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Letters to the Editor

Looking for answers

Editor, I have in the last two years had some fruitless interactions with the Lake County Commissioner’s Office. Each time they were either unhelpful or misdirected me to the tribe when it was clearly their jurisdiction. I am tired of this default answer to any inquiry. It doesn’t seem to matter what the issue seems to be, but the office appears to have stagnated. How about we elect someone who is actually interested in helping others and improving things overall in Lake County? Caroline McDonald is a person who gets stuff done. Examine her record; find out who she is. I’ve met her and she is motivated to improve the fiscal issues confronting the county, as well as w...

Meeting with political candidates

Editor, We bumped into Senator Jon Tester in the busy Salt Lake City Airport recently. Obviously in a hurry, he nevertheless spent ten minutes with my husband and me, listening to our concerns and answering our questions. He showed us, two strangers, kindness and respect, qualities that are sorely missing...

People need to consider the facts

Editor, There have been so many ads directed to gun control. It seems that some people think gun control is gun prohibition even though gun control activists have repeatedly said they do not want to take away guns used for hunting or defense. I have heard that activists want to take away second amendme...

Re-elect Gale Decker

Editor, Please join me in supporting Gale Decker for re-election as our Lake County commissioner. As a father, husband, teacher, coach, and community leader, Gale exemplifies honesty, fairness and thoughtfulness. His life-long residency in Lake County provides Gale an understanding of our diverse communit...

Talking to the senator

Editor, Senator Tester is not honest with us. On May 29, I asked him to cosponsor S.678 (the English Language Unity Act of 2017). It would make English our official language. In his reply, June 8, Tester said he a strong supporter of making English our national language. They are not the same. English ...

Vote for Morigeau

Editor, I have had the opportunity to work with Ashley Morigeau in the Polson Public Defender’s Office. As a new lawyer looking for guidance, I often turn to Ashley for her wealth of knowledge and her ideas on building a better community. Ashley’s keen legal mind and knowledgeable approach ...

Shirtliff dedicated to people, right choice for PSC

Editor, Several years ago when I was Montana Teacher of the Year, I created a speaking showcase in my community of Arlee. We highlighted student speakers from my school as well as adults from the community. This event relied on the hard work of our fundraisers for its success, including items to give away...

Volunteer Fire Department grateful

Editor, The Chief Cliff VFD/ QRU would like to thank everyone who contributed goods, services, time and money to make the 27th annual Dayton Daze celebration a whopping success. We brought in more than $14,000 which included raffle ticket sales throughout the summer, our silent auction, car show, and sale...

Return my stolen cane

Editor, Stolen: a beautiful blue metal cane I used day and night everywhere I went after breaking my hip. I forgot it in my shopping cart Friday, Sept. 21. When my daughter went back later it was gone, out of the cart and was not in the store. They should have took it in the store, not stole it. ...

Need Williams' voice of reason

Editor, The growing concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a very few should concern us all. Anytime we have an opportunity to vote for someone who truly has the best interests of the rest of us, we should take it. Greg Gianforte has tried to set a dangerous precedent – be unaccountable t...


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