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Considering the next election

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The stage was set. The hearings began. Special counsel chairman Robert Mueller had submitted his full report. He believes this report speaks for itself and now it is up to Congress to follow up and say whatever needs to be said and do whatever needs to be done. He firmly believes that the special counsel report lays everything out clearly, and, now, our branches of government are to take the next steps. 

Personally, I thought, the hearings were super important to us average Americans who have not read the report. Especially with the Democrats questioning and Mueller’s responses. We were given a thorough and concentrated look at the full import and impact of the special counsel’s work.

Obviously our president, who was really center stage in all this, is facing an interesting time ahead. His negative set of values, his very questionable associations, his narcissistic behavior patterns and his lack of leadership pose political problems the Republicans would rather not have to deal with, but there they are.  

 What “We the People” do with this in the 2020 elections will speak volumes on where we are as a nation today. And this will be clearly demonstrated in not only who is elected president but in those elected into our legislative bodies as well.

Bob McClellan



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