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Positive influence stronger than political division

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A couple of weeks ago, I composed a letter on my thoughts about how the majority of “We the People” are not swayed nor held hostage to so many of the political rants, raves and divisive decisions being made in America today.

I believe that regardless of all the grand talk and all the negativity affecting our politics, infrastructure, economy and our world order that for each of us everything comes down to being personal.

Human nature is a complicated thing. Each of us is a complicated being. How we think, speak and act is dependent upon how we each choose to respond to the many outer influences in our lives.

My sincere belief is that each of us possesses many innermost influences. These are creative influences that are a part of us as we are born into this world. And I believe that how my life unfolds is primarily dependent upon how I respond to these innermost influences.

To my way of thinking, these innermost influences can be described with words like love, compassion, understanding and a sense of purpose and self-confidence. My firm belief in “We the People” is that the true momentum of the human condition, not only in America but around the world, is toward a greater expression and fulfillment of these innermost influences.  I believe that a better nation and a better world is the underlying constant creative power regardless of the many momentary and negative events and influences along the way.

Bob McClellan

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