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Local wrestlers throw down at Western Montana Duals

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RONAN — The Ronan Chiefs wrestling team hosted the Western Montana Duals Friday and Saturday. The Frenchtown Broncs came away with the top team score, with Corvallis second, Columbia Falls Varsity third and Ronan fourth. The Polson Pirates were fifth, followed by Libby in sixth, Glacier JV seventh and Columbia Falls JV eighth.


Western Montana Duals 

(results for local teams)


Friday, Jan. 4


Round 1


Hamilton 27 vs. Polson 42

98- Thunder Morales (Polson) open

105- Kris Anderson (Hamilton) pin Cody Hedeen (Polson) 2:56

112- Steven Scheffer (Hamilton) decision Tristan Caye (Polson) 8-5

119-Carlo Quinones (Polson) pin Kyle Lubke (Hamilton) 1:49

125-Dylan Moll (Polson) pin Coltin Cox (Hamilton) 2:52

130- Robert Few (Hamilton) Maj. Decision Rhett Burland (Polson) 9-0

135-Easton Albert (Hamilton) open

140-Noah Fouty (Polson) open

145-Craig Feistner (Polson) pin Kyle Bargan (Hamilton) :23

152-Jarred Young (Polson) decision Zach Tompkins (Hamilton) 7-5

160-Tel Matichka (Polson) Maj. Decision  James McCormick (Hamilton) 13-3

171- Tyler Scheffer (Hamilton) decision Josiah Eddington (Polson) 15-9

189-Michael  Bumgarner (Hamilton) pin Mike Corrigan (Polson) 1:57

215-Isaiah Williams (Polson) pin Philip Whitney (Hamilton) 1:05



Fairfield 35 vs. Arlee 18

98- Open

105- Robert Rhodes (Fairfield) open

112- Open

119- Open

125- Tyler Lekan (Fairfield) open

130- Cache Giles (Fairfield) pin Daniel Dunlop (Arlee) 5:59

135- Open

140- Ryan Lesofski (Fairfield) open

145- Austin Rubel (Arlee) pin Adam Lesofski (Fairfield) 3:32

152- Joel Graf (Fairfield) pin Alex Bertollt (Arlee) 1:51

160- Albert Plant (Arlee) pin Jacob Wagner (Fairfield) 2:30

171- Ty Otness (Fairfield) open

189- Open

215- Open

285- Logan Potts (Arlee) pin Luke Anderson (Fairfield) 0:32


Round 2 


Libby 45 vs. St. Ignatius/Charlo 36

98- Open

105-Morgan Schuttz (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Ty Hieght (Libby) 1:07

112- Dylan Roby (Libby) open

119-Jamie Mullins (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Ian Edwards-Mysliki (Libby) 2:42

125-Zach Crace (Libby) pin Koltin Polinski (St. Ignatius/Charlo) :34

130-Michael Ayala (Libby) pin Jay Wadsworth (St. Ignatius/Charlo) :23

135-Israel LeFrombois (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Skylar Higareda (Libby) 2:53

140-Tyler Boyd (Libby) open 

145-Ricky Roach (Libby) pin Bridger Smith (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 2:42

152-Garret Chapel (Libby) pin Kyle Couture (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 2:23

160-Alex Yeadon (Libby) open

171- Jacen Peterson (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Josh Bowers (Libby) 1:52

189-Ethan Goss (St. Ignatius/Charlo) open

215-Zach Dolezal (Libby) decision Barret Sargent (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 14-7

285-Tyler Spidel (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Josh McGough (Libby) 1:38


