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Is there life beyond plastic?

Plastic! Yeah, it’s everywhere ... not just in grocery store aisles and department stores and every other commercial outlet you can think of, not to mention your own cupboards and closets and trashcans, but on the grass and on the sidewalks, in the landfills, in the lakes and rivers, in the oceans. And it doesn’t go away. Ever. You know, it doesn’t biodegrade. And the vast majority of all plastic made up to now, will likely not be recycled, Zoë Schlanger writes at Quartz. And it will exist virtually forever, crumbling into microplastics that show up most everywhere scientists look for them. That would include, according to the Center for Biological Diversity, th...

Grant award appreciation shared

Editor, On behalf of the teachers and families of special needs preschoolers here in Polson, a big “thank you” to the Greater Polson Community Foundation for their recent grant. This foundation continues to annually assist so many local organizations and non-profits in the community. Specifica...

Forging a path toward a more perfect union

These are tumultuous and troubling times. Many of us are struggling to keep peace and hope alive in our hearts and minds. Even though our small valley has not experienced the extremes of the pandemic, severe natural disasters or violent riots, we are all affected by what’s happening in the rest of the ...

Parents are more than just spectators

I have actively listened to parents from around the state as school sports are kicking off. I have heard that some parents are being banned from their children’s school-sponsored activities along with other spectators. As a mother, grandmother, and educator, I know that parents are more than just spect...

Pavlock will serve all citizens

Editor, We are fortunate to have Lisa Pavlock running for House District 93 in Montana’s House of Representatives. Pavlock brings many skills to the position including that of an educator, soccer coach, small business owner and mother of a teenage girl. Her mother was a life-long nurse who instilled...

Williams’ agenda endangers us all

Editor, Democratic leadership has meant the nation burns. Nationally, radical groups have initiated violent actions to achieve political goals, and an effort to defund the police has accompanied anarchy. In Kathleen Williams, we see but another Democrat opportunist seeking to pour gasoline on the flames &...

Support shared for Browning, HD 12

Editor, Gerry Browning is running for the office of Representative of House District 12 in the upcoming election. I got to know Browning as a small business owner of Vine and Tap in Polson. Walking in the door, I often heard her peals of laughter and warm greetings.  Browning has been involved in ...

Trumps has done so much

 Editor,   I am stunned by the lack of respect and knowledge that some are writing about our esteemed president. Firstly, the day after Donald J. Trump was elected the stock market went up, unprecedented in my voting lifetime. He brought back manufacturing jobs to America. Trump referenced...

Homegrown newspaper transitions to working remotely

2020 has been a year of drastic change, and like everyone else, your homegrown newspaper is adapting to new pandemic realities. Come Oct. 1, Valley Journal staff will be working entirely remotely.  Yes, we’re closing our office. No, we’re not closing the newspaper. Our business phone numb...

Biden climate plan benefits agriculture, consumers alike

Many do not realize that reliable green electrons are now up to 4½ cents a kilowatt hour (kWh) cheaper than fossil fuel generated electricity in most places; that LA’s municipal utility buys solar power with battery backup at 2.9 cents/kWh. This disconnect is why Vice-President Pence was mislead...

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