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Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of March 7-13

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High Team Game:Frank’s Meats1196

High Team Series:Lucky Strike Lanes3408

High Game Scratch:Justin McElderry        299

High Game Handicap:Justin McElderry        308

High Series Scratch:Justin McElderry       769

High Series Handicap:Justin McElderry        796

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:Ball Babies862

High Team Series:Ball Babies2414

High Game Scratch:Sandi Torres278

High Handicap Game:Sandi Torres293

High Series Scratch:Sandi Torres693

High Series Handicap:Sandi Torres738


High Team Game:  Mission Mountain Motors 975        

High Team Series: Mission Mountain Motors  2792

High Game Scratch:  Mike Kelsch269

High Game Handicap:Mike Kelsch291

High Series Scratch:Mike Kelsch696

High Series Handicap:Mike Kelsch762

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:Jennison Tree Service865

High Team Series:Jennison Tree Service2517

High Game Scratch:Megan L. Jennison224

High Game Handicap:Tobie Fisher262

High Series Scratch:Megan L. Jennison612

High Series Handicap:Brit Nordberg676

Lady Strikers

High Team Game:Lucky Strike Lanes845

High Team Series:Mountain View Cenex2369

High Game Scratch:Jamie Webster211

High Game Handicap:Hailey Schippers267

High Series Scratch:Jamie Webster572

High Series Handicap:Hailey Schippers   671

Friday Night Mixed 

High Team Game:Who Knows?950

High Team Series:Who Knows?2705


High Game Scratch: Randy Wieder269

High Game Handicap: Randy Wieder        279

High Series Scratch:Randy Wieder743

High Series Handicap:Randy Wieder772


High Game Scratch:Johnie Underwood221

High Game Handicap:Misty Clary        252

High Series Scratch: Johnie Underwood579

High Series Handicap: Kali Twedt        726


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