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A few weeks ago, a letter from former Governor Schweitzer, who is doing ads for Monica Tranel, seemed to have trouble defining a Socialist. His diatribe indicting Rupert Murdoch and his ranch revealed to me that the old adage that Socialism breeds envy and entitlement is alive and well. So, what is Socialism? I look at it this way.

The word Progressive is a euphemism for a Socialist, and Socialism is a transitional social state between the overthrow of Capitalism and the realization of Communism. As David Horowitz once stated, “Inside every Progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.” It appears now that the 99 members of the left-wing radical “Progressive Caucus” have taken over the Democrat party. Ten years ago, the political commentator Michael Walsh described the Democrats as “a criminal organization masquerading as a political party.” If this sounds too harsh to you, just examine their domestic legislative agenda.

Every progressive proposal from the moratorium on rent payments to cancelling student debt to handing out taxpayers’ funds to their favored constituents to stay home and not work is evidence that socialism is nothing more than theft. Since Biden entered office, they have approved over $4 trillion in spending that has resulted in the worst inflation in over 40 years and now we are in a recession. From high gas prices caused by Biden’s war on domestic energy to now high interest rates, Biden and his progressives have shown us they are totally incompetent. Biden has illegally opened the border and allowed millions of illegal immigrants including violent criminals and terrorists on the watch list to enter our country freely.  

If you are tired of the incompetence and corruption of this administration, the last thing Montana needs is another leftist, socialist Democrat representative like Monica Tranel. I would urge my fellow veterans and all citizens to vote for a leader like Ryan Zinke. While Tranel was out rowing her boat, Ryan Zinke was serving as a commander of Seal Team Six and earning two bronze stars. Let’s elect Ryan Zinke who will protect our freedoms and Constitutional rights.

Fred Smith


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