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Talks of water supply

Editor, The Polson City Commission has decided to proceed with consideration of extending the city water system to service a new casino near the airport with a suggestion that sewer service will also become available when requested. I have lived in Polson for 41 years with several decades serving as the city engineer. I do not recall a summer when there were no concerns for if not serious restrictions on summer water use. Securing new sources of water has been difficult and expensive at best and is further confused by the new water compact. The commission may have forgotten the fact that water has been in short supply in the summer, and hopefully they have a currently undisclosed p...

Let’s discuss abortion

Editor, Just because there is a law that tells us abortion is okay, there is God’s law that says it is morally wrong. It grieves our Lord when one of His babies is taken away. God has a destiny for that child. Why should there be any unwanted pregnancies? We have clinics everywhere giving out bir...

Running for Justice of Peace

Editor, I am Tony Isbell, and I am running for Justice of the Peace here in Lake County. After graduating from Florence, I continued into college where I graduated from Dickinson State University with two Bachelor’s degrees, one in business administration and the other in human resource management. ...

Consider the PSC

Editor, I am voting for Joe Dooling for the Public Service Commission. We don’t pay much attention to the Public Service Commission (PSC) race, but it will be on our ballet in June.  Their website states “The PSC’s job to balance the interests of ratepayers who are concerned a...

Wear your regalia

Editor,  We, the below signed members of the State-Tribal Relations Committee, the Montana Legislature’s liaison with tribal governments, write to congratulate Montana high school and postsecondary graduates and their deservingly proud families. Way to go! We extend our deep gratitude to the...

Consider the option

Editor, Many politicians say they want to work on behalf of all Montanans. But when the rubber meets the road, somehow those words never translate to action. That is what makes Cora Neumann different. Cora has worked tirelessly to get out and support not just Montana cities and businesses, but also our ru...

Check the facts

Editor, We have a billboard outside of St. Ignatius. On one side, it says, “Zinke for Public Lands,” and on the other it says, “Zinke, Montana’s SEAL.” We don’t have laws restricting misrepresentations and lies in political speech. Candidates may say what they like -...

Think positively

Editor, Human nature, being what it is, our nation and our world have surely fallen into a ‘habit thinking pattern’ of divisiveness, negative attitudes, and wars. This is a very clear and present danger. We have answers to this.  Let’s be very clear about one thing: our thinking ...

Endorsement given

Editor,  I am honored to publicly support Don Bell’s reelection campaign for Sheriff of Lake County. Having known and worked with Don for more than thirty years, I can state without hesitation that he is exactly the person Lake County needs for Sheriff. During my thirty-five years in law enf...

Choral society says thanks

Editor, “Many hands make light work” rings true for the creation and deliverance of “The Awakening” Mission Valley Choral Society concerts held on Palm Sunday weekend. No more than four specific names can be used here, so a general thank you follows. Thank you to Mission Valley ...

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