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POLSON — The North Lake County Public Library District has been in need of a building update for many years now, and this community hub has finally been granted its wish. 

Library Director Abbi Dooley and Librarian Mallory Witham were at Murdoch’s donating their time wrapping presents for customers, and spreading good cheer on Dec. 10. Murdoch’s does this gift wrapping day as service to the community, supplying all the wrapping paper, boxes, tags, bows and tape. Any customer is welcome to use the workstation, located by the store’s front doors, free of charge.

Beginning the last weekend of November, Murdoch’s offered Saturdays and Sundays to local volunteers to use the station all day. The gift wrapping is free, but donations are welcomed. This is where the Lake County Library comes in. They were hoping to wrap some presents on Saturday, as well as receive some monetary donations. So far, the Mission Valley Ice Arena, Safe Harbor, and Lake County Search and Rescue have used the gift-wrapping booth, with 4-H Mission Valley Ranch Hands to participate on Dec. 23.

Dooley said the library had reached 80% of their $2 million fund raising goal. Because of this, plans are moving forward for construction in March. Beginning in January, the library is asking patrons to check out as many books as they like since the return date has been lifted. If patrons are able to keep the books for three to six months, this will help the library staff during the construction phase.

Dooley also said they are still looking for a temporary location while the building is under renovation.

This would greatly help staff run the day to day functions of the library. If you or someone you know has a building that the library could use temporarily, please contact them at 406- 883-8225. This would speed up the process, allowing the contractor total access to the building and not having to work around the public and the employees.  “We will move into the meeting room if needed, and still meet all of the patrons need from there,” Dooley added. She and her staff are committed to serving the public during this transition period of the library.

Clay Fischer was having some presents wrapped and commented, “I am all for the renovation, it’s great for the community and great for the kids.” 

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