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Town of Circle is Black Mountain Software’s 300th Montana Client

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To the sales team, it was a casual observation, but the marketing team saw it as the impetus for celebration: Montana-based Black Mountain Software recently sold its fund accounting and utility billing software to its 300th Montana client. That client happened to be the Town of Circle, and Black Mountain formally recognized the milestone by making a donation to the town’s annual Town and Country Day celebration.

Teresa Van Buren, Sales Manager at Black Mountain Software, said “When Circle purchased our municipal accounting and utility billing software, we noticed that it brought our total number of clients in Montana to 300. We eventually realized it was a pretty nice achievement and we should do something extra to celebrate our accomplishment and to thank Circle for their purchase.”

Black Mountain Software has 550 clients in 24 US states, but the company claims it’s not just its headquarters that are in Montana, it’s also its heart - and that’s why the milestone sale to Circle was special. “Our products help municipalities, counties, schools, and special districts more effectively and efficiently handle their budgeting, accounting, payroll, and utility billing processes. Because we are a Montana company that employs nearly 50 Montana workers, we just naturally are particularly happy about organizations in our state switching to Black Mountain Software,” explained Darlis Smith, Black Mountain’s Director of Marketing.

Smith worked with Kelsey Kasten, Circle’s Town Clerk, and Emily Guldborg, Treasurer of the Circle Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, to determine that contributing $300 toward Circle’s annual Town & Country Day event was the perfect way for Black Mountain Software to recognize their 300th Montana client milestone. “Town & Country Day was a great success again this fall,” commented Guldborg, “and we really appreciated the donation from Black Mountain Software to use for this community-wide celebration.”

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