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Fast flyer

When one thinks of the Air Force, one naturally thinks of flying and the skies. The last name of Bird only enhances these images, but Polson native Clay Bird, a Captain in the Montana Air National Guard, has been making a name for himself on the ground. Bird, 33, was recently selected to the All-Guard Marathon Team for his third time. He made the team by being one of the 40 fastest Army and Air National Guard men at the Lincoln National Guard Marathon in Lincoln, Neb., May 3. Bird crossed the finish line in 3:05.21 – a 7:05 mile pace – to finish 49th out of 1,154 entrants. Bird’s time this year was about a minute slower than his qualifying time last year. And nowhere...

Bagnell and Brown

On the afternoon before the market steer show at the Lake County Fair, the wash rack behind the livestock barns was a popular place. Steers needed to be cleaned up and fitted so they’d look their best.   Lexi Bagnell, Saddle Mountain 4-H Club, and her cousin Deondra Brown, Ninepipe Explorers 4-...

‘Road Toad’ visits Cruisen By the Bay

POLSON — The Road Toad is a hot rod built on a 1927 Model T Ford. Owner J.R. Lang from Dunnellon, Fla., drove the Toad and its attached trailer to Montana.  He’s driven the Toad up here four times since it was completed in 2002; the unique vehicle has 60,000 miles on it, so it’s not...

Rare Mercedes belongs to local man

POLSON — The Mobil gas pump read 38 cents per gallon, and a gleaming burgundy 1952 Mercedes Benz Cabriole was pulled up to refuel. The gas pump, the vintage lights flanking it and the car all belonged to Ron Olsen. Olsen was exhibiting his car at Cruisen By the Bay Car Show held on Aug. 8, 9 and 10....

Polson couple still going strong after 74 years

Change is said to be the one constant in life, but while Eddie and Gracie Schumacher have seen plenty of change in their 90-plus years, they’ve also had another constant: each other. At 94, Eddie’s bright blue eyes twinkle as he shares his advice for a long, healthy life and marriage. &ldqu...

Scouts learn life lessons on Melita Island

MELITA ISLAND — It was a Norman Rockwell scene — warm golden light, Boy Scouts playing cards in a big log lodge, a crackling fire, drifting smoke, the snick and clunk of knives slicing watermelon for lunch overlaid with the hum of voices, laughter and music. Songs such as, “I Want to Hold Y...

Cyclists follow western part of Lewis and Clark Trail through western Montana

POLSON — The traditional what-I-did-on-my-summer-vacation essay will be easy for Springfield High School students Tyler Arana, Miles Curry, Jason Mahnesmith and Eli Siegle this fall. The four Oregon teenagers and their history teacher James March have been biking the Lewis and Clark Trail since June...

These 'birds' can turn into gold

Over the course of the past month, the world has witnessed major sporting events such as the World Cup, Wimbledon and the Tour de France. In Michael Taylor's competitive arena, count the World Shotgun Competition. Taylor, who has a ranch in Winnett, Mont., and lives in Rollins, returned last week from ...

Randomly chosen photographers find peaceful repose in Polson

POLSON —With a retreat in mind, six young women with six cameras arrived in Polson on July 19.  The group of young photographers call themselves Alpha Kappa Camera. Pulled from all over the country, the geographically-improbable friends have more than a few things in common: They’re all f...

Windfall helps Mission Valley Animal Shelter survive

POLSON — The south side of the old building at the Mission Valley Animal Shelter was sinking, apparently since the cinder block structure was built on a landfill. Cracks in the foundation and instability had the Mission Valley Animal Shelter staff and board checking their shrinking donations and modest...


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