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Comment inspires exercise

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“Couch and pancakes”...” Couch and pancakes.” The words coming from Terry, a 70 plus yearold attorney from California, rang in my ears after he jogged on past me at the Polson High School track. I was on my usual two to three mile walk. Terry was on his usual nine mile jog, yes nine miles. He’s an inspiration for sure.

As he jogs around, passing me, we usually exchange a short comment or two. He said: “We gotta keep going. It beats sitting on the couch eating pancakes.” Yes, it does. And so does any form of exercise.

From yoga to yard work, anything we humans can do to consistently and habitually exercise our bodies is proof-positive. It positively affects mind, body and spirit. We are whole beings. Regular exercise is healing to the whole.

When we think about all the meds and meals we pour into our systems, and all the times we skip our exercise that day … when we get honest with all this, it may just be time to start an exercise routine and stick with it.

So, Terry’s “couch and pancakes” comment may just be the thing that prompts me to take that walk in the morning when it would be so easy to skip it. Do I look forward to exercising? Not really. But how I feel after exercising is always reflected so wonderfully in mind, body, and spirit.

Bob McClellan

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