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Runners compete in Torch Run

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More than 100 athletes raced in the Torch Scholarship Run Sunday morning in Polson. The racers for the half-marathon portion of the event arrived a little before 8 a.m., while the 5-kilometer runners snatched another hour of sleep and arrived at the starting line a little before 9 a.m. 

The brisk weather kept the energized runners stretching and moving to keep warm. Most runners dressed in layers and stripped to their essential running attire only a minute or two before the start of the race on 9th Avenue East. 

Runners in both the half-marathon and the 5K races struggled up some grueling hills, straining their lungs and stretching their endurance. Perhaps the most astonishing runner was local legend Bob Hayes. The 83-year-old competed vigorously in the half-marathon, despite competing in a strenuous race a week before. 

“I don’t know how smart this is,” Hayes admitted while laboring up a hill. “I just did a marathon last week.”

The Torch Scholarship Run is put on by the Alpha Upsilon Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi — a service organization based out of Polson. For the second year in a row, the organization has used the race to earn money for their scholarship. This year’s service-based scholarship will benefit Polson senior Tim Rausch.


5K race results:

Shari Leedom  23:55
Roxena Mcdermott  24:06
Carolyn Taylor  26:31
Michaela Capps  26:56
Joleen Barce  27:27
Pat  Bristol  27:34
Brooke Lund  27:36
Deanna McElwee  28:04
Jill Todd  28:04
Sharon Toussaint28:05
Dana Cantlon  29:11
Kate Haake  29:33
Jill Herrick  29:39
Bonnie Klein  32:07
Andrea Fernandez  33:00
Naomi Bagley  33:04
Debby Haake  34:09
Clarissa Palmieri  34:31
Josey Motichka  34:37
Jenna Herrick  34:38
Brandy Chisholm  35:04
Carole Forry  35:37
Chloe Foster  35:50
Judy Bilile  36:09
Renae Cornelius  36:10
Meghan Mccallum  37:10
Anne Mccallum  37:25
Marcie Motichka  37:37
Cassidy Cheff  37:57
Deb Klein  38:04
Charmagne Dolphin 38:10
Kelly Schultz  38:42
Crystal Allison  39:02
Marlene Horsfall  39:02
Diane Byers  39:51
Anita Skane  41:18
Toni Clary  42:46
Quinn Motichka  42:59
Amanda Harrod  43:26
Mckenna Sampson  43:27
Calliope Mikulecky  44:11
Marie Fong  44:26
Korrie Frisk  44:42
Hannah Vaughan  44:42
Deedee Wender  45:55
Pam Rodeghiero 46:55
Amy Vaughan  46:56
Melissa Bahr  46:57
Jenny Forbis  47:12
Leslee Dickson  48:28
Reagan Mcdermott  50:10
Bonnie Mueller  51:18
Floss Felsman  51:19
Amber Zygutis  51:59
Whitney Goss  52:00
Emma Softich  53:22
Sheila Softich  53:53
Erika Nunlist  54:04
Sierra Pete 54:05
Lori Peterson  62:05
Susan Brown  62:06
Juli Humphrey  63:08
Kathy Klinge  63:12

Shea Carlson  20:49
Chris Herrick  21:04
Paul Soukup  22:27
Tel Motichka  22:34
Trevor Motichka  22:57
Scott Taylor  25:32
Jon Herrick  25:55
Steven Palmieri  26:35
Shawn Hendrickson  27:37
Philip Vaughan  27:38
Jesse Barry  28:41
Rich Forbis  29:40
Paul Grinde  29:44
Eric Donovan  30:04
David Vaughan  30:17
David Fong  31:16
Rob McDonald  32:43
Sam Schultz  34:35
Bob Bristol  34:38
Pat Santos  37:09
Dunner Parazoo  38:52
Bill McDermott  50:10

Half-marathon results:
Jenni Brown  1:36:37
Stephanie Henjum  1:39:18
Heather Mergenthaler  1:40:38
Brittany Katzer  1:41:18
Leigh Huffine  1:47:46
Lea Moss  1:48:21
Bonnie Doerfler  1:51:42
Kamala Trotter  1:55:42
Marcey Mcatee  1:56:56
Melanie Byrd  1:56:56
Rebecca Lutgen  1:56:57
Ashley Duty  1:56:58
Alysa Pearston  1:57:24
Jennifer Haun  1:59:02
Wendy Thingelstad  1:59:11
Leslie Byers  1:59:26
Karla Gallatin  2:05:45
Julie Gates  2:07:16
Jennifer Cheff  2:07:35
Kristina Peterson  2:17:50
Bonnie Haun  2:22:33

Edward Leas  1:28:40
Michael Sitter  1:28:40
John Kensek  1:30:41
Brande Mergenthaler  1:30:44
Chris McElwee  1:33:15
Brennin Grainey  1:33:27
Jim Sevaly  1:37:37
Mitchell Young  1:40:29
John Anselmo  1:45:00
Carlos Fernandez  1:51:14
Doug Smith  2:00:53
Mike Graf  2:22:36
Bob Hayes  2:30:32


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