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Board works to improve library services

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To North Lake County Public Library readers, although our library has a wide range of services and programs, a fundamental service should consist of having the most recently processed books (fiction and nonfiction), or at least those titles, to be readily accessible to patrons. Toward that end, some related questions were submitted to the library director on behalf of the board and myself. On May 29, 2012, the library director reported to the library board that “since January 2012, we have been shelving our new nonfiction items on the slat-wall end shelves.” However, this does not appear to be the case.  

Furthermore, it was reported that “it is now possible for patrons to access a list of our library’s new books online,” also apparently not the case. Having recently met with the director, we both agreed that there was not a user-friendly computer search option for obtaining such information. In fact, titles that show themselves as new books on an advanced search for NLCL are not necessarily the most recently processed.  

The board also requested the number of books purchased and processed in the past year. The information provided to them included all formats (audio/video, electronic books, subscriptions, etc.) although those numbers were represented as books. Is it asking too much for the library director to provide reliable information when requested?

I believe it is the responsibility of the library director to provide information from “an evidence-based world” in answer to specific questions and to make an attempt to respond in a straightforward manner to patron concerns and questions. If there are other patrons who feel that it would be a plus to be able to readily access the most recently processed books, please contact the library director and/or board. Hopefully, the library can be encouraged to develop a system to provide that service.

Holly Wurl


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