Ronan 57 vs. Drummond 18

98- Chris Carroll (Drummond) open

105- Open

112- Cole Snyder (Ronan) open

119- Trevor McAllister (Ronan) open

125- Chase Rhine (Ronan) pin Tanner Jenson (Drummond) 1:33

130- Bridger Deschamps (Drummond) open

135- Brandon Dumont (Ronan) dec. Tony Bergerson (Drummond) 6-0

140- Connor Benn (Ronan) open

145- Kyle Lawson (Ronan) pin Ty Pocha (Drummond) 3:12

152- Quentin Denton (Ronan) pin Peyden Prince (Drummond) 0:48

160- Shelby Grant (Ronan) pin Chaz Harding (Drummond) 0:53

171- Lauren Christopher (Ronan) open

189- Colby Roberts (Ronan) open

215- Tom Paxton (Drummond) open

285- Michael Irvine (Ronan) open


Corvallis 72 vs. Arlee 3

98- James Daffin (Corvallis) open

105- Paul Allsop (Corvallis) open

112- Chase Conner (Corvallis) open

119- Josh Venema (Corvallis) open

125- Donivan Williams (Corvallis) open

130- Gunnar Fairbrother (Corvallis) pin Daniel Dunlop (Arlee) 1:03

135- Baylee Burt (Corvallis) open

140- Open

145- Wyatt Lott (Corvallis) pin Austin Rubel (Arlee) 0:57

152- Alex Bertollt (Arlee) dec. Tucker Jessop (Corvallis) 3-2

160- Wyatt Jessop (Corvallis) dec. Albert Plant (Arlee) 7-3

171- Sam Burdette (Corvallis) open

189- Monty Jessop (Corvallis) open

215- Luke Channer (Corvallis) open

285- Cordell Lott (Corvallis) dec. Logan Potts (Arlee) 10-6


Round 3


Polson 54 vs. Superior 16

98- Open

105- Anthony Parkin (Superior) Maj. Decision Thunder Morales (Polson) 14-0

112- Triston Caye (Polson) open

119-Carlos Quinones (Polson) open

125-Dylan Moll (Polson) open

130-Bridger Lapierre (Superior) pin Rhett Burland (Polson) :41

135-River Sides (Superior) pin Noah Fouty (Polson) 2:43

140-Craig Feistner (Polson) open


152-Jared Young (Polson) open

160-Tel Motichka (Polson) open

171- Josiah Edington (Polson) open

189-Mike Corrigan (Polson) open

215-Isaiah Williams (Polson) open

285- Open


Ronan 60 vs. Deer Lodge 3

98- Open

105- Open

112- Cole Snyder (Ronan) open

119- Trevor McAllister (Ronan) open

125- Connor Rogers (Deer Lodge) dec. Chase Rhine (Ronan) 10-7

130- Open

135- Brandon Dumont (Ronan) pin Sheldon Danforth (Deer Lodge) 0:39

140- Connor Benn (Ronan) pin Sean Cozby (Deer Lodge) 1:42

145- Kyle Lawson (Ronan) pin Tristen Huff (Deer Lodge) 1:20

152- Quentin Denton (Ronan) open

160- Lauren Christopher (Ronan) open

171- Shelby Grant (Ronan) pin Frank Stolp (Deer Lodge) 1:27

189- Colby Roberts (Ronan) open

215- Open

285- Timber Schauss (Ronan) 


Flathead JV 46, St. Ignatius/Charlo 40

98- Jad Cheff (Flathead) open

105- Morgan Shultz (St. Ignatius/Charlo) maj. dec. Dylan Guzman (Flathead) 13-5

112- Logan DeCock (Flathead) open

119- Jamie Mullins (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Easton Terry (Flathead) 2:19

125- Daniel Devall (Flathead) pin Koltin Polinsky (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 3:31

130- Cody Settle (Flathead) pin Jay Wadsworth (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 2:16

135- Israel Lafrombios (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Cody Wood (Flathead) 2:53

140- Jon LeGassey (Flathead) open

145- Kole Ehrhardt (Flathead) maj. dec. Kyle Couture (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 14-6

152- Anthony Wright (Flathead) pin Bridger Smith (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 1:05

