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In discussions with friends we can communicate ideas without hating each other. We know their character and moral fiber. Our nation allows citizens to have different backgrounds, religious philosophies and life styles.

Disagreeing does not require demeaning or hating someone. My friends and I love and strongly support our country and most have fought in a war to protect its values.

I read an article today about Fox News’ decision to not air their program where their moderator questioned if a Muslim congresswoman wearing a hijab, which implies adherence to Sharia law, can be loyal to the US. The remark's intent was obvious and my guess is most of her audience hears only that one thing. In fairness, that same audience likely hears only one thing when the Bible is referenced.

Christianity, based on the life and teachings of Jesus as described in the New Testament, has about a 2.3 billion following in the world. The other two-thirds of the global population has other beliefs. Here in the US we have about 310 different Christian denominations. We allow each to pick which is, or if none are, the right choice for them. It is a freedom of choice that is a cornerstone of our nation's foundation. It is the first, not the second, Amendment. With this freedom, we each adhere to the laws of our God, as we understand them. God is a shared concept; but as is said, the devil is in the details.

Those who want to legislate their beliefs of what their duty to their God demands, be they Muslim or Christian, are anti-American in my view. The abortion issue is an example of such an attempt when opposition stems from a religious viewpoint. Another is the comment that somehow because one wears a pin, button or symbol of their religion as part of their dress, they must be directed to act a certain way. Feel free to display or advocate for your faith and tolerate the right of others to do the same, without violence or anger.

Rich Bell


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