a religious title does not guara...

Beautification Committee asks for suggestions

Editor, Two years ago, the Polson Beautification Committee was discussing potential new projects. It was decided that more flowers on the island at the intersection of Highways 35 and 93 would be a colorful welcome for visitors and community members driving by. Last year, with community donations and l...

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