160- Payton Boyce (Flathead) open

171- Jacen Peterson (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Jake Shaffer (Flathead) 0:44

189- Ethan Goss (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Stephen Karchut (Flathead) 2:47

215- Barrett Sargent (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Riley Leigh (Flathead) 1:49

285- Tyler Spidel (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Taylor Marquart (Flathead) 1:26


Round 4 


Columbia Falls Varsity 76 vs. St. Ignatius/Charlo 12

98- Cameron Goodwin (Columbia Falls) open

105- Cameron Linstead (Columbia Falls) pin Morgan Shultz (St. Ignatius/Charlo)

112- Kaleb Gravelin (Columbia Falls) open

119- Shonn Roberts (Columbia Falls) pin Jamie Mullins (St. Ignatius/Charlo)

125- Seth McCall (Columbia Falls) pin Koltin Polinski (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 0:53

130- Josiah Osborne (Columbia Falls) pin Jay Wadsworth (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 0:22

135- Colton Gove (Columbia Falls) maj. dec. Israel Lafrombois (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 19-9

140- Chase Ramberg (Columbia Falls) open

145- Bryan Shaffer (Columbia Falls) pin Bridger Smith (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 0:34

152- Cody Walters (Columbia Falls) pin Kyla Couture (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 1:14

160- Jacob Borgess (Columbia Falls) open

171- Jacen Petersen (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Cameron Peterson (Columbia Falls) 1:00

189- Andrew Burgess (Columbia Falls) pin Ethan Goss (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 1:46

215- Barrett Sargent (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Matt Erhart (Columbia Falls) 2:30

285- Spencer Ross (Columbia Falls) pin Tyler Spidel (St. Ignatius) 0:43


Saturday, Jan. 5


Round 5


Florence 36 vs. Arlee 27

98- Open

105- Open

112- Shea Miller (Florence) open

119- Torren Lawson (Florence) open

125- Dean Klakken (Florence) open

130- Daniel Dunlop (Arlee) pin Cody Edens (Florence) 2:38

135- Broc Reed (Florence) open

140- Open

145- Austin Rubel (Arlee) open

152- Alex Bertollt (Arlee) dec. Jace Pancake (Florence) 9-2

160- Albert Plant (Arlee) open

171- Open

189- Tanner Cobbs (Florence) open

215- Keenan Hendrickson (Florence) open

285- Logan Potts (Arlee) pin Carl Hillman (Florence) 0:38 


Polson 60 vs. Noxon 18

98-Thunder Morales (Polson) open

105-Cody Hedeen (Polson) open

112- Daniel Overman (Noxon) decision Triston Caye (Polson) 7-0

119-Carlo Quinones (Polson) pin Brady Wilson (Noxon) 1:30

125-Dylan Moll (Polson) pin Austin Johnson (Noxon) :37

130- Rhett Burland (Polson) pin Tyler Robinson (Noxon) 1:06

135-Noah Fouty (Polson) pin Will Wood (Noxon) :56

140-Craig Feistner (Polson) pin Luke Crowe (Noxon) :58


152-Jared Young (Polson) pin Cory Neal (Noxon)

