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Vote no for the jail

Editor,  Fifty million dollars is a lot of money. Lake county taxpayers are being asked to levy a tax for a new jail. Less than 50 percent of the occupants are Lake County residents. We would have plenty of capacity if we did not have tribal members in the jail. There are two simple solutions to this problem. CSKT needs to pay their fair share, or they can build their own jail. The tribe has their own police force. A few years ago they built their own medical clinic in downtown Polson, using our taxpayer dollars. Lake County loses millions of dollars because the tribe pays no taxes on property.  We, as taxpayers, are being exploited. Vote ‘no’ on the jai...

Support jail, courthouse expansion

Editor, The proposed Lake County jail and courthouse expansion is an appropriate direction and the levy should be approved. As societies evolve and grapple with new problems it is important that social structures similarly adjust. The purpose of societal adjustment is both (1) to better serve and prote...

Saying thanks

Editor, I want to say thank you to Dr. Ken Cairns. You helped me in my recovery. You are a kind and compassionate person and doctor. The Tribal Health will not be the same without you. May God Bless you with your walk in life. You will always be my friend. Jack Howlett Ronan  

Soup kitchen looks for funding sources

Editor, As with many good things, time goes by and interest falls. We want to thank all of the businesses and individuals who have donated silent auction items and food to our annual Winterfest fundraiser for SoupsOn. Thanks also to the many volunteers who spent months planning and serving on the big nigh...

National events cause for concern

Editor, Much is happening in our political, cultural and international scene these days. Here are two that caught my attention. See what you think. On Wednesday, Jan. 15, both MSNBC and CNN had damning interviews with shady character Lev Parnas who was part of Trump’s Ukranian bluster and blunder...

Letters to the editor Jan. 8, 2020

Pedestrians asked to be careful  Editor,   Have you ever almost hit a pedestrian while driving? I have and I hope you never do. It scared me to think that I could have injured or killed a person. It was horrifying. I was driving to work early one dark-winter morning on a snow-covered ...

Political problem needs to be discussed

Editor,   President Trump seems to be ramping up his base towards a nasty revolution if he is either impeached or loses the next election. It seems prudent that we talk openly about this possibility, given Trump’s rants, language, rallies and behavior. There are many people in our nation who...

Political action needed

Editor, Identifying and addressing the root cause of our present dangerous political divisiveness is essential in my opinion.  I think the root cause of our national divisiveness is grounded in a rather common yet dangerous human response to problems. In living our lives, there are always problems...

Questioning national spirituality

Editor, I have been reading through the books of the prophets in the Old Testament. I can’t help but ask myself a question. Is our nation today as spiritually bankrupt as Israel was then? Habakkuk 1:4 and 3:2 says “... the law is slacked, and judgment (justice) doth never go forth: for the ...

Thanks PPP for a great show

Editor, Bravo and kudos to the Port Polson Players for presenting an uplifting, timeless play, “The Beggars’ Bounty,” to our community. With the darkest days of the year approaching, this heartfelt musical comedy offered respite and a message filled with light and hope. The talented a...

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