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Articles with the Tag: Flathead water rights

Water use group sues FJBC

On Dec. 12, attorneys for the Western Montana Water Users Association, LLC, filed a complaint in Lake and Sanders County District Court alleging violations of Montana law by the Flathead Joint Board of Control.  District Judge C.B. McNeil issued a writ of mandate ordering the FJBC to comply with Mont...

Water compact is better alternative to litigation

By now you’ve heard about the debate and concerns regarding the long-anticipated state-tribal water compact in the Mission Valley. If successful, the compact will end decades of uncertainty and establish how water rights are managed for all residents in the Flathead Valley. The compact would also br...

Water rights teams answer questions, field comments Water rights teams answer questions, field comments

POLSON — During a five-day road trip around Western Montana, the negotiating teams for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, the State of Montana and the United States brought the proposed Water Rights Compact to Polson and solicited comments and questions at a meeting on Nov. 28. From Polson...

Proposed irrigation agreement would change face of local agriculture

The irrigators on the Flathead Irrigation Project need to realize that if the proposed irrigation water use agreement is approved as written, it will not be “business as usual” with regard to irrigation water delivery and will have dire implications for agriculture in the Mission Valley. Prese...

Public meetings on water compact scheduled

The negotiating teams for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, the State of Montana and the United States have completed a proposed water rights compact and released it for public review and comment.  The three parties have been working for several years to develop a water rights settlement t...

Landowners losing rights to water

Editor, If you cede, relinquish or convey your right, title and interest in some property you claim to own (at the time), how is it that 150 years later, your 7,000-plus descendents can re-claim control over said property through a granted right of use, in common, with about 900,000 other people — w...

Proposed well restrictions will hamper land sales

Editor, The Water Compact approach to domestic wells has not received much public attention. On the positive side, all existing wells will be protected once they are registered. My concern is a “one size fits all” approach to new wells.    Under state law, automatic approval for a...

Little to show for decade of negotiations

Editor, How is that after roughly 10 years of “negotiating,” the Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission for the Flathead Reservation has only a skeleton document to present to the Montana State Legislature during the next legislative session in 2013, before the commission sunsets in July 201...

Water draft threatens ‘existing uses’

Editor, The much-discussed CSKT-FJBC water use agreement draft violates an important principle that has guided this water compact negotiation: existing uses must be protected. If adopted, the draft agreement would put many farm and ranch families — tribal and nontribal — out of business, becau...

Drafts of compact, ordinance presented Drafts of compact, ordinance presented

PABLO — Bill Schultz from the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Water Resources Division narrated a PowerPoint presentation on complete drafts of the reserved water rights compact and ordinance at the Oct. 24 water rights negotiation session. Negotiating team from the Confeder...

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