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St. Luke staff members receive COVID-19 vaccine

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News from St. Luke

LAKE COUNTY – St. Luke Community Healthcare recently received COVID-19 vaccines to protect healthcare workers and nursing home residents. Further information will be shared as the vaccine becomes available to the public. 

“We were able to administer the vaccine to 10 staff,” St. Luke officials said. 

The healthcare workers at St. Luke who received the COVID-19 shot shared their thoughts: Dr. Vizcarra said, “It’s normal to have some concerns about this vaccine, but I genuinely feel that the benefits far exceed the potential risks.”

Dr. Hovorka said: “I think it is important to get the vaccine because of those around me ... in the hospital, the ER, the clinic, my home and my community. This is a chance to start getting back to normal.”

Jill Pennington said: “I’ve been excited for this day. I would much rather have the vaccine than COVID.”

Lauren Velk, CRNA, said: “This is the beginning of the end of COVID. I’m very excited to see it’s here.”

Quincy Taylor said: “I want to show our community that this is safe and effective. As leaders in healthcare, we’re here today to show that.”

Greg Weller said: “As a manager at St. Luke and part of incident command, I’m here to show the safety of the vaccine and set the example that we should get it. I want to do my part to increase immunity in our community.”

Mary Velk, PA-C, said: “I have no hesitation. I’m excited to help lead the vaccine charge for our community.”

Casey Houk said: “I’m a bit nervous of course, but I want to protect my family. After seeing the effects of COVID first hand on the front lines, I don’t want that to happen to anyone. I’m doing this out of love for my patients and my family.”

Dr. Thorson said: “There are not a lot of preventive measures for COVID-19. I trust my colleagues in science and am going to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Steve Todd, CEO, said: “For those who have any doubts, my hope is to provide some reassurance. I have all the confidence that this vaccine is safe and effective.”



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