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Arlee students celebrate homecoming with parade

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ARLEE – Students at the Arlee School District pushed school spirit to a new level this year during homecoming week by having a parade. It was hard for folks to remember the last time there was a homecoming parade - some estimated about 25 years.

“Our school is amazing and we wanted to be more spirited,” said high school junior Isaac Desjarlais. 

As a football player, Isaac rode on one of the three floats during Friday’s parade with his team and the cross country team. Freshman Rory Bird played a trombone with the school band from the first float.

“We celebrate homecoming as part of a long tradition at this school,” Rory said. “If you don’t have hometown pride or school pride what is there? It inspires you to do well in school and represent the school in a good way.”  

The volleyball team rode on the third float with balloons and stuffed tigers.

“We are taming the tigers,” junior Becca Whitesell said of their homecoming volleyball game. “I hope we have another parade next year.”

Junior high school secretary Melinda Pablo followed the parade route driving a riding lawnmower pulling a wagon with three children.

“These are future Warriors and Scarlets,” she said of Hazel Pablo, 4, Morgan Pablo, 6, and Aaron Pablo, 5. A Graduation Matters sign was on the side of the wagon. “We started the program earlier this year and we want people to know we are a Graduation Matters school.” 

During the week, students dressed up to show school spirit including a day of super heroes and hall decorating. The town got into the spirit by painting windows with red and white designs. 

Katelyn Revis, Parker Holz, Amelia North, Chance No Runner Brazill, Alex Adams and PJ Haynes were voted in by students as the homecoming royalty. Violet Pablo was crowned queen. Riley Rogers was voted king.  

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