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Sherwood not scheduled to present at kids’ club

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LAKE COUNTY – The director of the Boys and Girls Club of Lake County and the Flathead Indian Reservation, Aric Cooksley, spoke up to clarify an issue concerning a District Court case involving Donnovan Anthony Sherwood, 19.

During the case, Sherwood pled guilty for his role in the incident resulting in the death of Cassandra Harris, 24, who was found injured near McDonald Lake in June. She later died from her injuries. 

Sherwood pled guilty to obstructing justice and admitted to lying to authorities during the investigation. He was in court for sentencing on Nov. 29. In exchange for his testimony about what happened during the incident, his sentence was deferred for three years. The charge carries a maximum of ten years in prison. 

Judge Kim Christopher called Sherwood an important witness to the state in testifying against the others involved. She added the condition that Sherwood writes a report on the organ donor program to recognize the contribution Harris made after her death. Sherwood also needed to give a presentation twice a year to the Boys and Girls Club about what he learned from his experience.    

Cooksley said he received several phone calls from concerned parents wanting to know if Sherwood was going to be giving a presentation at the club.

“There is no plan to have Mr. Sherwood present to any of the Boys and Girls Clubs as a condition of his plea deal,” Cooksley said.

Cooksley said presentations need to have board approval and the issue involving Sherwood hadn’t been on the agenda. He called Christopher and said they talked about issue. “She told me she meant it to be an example of a place he might present,” Cooksley said. 

Cooksley also said the judge mentioned the club because people often give presentations to members concerning things like fire safety and emergency response tactics, but the board needs to approve of the event. He said the content of the presentation is also considered as to whether it’s appropriate for children or not.

“We are always in favor of someone making restitution and learning from their mistakes but we have to consider the kids first,” Cooksley said. 

Sherwood was arrested again Dec. 4 on strangulation charges. 

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