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Ronan City Council discusses water projects

RONAN — Water was a hot topic at the Ronan City Council Meeting on Monday. 

Wastewater project manager Shari Johnson met with city council to give an update on the Spring Creek Lift Station Project. 

In order to improve the Spring Creek Lift Station, the city embarked on a project to replace failing and outdated pumps at the lift station in September. The project was delayed until February due to a problem with the manufacturing of the pumps and a stipulation in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant. 

Johnson discussed four changes that needed to be implemented in the project. The changes include: $16,000 for better pumps; funds for complications during the winter construction; an impermeable epoxy liner for inside the wet well to add longevity; and a back-up pump in case of power failure or system overload.

The project is being funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act and administered through the State Revolving Fund. The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation is also helping fund the project. The total cost of the upgrade is $394,800.

The council unanimously agreed to authorize the changes in the project and to pay Patterson Enterprises, project manager Shari Johnson and Thomas Dean and Hoskins Inc. Engineering Consultants.

Johnson also updated the council on the Water Project. In 2008, the city finished an engineering report that explored what needed to be done to update Ronan’s water system. They submitted the report to agencies for funding and received grant money from the Treasure State Endowment Program and the DNRC for a total of $850,000. Rural Development also agreed to support the project, but has not designated an exact amount to the project yet. 

Johnson estimates that the project will cost the city $5 million and will include an upgrade to surface water treatment, a new water storage tank, a new booster station, and a new well outside of town.

The project is designed to meet new Department of Environmental Quality water stipulations which take effect in 2013. 

Monday’s city council meeting followed a work meeting on Wednesday. Members of city council and department heads discussed ideas to make city council meetings more efficient and brainstormed ideas to earn revenue for the city. 

Ronan City council members also discussed zoning issues concerning the sale of medical marijuana. 

On Wednesday, the city council voted to ban the sale of medical marijuana within the city limits for 90 days until zoning for the sale of the substance can be established.

On Monday, the city council members decided to advertise for seven days in the local papers prior to the hearing for the zoning of medical marijuana.

Frank Delgado also addressed the council recommending Bill Bjarko to replace Julie Paul as the new Ronan City Library Board Member. The council unanimously voted to appoint Bjarko to the board. 

The council also moved to donate $100 from City Hall’s Budget to the Lake County Spay and Neuter Clinic. 

The council finally discussed new regulations on open container laws. Currently there is a $25 fee and a $100 clean-up deposit designated to an open container event. 

The discussion was tabled and will be addressed at the next meeting following a finance committee meeting

The next Ronan City Council meeting will be held on Monday, March 8.

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