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As an older person recovering from a difficult back surgery, I did the physical therapy at St. Luke’s where I got excellent care. Then I continued to use their machines to build back arm and leg muscles. Fortunately, I get massage work done by Sheri Todd on Cold Creek Lane in her wonderful yurt. She recommended the Tribal Health Fitness Center here in St. Ignatius. 

I checked it out and they did have the machine I needed for resistance to build muscle back. It is only $20.00 a month for senior citizens, and I don’t have to buy gas to run to Ronan so often.  

When I signed up, I was asked to fill out a form and given a scan tag. The form stated the rules that I would not use bad language, I would dress appropriately, clean my own machine and treat others with dignity and respect. Their staff also cleans the machines. The flat screen TV makes the workouts go much faster. Thank you for having this wonderful resource in our community.

LaVonne Olmsted

St. Ignatius


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