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White-tailed deer suspected positive of CWD in Libby

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News from FWP

MONTANA – An additional white-tailed deer in the Libby area is suspected to be positive for chronic wasting disease.  

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks collected a sample from the adult doe that appeared symptomatic and was euthanized in the center of town along 2nd Street. The Veterinary Diagnostic Lab at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, tested the sample and identified it to be suspected of CWD infection and will run a second test for confirmation.  

If confirmed, the new result marks the 11th detection of CWD out of 165 samples collected and submitted from the Libby area so far this year. Results are currently pending for 30 samples. The positive detections have all involved white-tailed deer.  If hunters are interested in having their harvested deer, elk or moose tested for CWD, this fall FWP will pay for sampling for hunters who collect their own samples and send them to the FWP lab in Bozeman. 

Prior to the general season, hunters can collect samples themselves and mail them to the FWP lab. Instructions and a video are available on the FWP website. Starting with the general season, hunters can still submit samples themselves or take the samples or a deer/elk/moose head to regional FWP offices for assistance. For more information, visit 


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