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More appointees would politicize departments

Editor,  Does a professional, independent bureaucracy lead to better governance? The answer is “yes,” compared to the alternative political patronage as a source of corruption, waste and the dominance of special interests. Montana has a Civil Service System based upon competitive, merit-based recruitment and protections from political pressure. This system works, but our Legislature wants to change it. House Bill 588 proposes to do away with Montana’s merit-based system by giving the Governor the authority to change 10 percent of every department’s positions from civil service to political appointees; for example, the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Pa...

Americans want reasonable restrictions

Editor,  Why do we have government? Why do some of us go to the polls every few years and fill out our ballots? You might think it was to elect people who would represent not only us but what’s best for us.  Yet, it seems that the special interests have sabotaged that process and, in on...

Voting barriers need eliminated

Editor,  The people have spoken. These are the important words we hope to hear at the end of every election cycle. And, up until now, we have been able to trust these words to be true, since there has never been voter fraud in Montana.  Throughout our voter history in the United States, there...

Governor didn’t follow individual responsibility

Editor,  Governor Gianforte has framed his COVID-19 response on his faith in Montanans to demonstrate “individual responsibility,” however, his most recent example of not being personally responsible after failing to take the required wolf training course before trapping and shooting a wo...

Apology is needed

Editor,  I believe the person responsible for the disgusting anti-Biden float in this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in Ronan owes the float committee, the other float participants, the Irish American community (tribal and non-tribal) and the community at large — especially the par...

Conservative principles seem lost with new bills

Editor,  In our nation’s long debate about how strong the federal government should be and how much power should rest with state and local governments, Republicans have been fierce for local control. Why then are we seeing a rash of bills from the Montana State Legislature that violate this ...

Social services need more revenue

Editor,  Hey Montanans! Our state is receiving an almost $3 billion windfall from the American Rescue Plan Act. Some is designated to be spent on Kindergarten through 12th grade education, emergency rental help, pandemic unemployment benefits, COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, and budget relief f...

Slices of Life

A few months ago I was attacked by something so powerful I didn’t know if I’d survive. My husband of 33 years died much too soon, much too young. I was left here, alone. The lone survivor, except this was no reality show. It was the real deal. And it sucked. Still does. I was left in the throe...

Derogatory float problem recognized

Editor, Wednesday, March 17 started out a bright, beautiful day. I think maybe the third time since St. Patty’s Day parades started that it was nice in Ronan. Then at the end of the parade loomed a dark and disgusting cloud. The derogatory float that contained the F word was not right.  We a...

Parade turned ugly

Editor, Attending Ronan’s St. Patrick Day parade has been a tradition we look forward to. This year was no different. It was a beautiful day for the parade. We were enjoying ourselves until Benjamin Montgomery Services and Mr. Emporium drove their business vehicle in the parade with a horrible sign ...

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