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MVP policy doesn’t prevent identity theft


Recently Mission Valley Power issued a press release regarding compliance with Federal law concerning identity theft (so-called “Red Flag Law”). The press release lets consumers know that if they request service or a change in service, they will have to identify themselves with a picture ID and release their social security number to MVP. The release was worded so that it appeared as though Federal law required the information.

I have had occasion to work on a number of these “Red Flag” policies and have yet to find that disclosure of a social security number is necessary for utility compliance. It doesn’t make sense that a utility should affirmatively collect the information that is most crucial to protect. Identity thieves can do a great deal with your social security number.  

MVP’s actions harkens back to a couple of years ago when the consumers were told that in order to maintain your utility service they would be required to disclose their Social Security number for collection purposes. The consumers refused to comply and that policy went nowhere.

Does the new policy follow the same agenda?

MVP does an outstanding job in providing service to its consumers. I understand that its power outages are much fewer than our neighbors and our rates are nearly the lowest in the state. Thank you for your service, MVP, and please reconsider trying to get our social security numbers 

The fewer entities that know the number the less likely identity theft will occur.  

Rich Gebhardt


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