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Events get canceled

Editor, Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation with its many restrictions and the serious economical impact that many of our sponsors in the business community have experienced, Polson Fairgrounds Inc. Board of Directors canceled our 30th annual fundraising event, “Cowboy Ball.” The event was scheduled in April.  The Mission Mountain Rodeo is also canceled. It was scheduled for June 26 and 27. The health and well being of our community members, volunteers, rodeo personnel, contestants and their families and rodeo fans is of utmost importance to PFI during these uncertain times.   As this whole situation plays out, we extend our sincere thanks for you...

Police reform could include mental health services

Editor,        The term “police defunding” is a clever term to get the country’s attention. What it really means is the wisdom and necessity for looking squarely at “police reform.”  Take the issue of mental health for example. When a 911 call comes i...

An open challenge to Senator Steve Daines

Editor, As a resident of Montana and in particular, Lake County, I challenge you (Steve Daines) to come and visit with the residents and county commissioners prior to the upcoming election.  We’ve noticed your Congressional voting over the past three Congressional sessions has significantly ...

Slices of Life

Bald eagles are majestic creatures with wingspans to match (six-to-eight-feet). They are the national bird of the United States. Bald eagles used to be in short supply. In the late 20th century, they were on the brink of extinction in the contiguous United States. Populations recovered and the bald eagle was...

Election Office saluted for job well done

Editor, The Lake County Elections Office and their team of judges deserve our thanks for doing a difficult job. Here in Lake County, we can have full confidence in the integrity of our elections.     As has been my past experience, the Elections Office, under Katie Harding, once again did an ...

United States leader lost principles

Editor, Being inspired by Ted Koppel in his interview on “CBS Sunday Morning” on June 7, I took notes. I think these notes reflect things we should each reflect upon and be encouraged to publically share over and over.  President Donald Trump has changed the image of America. Over the ...

Slices of Life

I’m experiencing parenthood all over again – through my daughter. To be honest, it’s easier watching it than actually living it. For sure there’s less sleep deprivation and wet, sticky kisses. But seeing her go through all the things I did has given me various perspectives that I don&...

Sharing hope in the future

Editor, The upcoming election will be most interesting. Neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump is very popular with the younger people in the USA. But these young people are our hope for the future. Young people are not known as avid voters. Hopefully, a majority of these intelligent young people will vote th...

Slices of Life

We are all staying home as much as possible. Wearing our masks. Doing our own due diligence, because, gosh darn, it’s the right thing to do. Quarantine has become a way of life, and for one very specific, very important reason: coronavirus. We are focused on COVID-19. It is the enemy. It is my enemy...

View from the Library

The library is open for holds pick-up, materials checkout, materials return, and quick browsing. Two public computers are available for use on a first-come first-served basis. Please limit your visit to no more than 30 minutes.  There is no seating available except at a computer. Curbside pickup is stil...

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