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Trash problems can be solved

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In a perfect world people would not drink and drive and throw their empties out the window of their cars. In a perfect world, people would not go to a fast food restaurant 25 miles away and throw their garbage out the window of their car onto the side of the road. Obviously, we do not live in a perfect world.

I live on a county road in Arlee. This road is not a road that tourists would take to get anywhere, so all I can imagine is that locals are throwing out their garbage. I walk on this road every day and during the spring, summer and fall try to pick up as much garbage as I can, but why am I having to do this?

I often wonder how the people that are doing this would feel if I picked up the garbage and came and dumped it in front of their house.

Arlee has yearly road cleanups for Jocko Road and the highway so the problem is not just on my road. You hear people talk about pristine Montana and reverence for the land but all you have to do is drive along U.S. Highway 93 or any side road and you will see the damage unthinking people do.

Please carry a garbage bag in your car and use it. If you are too young to drink and you are throwing your empties out the window, maybe you should reconsider your choices and what often happens when people drink and drive. If you’re throwing trash out because everyone else does it, you can make it so there is one less piece of trash for someone else to pick up. I know some people will think that this is not the most important issue but it is one that can be easily fixed.

Cherie Garcelon


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