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Bike racks coming to Ronan Library

RONAN — Bicycle racks will be installed outside the Ronan Library in order to counteract a wave of thefts that has occurred in the past month. 

Ronan City Council on Oct. 6 gave Public Works Director Dan Miller permission to work with the library so bike racks can be installed outside of the establishment. 

“In the last month we have been having the kids bring their bicycles inside the library to prevent theft,” Librarian Michelle Fenger told the Ronan City Council as she presented them with photos of 10 bicycles piled next to the library stacks. “Obviously we do not have enough space to have the bicycles inside the library and continue to have a safe environment.” 

Fenger said one theft happened right under her nose, as one child took a bicycle from the pile that did not belong to them. 

“We thought bringing them inside would deter the theft, but it didn’t,” Fenger said. “ ... It is really hard for us to keep track of whose bicycle is whose because they come and go so much.” 

Miller said he didn’t think the racks would be a problem. 

“I think we can put them right next to the curb,” Miller said. “The only thing we did talk about is making sure you can fasten them down and then be able to remove them for winter for snow plowing.” 

City Councilman Cal Hardy said he understands the problem of bike theft. 

“I bring mine inside (town hall),” Hardy said. 

Fenger said the library plans to write a grant to help pay for the racks and bike locks that people will be able to check out. 

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