160-Tel Motichka (Polson) open

171-Caleb Fickas (Noxon) decision Josiah Edington (Polson) 7-3

189-Mike Corrigan (Polson) open

215-John Onofrey (Noxon) pin Isiah Williams (Polson) 1:30

285-Alan Chijnacky (Noxon) open


Ronan 63 vs. Thompson Falls 12

98- Lena Babcock (TFalls) open


112-Cole Snyder (Ronan) open

119-Trevor McAllister (Ronan) open

125-Trae Garcia (Ronan) open

130-Chase Rhine (Ronan) pin Anton Schulze (TFalls) :22

135-Brandon Dumont (Ronan) open

140-Connor Benn (Ronan) decision John Gunderson (TFalls) 11-5

145-Kyle Lawson (Ronan) pin Colton Bray (TFalls) 1:21

152-Quenton Denton (Ronan) pin Jake Morton (TFalls) :11

160-Shelby Grant (Ronan) pin Kyle Milner (TFalls) 1:13

171-Davis Lawson (TFalls) pin Lauren Christopher (Ronan) 1:13

189-Colby Roberts (Ronan) pin John Garrahy (TFalls) 1:36


285-Michael Irvine (Ronan) open


Round 6


Ronan 57 vs. Columbia Falls JV 30

98- Jordan Hughes (Columbia Falls) open

105- Cameron Goodwin (Columbia Falls) open

112- Kaleb Gravelin (Columbia Falls) pin Cole Snyder (Ronan) 2:44

119- Trevor McAllister (Ronan) pin Haze Bell (Columbia Falls) 0:34

125- Chase Rhine (Ronan) maj. dec. Dalton Nelson (Columbia Falls) 14-2

130- Taylor Mitchell (Columbia Falls) pin Trae Garcia (Ronan) 0:47

135- Brandon Dumont (Ronan) pin Colton Sweeny (Columbia Falls) 2:18

140- Connor Benn (Ronan) tech. fall Troy Meyer (Columbia Falls) 18-3

145- Kyle Lawson (Ronan) pin Deian Jones (Columbia Falls) 1:12

152- Quentin Denton (Ronan) pin Ike Schwiekent (Columbia Falls) 0:39

160- Shelby Grant (Ronan) pin Gavin Gray (Columbia Falls) 1:46

171- Lauren Christopher (Ronan) open

189- Colby Roberts (Ronan) pin Mike Dennison (Columbia Falls) 0:37

215- Wayd Motichkia (Columbia Falls) open

285- Michael Irvine (Ronan) pin Dakota Krissy (Columbia Falls) 2:45


Corvallis 46 vs. Polson 27

98- Thunder Morales (Polson) open 

105-Paul Allsop (Corvallis) pin Cody Heeden (Polson) 2:44

112-Chase Conner (Corvallis) pin Triston Caye (Polson) 4:15

119-Carlos Quinones (Polson) decision Josh Venema (Corvallis) 6-0

125-Dylan Moll (Polson) open

130-Gunnar Fairbrother (Corvallis) pin Rhett Burland (Corvallis) 2:58


140- Noah Fouty (Polson) open

145-Craig Feistner (Polson) decision Wyatt Lott (Corvallis) 9-3

152-Morley Jessop (Corvallis) Maj. Decision Jared Young (Polson) 15-6

160-Tel Motichika (Polson) decision Wyatt Jessop (Corvallis) 8-6

171-Sam Burdette (Corvallis) pin Josiah Edington (Polson) 1:50 

189-Monty Jessop (Corvallis) pin Mike Corrigan (Polson) 3:09

215-James Weidow (Corvallis) pin Isiah Williams (Polson) 1:27

285-Cole Schmitt (Corvallis) open


Round 7


Frenchtown 40 vs. Ronan 37

98- Caleb Bagnell (Frenchtown) open

105- Cody Warner (Frenchtown) open

112- Tyler Ishler (Frenchtown) dec. Cole Snyder (Ronan) 10-5

119- Trevor McAllister (Ronan) pin Jon Blanchard (Frenchtown) 1:00

125- Preston Downard (Frenchtown) pin Trae Garcia (Ronan)

