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What did you do during the power outage, what was it like?

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Editor's note: See related story about last week's power outage on page 13.)


Bill Houck, Polson, 10/11/19

“It was fine. I got a wood stove and Coleman lantern. I never worry about that. I don’t know, the power goes out every now and then in the winter, but it isn’t bad around here.”


Joe Arnold, Polson, 10/11/19

Well the situation was we were right in the middle of making cheese. The power quit and fortunately we had our solar mass on the building that collects heat. We used that heat to help finish off the work we were doing. Other than it getting really dark inside the plant we were still able to finish what we were doing. I saw a picture of the poor frog that got fried. I was impressed that he was able to take down an entire county, that is an accomplishment!”


LaVerna Thorgaard, Polson,10/11/19

“When the power went out, I was at work at McDonald’s. The power went out at 1, they sent me home by 1:30. I normally get off at 2. But then my husband works at Napa and they sent all those guys home too. So, everyone got to go home early. But that isn’t really a good thing because you don’t get money either.”

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