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Finley Point Grill plays host to a European style of music

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POLSON — A new type of entertainment has come to Lake County. The Finley Point Grill’s rave music parties will take place once per month throughout the summer.

Last weekend, the Ibiza Sound Club held their second summer performance at the grill. DJ Ismael Dueñas and his wife Leticia Iniguez are originally from Spain but have lived in Montana for several years. During a visit to the grill, they approached owner Dirk De Coninck about the possibility of performing music at the restaurant for the season. 

“They both came to the restaurant, and it was all spontaneous,” De Coninck explained. “They asked if they could play, if we were interested in a music night at the restaurant, and one thing led to another, and now they’re coming back.” 

Dueñas has property in Polson and had been looking for places to play his music since the pandemic. “He had this idea he was going to make people dance again,” Iniguez said. “He missed that … We needed to get people together again with a happy thing.”

Also originally from Europe, in his case Belgium, De Coninck saw the appeal of bringing a new type of music to the area. He commented the rave parties are reminiscent of the Tomorrowland Festival he’d attended in Belgium. 

“I like to play different kinds of music for different audiences, but ultimately the music is progressive house, metallic house, sometimes techno. Depends on the events,” Dueñas explained. 

“He’ll play music from the ‘90s, 2000s, that’s the style he likes,” Iniguez elaborated. “It’s nice music that maybe people haven’t heard around in this area … It’s not for everybody, but maybe a younger crowd that will like some entertainment on a summer night.” 

“It’s the kind of thing we’re used to, growing up in Belgium and in Europe in general … We have youth clubs to go out and meet all your friends and dance all night,” De Coninck commented. “Sometimes I wonder what do the youth do here on the weekends and the summer? … It’s something we kind of wanted to bring here as well, kind of for the younger crowd that’s not yet 21. Going out and having fun is not all about going out and drinking.” 

This month’s party was held in the downstairs portion of the venue, with a large door that opens to allow people to walk outside for fresh air.

Couples and groups of friends gathered on the dance floor, some wearing glowsticks or holding drinks, laughing and dancing along with the beat of the music.

The Ibiza Sound Club will be back once again on the third Saturday of August, travelling in from Bozeman to perform their special brand of music at 9 p.m. There is no cover fee to get in and De Coninck said everyone is welcome to come and have a good time. 

“It’s a good way to de-stress after the week,” Iniguez said. “I think people had a blast. It’s a great workout,” she added with a laugh. 

“This is our home,” De Coninck said. “We wanted to bring something special here … It was a lot of fun.” 

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