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The future is what we make it

Editor, Trump is not the problem. America is not ruled by a king who can do what he wants when he wants and hand pick or dispose of his henchmen according to his mood. Well, maybe I am wrong. The checks and balances system in our government was set up to prevent such an occurrence by one in power but our forefathers lacked the insight to see what our political landscape would become. Watching Daines standing behind the other Republican leaders who assembled in Russia as flower girls for the upcoming Trump visit makes the history lessons I have lived through and the witnessed actions of past presidents, Republican or Democrat, fade. But again it is not Trump’s fault. Nor is...

Improvements from recently approved road levy will be seen next summer

The Lake County commissioners and Road Supervisor Jay Garrick would like to thank voters for overwhelmingly approving the road rehabilitation levy that was on the primary election ballot. The funds generated by the levy will be put to good use and residents will see improvements to some of most highly travel...

Trashing the trash: let’s be responsible

Editor, Sometimes the government operates and runs things that rub me raw. But then again sometimes they do things that needs to be commended – like the public library and container sites. In the '70s we lived in the Swan Valley and had to haul our garbage to Missoula. It was sometimes a smelly s...

United we stand

Editor, We have lots to celebrate here, I thought, scanning the plethora of people enjoying Polson’s Fourth of July parade. The atmosphere was upbeat, vibrant and enthusiastic. Friendly smiles, good will and an optimistic spirit tell the story of who we are as Americans. On our nation’s bir...

Montana’s energy future: positive action plan or doomsday report Montana’s energy future: positive action plan or doomsday report

Recently, two reports have been released that tell very different stories about Montana’s energy future. One is optimistic, solutions oriented, and comes after a broad collaborative effort. The other was sponsored by industry and is unnecessarily pessimistic. The first spells out Montana’s ext...

Rosendale smear campaign undeserved

Editor, I wish to comment on the vicious campaign against Matt Rosendale, Republican candidate for senator, which is being viewed and broadcast on both TV and radio stations respectively. It is done in the same pattern which smeared Admiral Ronny Jackson by Jon Tester and as previously viewed it is certai...

Let’s change the conversation about wildfire

Nature is one of Montana’s greatest treasures, and wildfire occurs each summer only because we’re so fortunate to live amid millions of acres of unspoiled forests and prairies. Although wildfire plays a natural role in ecology, there’s no doubt it can also be devastating to our health, safe...

Mining corporations should be responsible for cleanup

Editor, Here’s a question for Montanans: Do you think it’s acceptable for corporations to leave their hard rock mining sites in a state that requires perpetual treatment for the pollution they’ve created? “Perpetual.” That’s a long time. Who ultimately pays for that per...

Response, help deeply appreciated

Editor, The family of Alicia Lela Whitman would like to thank the tribal officers on scene, Lake County coroner and Ronan ambulance for their response and the Mission Valley Animal Shelter for taking our grandma’s dog “Chubs” and lending us a carrier to catch the cats. Also a huge tha...

Ninepipes Museum support appreciated

Editor, The support of our community friends, neighbors and businesses is greatly appreciated. Recently, Stuart Morton helped the Ninepipes Museum in a fundraising “Round Up” campaign at his NAPA and Cenex locations in St. Ignatius. The museum thanks Stuart and his patrons for their generosity...

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