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Rural fire chief sets example with kindness


I doubt I’m the first person to underestimate the “Low on Fuel” warning, but was recently saved by a local angel, who is the Polson Rural Fire Chief, Drew Hoel.

I seldom watch the national and international news because it is so depressing and there is nothing I can do to effect it, however, locally, we can help and support each other through our difficult winter months.

PRFD Captain Drew Hoel radio’d in saying he was going to be doing a “Public Assist” and put 3-4 gallons of gas in my stalled tank. He would not accept any compensation saying, “This is what we do ... pay it forward.”

He completely restored my faith in humanity and reinforced why I love where I live.

PRFD Captian Drew Hoel: I again thank you for your commitment to our community. Our entire country could learn a lesson from your actions.  You are an example of what we all should be.

Steven D. Pickel



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