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Lake County Marriages and Divorces for June 2013

The following marriages were performed in Lake County during June, and the following divorces were finalized.

• Fairley Ann Black and Michael Joseph Faroni
• Sonnet Maryne Carlson and Stephen Jacob Points
• Breanne Janielle Utguard and Joseph Louis Caye
• Courtney Shae Kilcullen and Seth Jacob Hoffmen
• Samantha Rae Mayer and Richard Joe Mintyala
• Samantha Suzanne Crowley and Kai Anthony Carvey
• Jessica Lynn Parker and Kyle Steven Anciaux
• Kendra Marie Penttila and Brian James Terry
• Crystal Anne Cornelius and Robert Walter Delsoldo
• Marjorie Smith Jimmerson and Gary Bryan Wright
• Piper Castor and Steve Nguyen
• Ashlee Laura Berens and Christopher Moldenhauer
• Caroline Anne Amodei and Terry Lee Card

• Deborah Raunig and Kerry Wiedrich
• Catherine E. (Leafty restored) Weatherwax and William J. Weatherwax
• Sheryl L. Harmon and Larry E. Harmon
• Sharla J. Roberts and Daniel T. Roberts
• Nelida Canfield and David L. Canfield
• Juli Ann (Geldrich restored) Kuntz and Jessie Kuntz
• Emily A. (Sedgwick restored) Smithback and Karl E. Smithback 


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