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Candidates need to acknowledge concerns

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We’ve lived on Jocko Canyon Road for 20 years. Every year the road completely deteriorates before county graders arrive. Over the years we’ve contacted the county commissioners, frequently sending pictures, pleading for help. 

On May 14, after (again) detailing the hazards in an email, we promised to vote against all of them. 

It’s not just that the road turns our cars into clunkers, it’s a matter of safety. People swerve from side to side, go too slow or too fast as they negotiate jutting rocks, washboards and gaping pits. It’s amazing no one has crashed head on into someone rounding a curve on the wrong side of the road. 

Today, as we put our property taxes in the mailbox, we pulled out a letter from the commissioners, personally autographed by Chuck Whitson, William Barron and Paddy Trusler.

It began, “Yet another nasty e-mail without understanding the facts.” 

From that sunny opener they continued to explain that we don’t begin to pay enough to maintain the county road and demanded to know what kind of services we expect for our pittance. They concluded that our comments were “totally inappropriate and without merit.”

Really? Safe roads are inappropriate? Without merit? Here’s how taxes work: We all contribute to pay for things otherwise unattainable. These commissioners labor under the impression that their salaries trump our safety and that we are ingrates for expecting safe roads.

Residents aren’t the only ones using the roads. Jocko Canyon Road is heavily traveled by utility and delivery trucks, wood cutters, loggers, sightseers, RVs, snowmobilers, boaters, fishermen, copious government trucks, etc. 

Candidates who run for county commissioner should answer these questions: Everyone uses the roads, so why must property owners shoulder the entire burden of maintenance? Will they respond with more civility when citizens have legitimate concerns?

Wanda & Ted LaCroix


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