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Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Nov. 22-28

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High Team Game:Lucky Strike Lanes1224

High Team Series:Clean Livin’        3425

High Game Scratch:Richard Jackson        269

High Game Handicap:Richard Jackson          284

High Series Scratch:Richard Jackson         738

High Series Handicap:John Malatare 789

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:      Spare Parts          815

                              M. V. Security815  

High Team Series:      MV. Security2354  

High Game Scratch:      Sandi Torres215  

High Handicap Game:      Sandi Torres231

High Series Scratch:      Regina Pablo574

High Series Handicap:      Regina Pablo634


High Team Game:      St. Luke Hospital985

High Team Series:      St. Luke Hospital2827

High Game Scratch:      Dan Cowan        243

High Game Handicap:      Greg Linse        282

High Series Scratch:      Dan Cowan        670

High Series Handicap:      Jim Schoenen766

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:      Lucky Strike Lanes 895

High Team Series:      Lucky Strike Lanes 2513  

High Game Scratch:      Johnie Underwood  253

High Game Handicap:       Kelly Morgieau  265

High Series Scratch:      Lisa Corbett          640

High Series Handicap:       Kelly Morgieau  650

Lady StrikersDid not bowl

Friday Night Mixed 

High Team Game:      325 Misfits          1013

High Team Series:      325 Misfits          2887


High Game Scratch:      Glenn Whitewater  269

High Game Handicap:      Glenn Whitewater  283  

High Series Scratch:      Glenn Whitewater  687

High Series Handicap:      A.J. Bigby          752


High Game Scratch:      Lisa Corbett  224 

High Game Handicap:      Kali Teedt         278

High Series Scratch:      Lisa Corbett         606

High Series Handicap:      Kali Twedt         697


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