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Trash stains Jocko Valley


The last couple days we've spent a few hours in our quest to clean the highway in the Jocko Valley. Wow, someone's trash must have flown out of the back of their truck. Only the bag broke and it was blown all over and we picked it up one piece at a time. Let's see, only three diapers thrown out this time — last year it was a full bag of dirty diapers.

Who invented retreads, and why are the treads up and down the highway? And are they sharp and pokey. Cut right through the bag I was carrying. Do you suppose the trucks are still running with bald tires? And yes, the diesel smell from those trucks really make the outdoors smell ... bad.

Hey, guys, are you running from the cops? Did you have to dump your Bud bottles fast and over by the side of the road? Then you must have decided to see how far you could throw them, break them, and leave the glass all over.

Oh, there is some high-powered, keep me awake for hours, cans of "juice." Ah the Copenhagen boxes are disposed of one can at a time up and down the highway. And yes, another Wal-Mart bag, only this one was starting to disintegrate and crumbles and flies into the wind. I am sure the animals of the wild (deer, ants, snakes, mice, etc). love plastic. Maybe it's an aphrodisiac.

Well, look what I found, construction materials right off the truck, still wrapped from the vendor. And ranchers, those orange strings should not be thrown away, you could reuse them to tie up those fences, the loose hay, whatever. Gum wrappers, newspapers, milk jugs, oil cans, pop cans, pop glasses, even a billfold with calling cards, but no names, a half of a dollar bill, a sheet, a sweater, silk flowers, trash bags, hubcaps and more and more as the list goes on.

So today I thanked God for the beauty of the Jocko Valley, prayed for those who seem to have no care for the environment, realized I didn't have to pay for exercise, and hoped, no, I hope and trust everyone tarps their garbage.

Anne Stewart


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