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Voting restrictions need change

Editor,  There has been enough written, much of it in the national press, about Montana’s new restrictions on voting. These laws have been taken to court and will be decided there. Meanwhile, we might reflect on how critical the right to vote is to our democracy and our lives. Our form of government requires the participation of all its citizens. If we are not actively involved, those with more power or money (be they corporate or members of the government) will step into the breach. They can become strong enough to change the rules and do what they want, regardless of the will of the people.  Montana has seen this before in the days of the Copper Kings. These wealt...

Filibuster is more like a ‘filibluster’

Editor, “Majority rule” is such a simple understandable message. There must have been convoluted arguments in attempting to create a “supermajority” dividing line. First, there is the problem of defending why there should even be a “supermajority.” Next comes the gar...

Big three drive politics

Editor,  The big three: greed, fear and anger. It appears these three personal human responses are what is driving our political system.   Here is a breakdown: the first two responses, greed and fear, apply to our elected Republican congressional folks. The last two responses, fear and anger,...

Guns on campus are a recipe for disaster

Editor,  I wish to thank the Board of Regents for voting unanimously to challenge HB102 in court following Wednesday’s listening session.   Two constitutional issues are at stake. The Montana Constitution gives the Board of Regents sole authority to manage the Montana University system,...

Numeric vs nutrient standards considered

Editor,  The Treasure State. The Last Best Place. These monikers ring true partly because of the pristine waters in Montana’s lakes and rivers. Recently the legislature passed, and the governor signed, a bill that decreases regulations on nitrogen and phosphorus pollutants allowed to be disc...

Research should be used

Editor,  I read, with interest, the report in the Valley Journal from May 5 about information from Senator Daines’ office, which indicated that he felt the Real ID law was no big deal. It was onerous to Montana families, and so on, and should be delayed. This when national security agencies hav...

People need to start healing

Editor, Our nation is in great peril. We brought this peril upon ourselves when we elected Donald Trump to the presidency. We elected Trump, and now, we are living with the consequences. The peril resides with the millions who are still following narcissistic Trump. Trump has a serious voting power-block ...

Women’s Club gives thanks

Editor,  Our hearts are full of gratitude to our community for supporting our rural community clubhouse and Safe House. Thank you for donating and attending our sale. Thank you to Donna Benson, Karen Wood, Karen Dellwo, Linda Galiardo, Gavin Manyheads and Anderson Broadcasting. Our community support ...

Only love conquers hate

Editor,  My spiritual teachings have taught me that each one of us, as human beings, has within us the power of God’s love available for access and action. When a situation presents itself to me where my immediate response is something negative like fear, anger or attack, it is my signal to cho...

Democratic Party plans to rebuild

Editor,  During this past legislative session, a group of enthusiastic Democratic women have written letters to the editor, guest columns, recorded radio spots and encouraged people to contact their legislators. We covered issues like voting rights, local government control, environmental issues, tax...

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