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Vote for science


Both candidates wear cowboy hats, but there is nothing of significance under Gianforte’s hat; just another rich guy trying to buy a political seat. We have a candidate in Rob Quist who has traveled the state as an emissary of good will for all Montanans, not just the rich ones.

Superpacs for Ryan Zinke have poured money for some fearful, paranoid ads about liberals. They think that throwing money around is all it takes for Montanans to vote blindly. I think Montanans are smarter than that.

We all know the issues, but there is one issue I haven’t heard much about: science. Think of all the people related to working on land: ranchers, breeders, truck gardeners, backyard growers, biologists, the list goes on. This work is based on science, specifically genetics. You can track your calves or good meat on a computer software program. Weed control and grassland management is based on genetics. If you raise dogs or rabbits or pigs you base your future on information gleaned from genetics. You certainly don’t believe Gianforte when he says that Noah lived for 600 years so our senior citizens should keep working; or that people and dinosaurs lived at the same time, especially not in Montana, the land of dinosaur research.

Gianforte spent millions building a creationist museum in Glendive. Imagine the Ag Research Center at Montana State dishing out such nonsense. Ag research is funded by the federal government. We are asked to believe that a man who doesn’t believe in science should represent us in Washington?

Rob Quist is a reasonable person and he listens to you. Get out and vote.

Linda Helding

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