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Common Core bad for education, society

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Here we are again following in Germany’s footsteps. It seemed impossible when it was first presented 50 to 60 years ago. It is coming to pass. Common Core is paving the way. The invasion of education, takeover of our children and loss of parental rights marches ruthlessly on. 

Mastery learning, outcome-based education, school to work, No Child Left Behind and now Common Core are all carefully planned and deliberately initiated national education programs. Did I miss any? All have been directed at a single objective: dumbing-down leading to control of the children, brainwashing, behavior modification with the objective of developing a passive, easily manipulated population. The children that suffer the most are the highly talented ones with exceptional minds that are being medicated to get them under control. Frustrations of energetic, mentally active young people with high but defeated aspirations, lead to anger and even criminal behavior. A higher and higher percentage of our population is committed to penal and mental institutions. Our government is driving us all nuts. 

Our legislature now in session must jump on this threat and stomp it out. Prevent its implementation in Montana. Also we do not need more school funding. We need more common sense, wiser use of our current funding, and a return to values and local control of our education system. We need greater awareness by parents and educators of what is really going on. National leaders and directors of our education system are not naïve. They know exactly what they are doing to provide the fundamental groundwork for the destruction of our country and form of government. We are losing our incentives and rewards of excellence and individual freedoms.  There has been much written on this subject over the years, but unfortunately, too much has fallen on deaf ears through disbelief and lack of comprehension. Our society and economy are now experiencing the consequences. It is time to acknowledge the dreadful mistakes of the past and salvage our education system and our future before it is too late.   

Clarice Ryan



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