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All Star game mixes it up

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Area athletes got the opportunity to showcase their talents against, and with, all schools in Lake County plus Bigfork, Hot Springs and Plains March 24 for the 20th annual Mission Mountain All Star basketball games.

It wasn’t just any baller, however; it was only those who made a lasting impression.

Ronan Boys Head Coach Steve Woll, who coached one of the girls All-Star teams, said that area coaches nominate four players from their team and place them on a ballot. Then the ballot is then sent back to the coaches, who can only vote for players from other teams. When all the votes are in, the most voted players get asked to play. 

“We try to split the teams up as evenly as possible,” Woll said. But by doing that, teammates end up playing against each other and rivals get put on the same team. “It is fun to watch the heckling and see the smiles,” he said.

The All Star games in Pablo were a last chance for top-seniors to step onto the court. Polson Pirate Peyton Lefthand scored nine points on the night, the last of his high school career. 

“It hasn’t hit me yet,” Lefthand said. “This was a good way to go out though … playing with some of the best.”

However, his younger sister Lauren Lefthand, who played in the Girls All-Star game, said this won’t be her brother’s last time shooting a basketball. 

“I want to make it back to this game next year, so I am going to have Peyton help me with my shooting all summer,” Lauren Lefthand said. “We enjoy shooting hoops together.”

Peyton Lefthand and teammate Julian Jones got the chance to have one last go-around during the All-Star game. The two played on separate teams and enjoyed some friendly banter on the hardwood. At one point during the game, Jones was standing outside the key looking to shoot the ball. 

“Let him shoot it,” Lefthand said. 

Jones took that as a chance to prove his All-Star opponent wrong. 

“I heard that,” Jones said as he shot the ball. Although he missed the shot, the two were laughing as they attempted to get the rebound. Later in the game, Jones redeemed himself with two dunks. 

Other players that have enjoyed playing basketball together are Charlo Lady Vikings Mikaylan Roylance and Cheyenne Nagy. The two have played on the same team for many years, but got the opportunity to face-off against each other during the All-Star game. 

“I enjoyed talking smack,” 

Nagy said. She did just that, when she hit a 3-pointer right in Roylance’s face and looked back with a smirk. Roylance said it wasn’t the first time Nagy has heckled her. Despite the friendly competition, the two pals knew it would be their last time stepping onto the court together, since this was Roylance’s senior season for the Lady Vikings. 

“I am really going to miss her next year,” Nagy said. 

The friends battled in the game that went back-and-forth the entire 40 minutes, but it was Team A that came away with the win. Ronan Maiden Lee Camel had an impressive night with six 3-pointers and ended the night with 24 points. Camel Led Team A to a 65-60 win over Team B. 

It was a similar story with the All-Star boys’ game. Both teams battled until Team A pulled away with the win at 

the end. Hot Springs Trevor Paro was the leading scorer with 14 points. However, Bigfork’s Adam Jordt, Two Eagle River’s Julian Cut Finger, and Polson’s Jones each had 13 points, combing for 39. Team A won the high-scoring 107-104 contest. 

Arlee Girls Head Coach Bill Stockton, who coached Team B for the boys’ All-Star game, was excited to just sit back and enjoy the competition. 

 “There is really not that much coaching that goes on in this game.” Stockton said. “It is pretty dang fun to watch some of the best athletes in the area all on one court.”


Girls Results

Team A 65, Team B 60

Team A 33 32 -65

Team B 37 23 -60

Team A - Points: Lee Camel 24, Mattie McAnally 15, Becca Whitesell 12,

Nichole Lake 4, Jordyn Clairmont 4, Carly Hergett 3, Mikaylan Roylance 2, Brenna Clarke 2, and Miranda Campbell 2. 3-pointers: Lee Camel 6, Whitesell 2, and Clairmont 1.

Team B - Points: Micalann McCrea 18, Cheyenne Nagy 10, Alyssia Vanderburg 8, Marlee Congdon 7, Leah Thompson 6, Alicia Camel 5, Lauren Lefthand 2, Morgan Malatare 2, and Tyra Michel 2. 3-pointers: McCrea 2 and Nagy 2.

Boys Results

Team A 107, Team B 103

Team A 48 59 -107

Team B 51 52 -103

Team A – Points: Trevor Paro 14, Adam Jordt 13, Julian Jones 13, Julian Cut Finger 13, Tyson Petticrew 9, Jackson Duffey 8, Joseph Potkonjak 8, Patrick Bigsam 8, Ryan Ovitt 7, Matthew Renvold 6, Zeke Misa 4, and Dugan Runkel 4. 3-pointers: Cut Finger 3, Petticrew 3, Duffey 2, Potkonjak 2, Paro 2, Jordt 1, Jones 1, and Ovitt 1.

Team B – Points: Jonathan Landon 17, George Gibson 16, Phillip Malatare 12, Sam Hoff 11, Alec Cole 11, Zach Osborne 10, Peyton Lefthand 9, Tyler Tanner 5, Tate Weingart 4, Aaron Misa 4, and Kasey Mock 4. 3-pointers: Cole 3, Landon 3, Osborne 2, Lefthand 1, and Hoff 1.

3-Point Contest Winners

Girls: Lee Camel - 9

Boys: Julian Cut Finger 13

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