130- Chase Rhine (Ronan) pin Ryan Stenerson (Frenchtown) 5:30

135- Cody Lemons (Hamilton) maj. dec. Brandon Dumont (Ronan) 10-2

140- Connor Benn (Ronan) dec. Kody Wilson (Frenchtown) 5-3

145- Kyle Lawson (Ronan)  pin Jack Nerison (Frenchtown) 1:53

152- Quentin Denton (Ronan) pin Logan Fisher (Frenchtown) 1:07

160- Shelby Grant (Ronan) maj. dec. Doug Womack (Frenchtown) 18-4

171- David Anderson (Frenchtown) pin Lauren Christopher (Ronan) 0:30

189- Colby Roberts (Ronan) pin Sam Gordon (Frenchtown) 4:10

215- Rand Pritzkau (Frenchtown) open

285- Jordan Zuraff (Frenchtown) dec. Michael Irvine (Ronan) 6-5


Polson 43 vs Glacier JV 36

98- Ryan Danielson (Glacier) decision Thunder Morales (Polson) 4-2

105-Cody Itedeen (Polson) pin Austin Cheney (Glacier) 3:55

112-Triston Caye (Polson) open

119-Carlos Quinones (Polson) open

125-Ryder Day (Glacier) decision Dylan Moll (Polson) 7-3

130-Dustin Toaves (Glacier) pin Rhett Burland (Polson) 2:44

135-Donavan Macura (Glacier) pin Noah Fouty (Polson) 1:06

145-Ramone Saenz (Glacier) open

152-Jared Young (Polson) Maj. Decision Jake Barstow (Glacier) 13-5

160-Tel Motichika (Polson) open

171-Josiah Edington (Polson) decision Jake Ferkin (Glacier) 4-3

189-Colby Arbuckle (Glacier) pin Mike Corrigan (Polson) 1:33

215-Isiah Williams (Polson) pin Andrew Brester (Glacier) 3:13

285-Eli Horn (Glacier) open


Round 8


Polson 48 vs. Libby 39

98-Thunder Morales (Polson) open

105-Ty Hight (Libby) pin Cody Hedeen (Polson) 3:03

112-Triston Caye (Polson) pin Dylan Roby (Libby) 3:13

119-Carlos Quinones (Polson) pin Ian Edwards-Myslicki (Libby) :41

125-Zach Crace (Libby) pin Dylan Moll (Polson) :28

130-Michael Ayala (Libby) pin Rhett Burland (Polson) 2:41

135-Skylar Higgareda (Libby) open

140-Noah Fouty (Polson) pin Tyler Boyd (Libby) :26

145-Craig Feistner (Polson) pin Ricky Roach (Libby) 1:41

152-Jared Young (Polson) pin Alex Yeadon (Libby) :29

160-Garret Chapel (Libby) pin Tel Motichkia (Polson) 5:01

171-Josh Bowers (Libby) decision Josiah Edington (Polson) 8-5

189-Mike Corrigan (Polson) open

215-Zach Dolezal (Libby) open

285-Isiah Williams (Polson) pin Josh McGough (Libby) 1:18


Columbia Falls Varsity 54 vs. Ronan 31

98- Cameron Goodwin (Columbia Falls) open

105- Cameron Linstead (Columbia Falls) open

112- Shonn Roberts (Columbia Falls) open

119- Cole Snyder (Ronan) pin Kaleb Graveline (Columbia Falls) 1:26

125- Seth McCall (Columbia Falls) pin Trevor McAllister (Ronan) 4:36

130- Josiah OsBorne (Columbia Falls) pin Chase Rhine (Ronan) 3:51

135- Brandon Dumont (Ronan) pin Colton Gove (Columbia Falls) 0:58

140- Chase Remberg (Columbia Falls) pin Connor Benn (Ronan) 0:43

145- Kyla Lawson (Ronan) dec. Bryan Shaffer (Columbia Falls) 9-7

152- Quentin Denton (Ronan) pin Cody Walters (Columbia Falls) 0:41

160- Shelby Grant (Ronan) maj. dec. Jacob Burgess (Columbia Falls) 14-4

171- Cameron Peterson (Columbia Falls) pin Lauren Christopher (Ronan) 1:32

189- Colby Roberts (Ronan) pin Andrew Burgess (Columbia Falls) 3:59

215- Matt Erhart (Columbia Falls) open

285- Spencer Ross (Columbia Falls) pin Michael Irvine (Ronan) 5:36


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