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Tester has earned a third term

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East coast developer Matt Rosendale would be a disaster for Montana as senator. His negative attack ads against Senator Jon Tester are simply ridiculous – he might be more accurately describing himself with his “gone Washington” verbiage.

When Rosendale was running to be Montana’s insurance commissioner, he accepted tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from the insurance industry. Then, when he took office, he hired an insurance industry lobbyist to help run his office. Seem a little swampy?

As a state legislator he voted to allow lobbyists to pay for travel expenses for lawmakers, using “special accounts.” Then, he took advantage of this by letting an out-of-state interest group spend $10,000 flying him around the country to meet with lobbyists and insurance industry executives.

When Rosendale was tasked, as state insurance commissioner, with reviewing rate hikes of up to 23 percent, he rubber-stamped those increases for the insurance companies. He found those hikes to be “reasonable” for Montana families.

I can’t afford a 23 percent increase in insurance, and I don’t want someone like that representing me in the Senate. Let’s send this opportunist a message that we don’t want politicians who owe favors.

I’ll be voting for Jon Tester this November, in part because Jon has always fought to make government more transparent – not less. Jon works hard to represent all Montanans. He’s a productive, hardworking Montanan and has earned a third term as senator.

Elizabeth Reinhardt

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