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Consider how dictators come to power

Editor, Why do we need to impeach the president? So we do not become a dictatorship. “A dictatorship is a type of government in which a single person or party has absolute power. This means that the ruler or party has complete control and the rights of the people are suppressed.”  If we allow our country to become a dictatorship, we lose every protection for the people. All government policy is at the whim of the dictator: who lives and who dies, who gets healthcare, who has a job, even who gets to eat, who you can talk to, what you can read, who can run a business. People can’t simply cover their eyes and ears, so that they hear no evil and see no evil. We m...

Lake County fighting for existence

I am respectfully writing this letter in response to Chairwoman Fyant’s message in the Char-Koosta News article January 29, 2020. There have been few Lake County Commissioners that have more respect for or been more supportive of the CSKT people than I. The disagreements over our varying interpretat...

Appreciation for film festival

Editor, Bravo and hats off to all the energetic people who worked on the FLIC film festival, which ran in Polson recently. All those efforts resulted in a wonderful cultural gift to our community. I was able to catch three intriguing films over the weekend. “Beyond Dreams” told the story of...

Montana sovereignty threatened

Editor, The Montana Water Rights Protection Act was recently introduced to the U.S. Senate as an “amendment” and “fix” to the flawed 2015 Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes’ Water Compact.  Senator Dr. Al Olszewski, of Kalispell, who is running for Montana State ...

Fact-based knowledge helps

Editor, I have been following letters and articles regarding the water compact. Much of the divisiveness on this issue appears to be based on lack of knowledge. Someone famous (I cannot remember who) said something like, “Knowledge is the cure for ignorance.” I am not so concerned if people ar...

Damage claim report should be shared with Lake County

In anticipation of a Settlement Act that would implement the Montana Water Rights Compact, the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes began doing their homework several years ago to come up with a settlement dollar amount that would satisfy the damage claims inflicted on the Flathead Reservation by the Flat...

People need to wake up

Editor,  Our media, in its frenzy to put out news 24/7, has fallen into a habit of reporting personal interviews and panel discussions endlessly. These interviews and panel discussions are so relentless that “We The People,” who are watching, listening and absorbing all this, are also bei...

Daines-Tester bill deserves support

Editor,  The Jan. 22 Valley Journal included a story entitled “Olszewski and Republican cohort ask Daines to withdraw CSKT compact bill.” The bill in question was introduced in December by senators Daines and Tester to “finalize a long-negotiated water compact between Montana, the f...

Montana Water Protection Act is a bad bill

Senators Daines and Tester are co-sponsoring draft legislation in the US Senate entitled the “Montana Water Rights Protection Act” ostensibly to approve the Flathead Irrigation Water Compact Agreement approved by the Montana Legislature. However, the bill goes far beyond this agreement.  ...

Vote no for the jail

Editor,  Fifty million dollars is a lot of money. Lake county taxpayers are being asked to levy a tax for a new jail. Less than 50 percent of the occupants are Lake County residents. We would have plenty of capacity if we did not have tribal members in the jail. There are two simple solutions to t...

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