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St. Ignatius company offers greenhouse kits

ST. IGNATIUS — A nationwide trend for homegrown food has resulted in more and more people taking up gardening and raising vegetables, fruits and flowers. To assist gardeners, Ed and Brenda Beachy from Montana Bird & Garden have developed inexpensive greenhouse kits. If a family has a greenhouse, plants can be started from seed. And that’s a win-win situation for the Beachys since they also own Berlin Seeds, a mail order seed company located in Berlin, Ohio. “Seed businesses across the board are doing great,” Ed said. The Beachys belong to a home garden seed association started by seed producers and mail order people. The businesses help each other promot...

Licensed caregiver sells medical marijuana

POLSON — Customers who want to enter the Medical Marijuana Dispensary must have a medical marijuana card to even get in the door. James Dale operates MMD out of rented space on the south end of the Jette Store. Dale opened the business on March 1 and is a licensed caregiver as well as a medical mari...

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