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Political opinion shared

Only someone ignorant of World War II history or having an irrational hatred for President Trump would compare the current administration to Nazi Germany. Such a comparison is an insult to the thousands of young Americans and veterans that fought and died on the beaches of Normandy and in Western Europe to defeat Nazi Germany and preserve our freedoms.

It is disturbing to see our former president use millions of dollars in left-over campaign funds and contributions from far-left extremists like George Soros to create Organizing for Action (OFA), a paid group of 30,000 leftist zealots trained to actively disrupt Republican campaign events and oppose the agenda of the Trump Administration. Some leftists such as the hooded thugs of Antifa have resorted to assault and violence against conservatives in order to suppress dissent from their Socialist agenda. These actions are right out of Hitler’s play book when he used the infamous “Brown Shirts” to stifle opposition.

Unfortunately, Senator Jon Tester has endorsed some of the Socialist and OFA agenda by advocating a single-payer government healthcare system (Medicare or VA for all) that would bankrupt the country, obstructing presidential nominations, opposing immigration reform, opposing health care reform and voting against tax reform that has increased wages and lowered taxes for most Americans.

If we are to maintain the positive momentum of a vastly improved national economy, hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing jobs, low unemployment and rising wages, then we need to reject the left-wing assault on American values and elect a different US Senator who will vote for what we deserve.

Philip L. Barney


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