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Rodeo athletes spend the weekend in the Bitterroot

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The Mission Valley High School Rodeo Club members competed in the Darby Rodeo last weekend, the final rodeo before this weekend’s District 5 rodeo in Drummond.

Michaela Blevins had a good weekend of cutting, including a first-place run in Shelby. She also took sixth in pole bending in Darby on Saturday.

In the Wrangler division on Saturday, Robert Rider won the boys’ breakaway roping with a run of 11.99 seconds. Abby Knight also won the Wrangler barrel racing in 18.56 seconds.

On Sunday, Cody Sheridan took fourth in tie down roping in 27.47, while Jessica Read was fourth in barrel racing in 18.76.

Jaylynn Garrison took fourth in pole bending (22.22) and goat tying (8.68).

In the Wrangler division, Robert Rider won the boys’ goat tying in 17.74 seconds, while Abby Knight took first in girls’ goat tying in 9.99 seconds. She was also first in pole bending in 21.13 and second in girls’ breakaway roping in 7.46 seconds, plus earned the average title in goat tying.

Will Powell took first in team roping in 7.64 seconds and was second in boys’ breakaway roping in 3.82 seconds. 

This weekend the high school athletes will compete in the District 5 Rodeo in Drummond May 28-31.


Darby Rodeo
May 22-23, 2010

Tie Down Roping
Colt Nagy NT
Cody Sheridan NT

Team Roping
Cody Sheridan/Colt Nagy NT
Nichele Marmon/partner NT

Goat Tying
Jessica Read, 11.85, 8th
Michaela Blevins NT

Breakaway Roping
Nichele Marmon, 13.18, 9th
Jessica Read NT

Barrel Racing
Becky Jo Dumont, 18.60, 6th
Jessica Read, 19.03
Michaela Blevins, 19.98
Nichele Marmon, 23.02

Pole Bending
Michaela Blevins, 24.66, 6th


Wrangler Division

Boys’ Breakaway Roping
Robert Rider, 11.99, 1st
Wyatt Lytton, 6.14, 2nd
Will Powell NT

Girls’ Breakaway Roping
Abby Knight, NT

Girls’ Goat Tying
Abby Knight, 11.75, 3rd

Boys’ Goat Tying
Wyatt Lytton, 16.06, 2nd
Robert Rider, 17.74, 3rd

Chute Dogging
Will Powell, 11.91, 2nd

Team Roping
Will Powell and partner NT

Barrel Racing
Abby Knight, 18.56, 1st

Ribbon Roping
Will Powell/Abby Knight, 12.95, 3rd

Pole Bending
Abby Knight, NT



Tie Down Roping
Cody Sheridan, 27.47, 4th

Goat Tying
Jaylynn Garrison, 8.68, 4th
Michaela Blevins, 15.93
Jessica Read, 17.78

Breakaway Roping
Jaylynn Garrison, NT
Jessica Read, NT
Nichele Marmon, NT

Barrel Racing
Michaela Blevins, 20.44
Nichele Marmon, 21.17

Pole Bending
Jaylynn Garrison, 22.22, 4th
Michaela Blevins, 29.05

Barrel Racing
Jessica Read, 18.76, 4th
Jaylynn Garrison, 19.64

Team Roping
Nichele Marmon and partner, 19.16, 5th


Wrangler Division

Boys Goat Tying
Robert Rider, 17.74, 1st
Wyatt Lytton NT

Girls Goat Tying
Abby Knight, 9.99, 1st

Tie Down Roping
Wyatt Lytton, NT

Boys Breakaway Roping
Will Powell, 3.82, 2nd
Robert Rider, NT

Girls Breakaway Roping
Abby Knight, 7.46, 2nd

Chute Dogging
Will Powell, NT

Team Roping
Will Powell, 7.64, 1st

Barrel Racing
Abby Knight, 19.11, 4th

Pole Bending
Abby Knight, 21.13, 1st

Ribbon Roping
Will Powell/Abby Knight NT


Average winners
Abby Knight in Wrangler Girls Goat Tying


Cutting (in Shelby)
Michaela Blevins, 69, 1st
Michaela Blevins, 64, 5th

(in Corvallis)
Michaela Blevins, 69, n/a
Michaela Blevins, 69, n/a

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