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Well, I for one as a citizen, non-tribal member and civil servant of the people of Lake County have no concerns about Jay Doyle’s integrity or abilities to lead this county regardless of his recent enrollment status. Racism and ignorance such as Mr. Rew has plainly displayed in his column is the last thing we need in Lake County or on this reservation. 

Mr. Rew apparently has no idea about the retrocession agreement and the difference between a misdemeanor or felony. Mr. Rew apparently does not realize this is an election for Sheriff not Justice Court. Mr. Rew also apparently does not realize that though the Sheriff is the highest-ranking officer in the county he does not set up the state or federal welfare programs, healthcare programs or legal assistance programs.

In my opinion this is just some more of the dirty politics that has been taking place for the past several months spearheaded by one special interest group. What the readers need to start taking notice of is Jay Doyle has not made one false statement or accusation about the other candidates in this election. Jay has not made any felonious statements or petitions against other candidates. Jay has not run smear campaign ads to bolster his popularity. Jay has continued to campaign based on his own merits without slandering the others. That alone tells me he has more integrity and leadership abilities than others running for office that he can put aside the personal attacks and put the county’s interests first and foremost.

Reporters need to start doing their jobs better and start investigating rather than just printing half truths. Get out and talk to the other law enforcement agencies in the county and ask them their opinions of what’s going on right now and who they support in the upcoming election. People in this county have a right to know before they are blinded by the political lies, half truths and bogus websites come election day and we as citizens watch the whole system come to a complete breakdown. Do your homework for yourself and don’t let someone else’s lies make up your mind for you on Election Day.

Scott Sciaretta
St. Ignatius

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