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Public invited to hearing Public invited to hearing

Week three in the legislature, we are officially ahead in the number of bills introduced from this time last session. It is imperative that we move forward with essential funding bills so we can quickly fund the programs that rely on us. The school funding bill we were able to pass out of committee last week was one example, and this week we were able to introduce the state employee pay plan. This session, Republican Representative Julie Dooling, R-HD70, presented a bill to increase state employee pay to the House Appropriations committee. Every session this bill is negotiated, and if the budget allows, our Montana state employees are able to get a raise. In a year where the current budg...

Flathead Irrigation District works for producers

The Flathead Irrigation District paid the accessed rate of $33.50. It is a legal obligation to the BIA for delivery of irrigation water. That decision was made after irrigator’s comments: pay now or pay later. And the project operator’s statement at the annual meeting, “If you don’t p...

Food pantry supporters counted as heroes

Editor, Who’s a hero? Not me. I’m just a regular person; so was Sully Sullenberger until Jan. 15, 2009. Maybe a hero is a regular person who sees a need and does something. That would make a lot of people in our valley heroes because the Polson Loaves and Fish food pantry met the 2018 Town Pum...

BIA isn’t the only one with issues

Editor, I think many of us would agree with some of Mission District Commissioner Tim Orr’s criticisms of the Bureau of Indian Affair’s costly bureaucratic procedures (Valley Journal, 1/23/19). But I wonder what it would be like to brief a Secretary of Interior or Senator on the refusal of the...

Parenting program supports caregivers, kids

LAKE COUNTY – Parenting can be difficult. All parents at one time or another feel lost about how to fulfill their child’s needs. It can be intimidating to ask for help sometimes, especially when we don’t know where to turn to for help or what to expect. The good news is that help is out the...

People need to think

Editor, Our president, Donald J. Trump, is constantly, through his words and actions, giving voice to America and the world to some of the worst of human values, characteristics and behaviors. This is not just about Trump. We each have the inner capacity to think, speak and act from fear, anger and att...

People need to adapt to a changing world

Editor, In his letter (1-2-19), Scott Kerr stated ideas regarding governments that deserve examination. First, he states that laws/ governments are born from divine/supernatural causes. This concept can easily be shown to be flawed and is rapidly declining as humans advance in understandings. Second, h...

Disagreement with water meeting claims

Editor, I attended an informational meeting a few weeks ago on the “People’s Compact.” There were five Kalispell legislators there to tell their story on why they didn’t like the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes’ compact that is now Montana law. If what they said that ...

CSKT’s environmental work appreciated

Editor, I would like to say a big “thank you” to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe for the protective actions taken when it comes to our environment here in the Mission Valley. I recognize that I am privileged to live in this valley and am glad there are protections at a time when pro...

Education about electricity might have saved lives Education about electricity might have saved lives

Mission Valley Power likes to give back to and educate our local communities, schools and public service agencies as much as possible. On Dec. 28th and 29th of 2018, Brent Burland with the Mission Valley Power engineering department and local volunteer firefighter put on an electrical safety information and ...

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