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Inconvenient truth shared


Recently the Lake County Pachyderms sponsored a meeting at the Boys and Girls Club in Ronan hosting Dr. Ed Berry from Bigfork, who professes that human-caused climate change is a hoax. Although I was not able the attend his recent presentation, I heard him talk on climate change at the Flathead County Pachyderm meeting last November in Kalispell and was amazed at his rationale for denying human- caused climate change.

Generally, most people believe in the results of corroborated scientific studies, so what is it about human-caused climate change that makes a large number of our friends and neighbors choose to ignore the preponderance of scientific evidence and believe the three percent-ers?

Few would think of ignoring the science behind the threat that aquatic invasive species pose to Flathead Lake, and most of us trust the science that our doctors are relying on to treat us for our life-threatening ailments. So what is it about the science that indicates that human-caused climate change is destroying our world?

Are we being manipulated by public relations campaigns that corporations sponsor to protect the highly lucrative status quo that is heavily dependent on extraction and use of fossil fuels? Is it only about greed?

A number of our elected politicians in our state and national governments choose to ignore 97 percent of the world’s scientists who support climate change. In addition, our Department of Defense and financial institutions along with the majority of nations in the world are concerned about the impact of climate change. Our children are telling us we must make major changes as soon as possible to avoid catastrophic worldwide consequences. The signs are ominous: severe wildfires, tornados, warming seas, devastating floods and the loss of our glaciers. How can anyone with young children and grandchildren choose to ignore science?

Craig McClure


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