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Rosendale is best choice


I’m writing to tell you why I support Matt Rosendale to be the next United States senator from Montana. Our current senator, Jon Tester, supports socialized, government-run health care. Montanans see every day how bad Obamacare is: higher premiums and deductibles. Plans have been canceled and options for coverage have been reduced. Although he sees the failures of Obamacare, Tester wants the government to have even more control of our health care decision. That means rationed care and bureaucrats deciding the care you should have.

As state auditor, Matt Rosendale is working to hold insurance companies accountable for rising premiums. He continues his efforts to expand health care options and offer greater plan flexibility for Montanans. Serving as your U.S. senator, Matt promises to protect Medicare for Montana seniors and get the government out of your healthcare.

Mandy Fischer


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