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Stray cat finds home at city hall

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RONAN — After being thrown out of the Second Chance Saloon and the Ronan Liquor Store, a stray feline found her home in the most unlikely of places: the Ronan City Hall. 

Originally known as Alley, because of her humble beginnings on the street, the new city mascot took shelter in city hall in the middle of a horrendous storm during the first week of June and has been a cute, calico fixture in the building ever since.

Ronan City Clerk Kaylene Melton took the liberty of buying her new furry friend a litter box, food and a mouse toy, while the cat slept off her rambling ways the first few days.

“It’s like she needed to rest up,” Melton said. 

But this cat is anything but a freeloader. 

Since her rescue, Alley has found her niche in city government. The cat is paid in pets for serving as a paperweight for the workers in city hall and filling inboxes with cuddly cuteness. She also wards off any ne’er-do-wells by paroling the windows and doors with a threatening menace on her face. 

Alley has not made an appearance at a city council meeting as of yet, but city council members and Mayor Kim Aipperspach don’t feel that she’s a threat to their political office.

Melton has asked around town to find the cat’s home, but the cat seems to be an orphan with no bed or bread of her own to claim. 

With the exception of the fish, all seem to think that Alley should remain a permanent pet of city hall, unless the right family shows up to give her a proper home, of course.

“She’s pretty mellow,” Melton said. “She just wants to be petted and loved.” 

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