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Lucky Strike bowling results for Sept. 20-26

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High Team Game:             Frank’s Meats   1263

High Team Series:             Frank’s Meats   3231

High Game Scratch:         J. McElderry        267

High Game Handicap:      J. McElderry       285

High Series Scratch:        G. Whitewater      719

High Series Handicap:      G. Whitewater     776

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:            Ball Babies         759

High Team Series:            Ball Babies      2259

High Game Scratch:         Regina Pablo181

High Handicap Game:      Edna Esterby221

High Series Scratch:        Sandi Torres        496

High Series Handicap:    J. Stevenson        609


High Team Game:          Junior Tatonkas     1030         

High Team Series:          Wood’s Chiro        2763

High Game Scratch:       Dan Cowan         268

High Game Handicap:    Dan Cowan         299

High Series Scratch:       Don Cisney          655

High Series Handicap:    Jim Schoenen 752

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:           L. Strike Lanes       872

High Team Series:           L.Strike Lanes      2508

High Game Scratch:       J. Underwood         242

High Game Handicap:    K. Morgieau         265

High Series Scratch:       Megan Jennison 633

High Series Handicap:    M. Jennison         687


Lady Strikers 

High Team Game:          L. Strike Lanes        871

High Team Series:          L. Strike Lanes      2476

High Game Scratch:       Lisa Corbett         227

High Game Handicap:    Donata Healy         256

High Series Scratch:      Jamie Webster 647

High Series Handicap:    Lisa Corbett           710

Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game:           Lucky Strikers  979

High Team Series:           Lucky Strikers2760


High Game Scratch:       G. Whitewater 279

High Game Handicap:    G. Whitewater 302

High Series Scratch:       Jesse Corbett  672

High Series Handicap     Dana Matt          759


High Game Scratch:        Lisa Corbett         242

High Game Handicap:     Donata Healy 278

High Series Scratch:        Lisa Corbett         637

High Series Handicap:     Lisa Corbett        730

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